BREAKING: Three Lawfare Organizations Are Now Petitioning Biden’s DOJ To Step In And Shut Down Maricopa County Forensic Audit

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats seem to be absolutely terrified of the forensic audit of ballots located in Maricopa County as they continue to try and find news ways to shut it down before the analysis is complete and results are released.

Could that be because they know the truth is about to be revealed and the American people will be furious with the Democratic Party? Of course it is. That’s because they want to take control of everyone and never lose an election again. This whole thing was an experiment to see if they could get away with cheating in every election from this point forward.

Only through permanent power will the left be able to push through radical transformation legislation that would fundamentally transform our country into a den of socialism and poverty.

According to The Gateway Pundit, the forensic audit is examining 2.1 million ballots using an ultraviolet light to see if they are authentic or bogus. They’re also examining the machines used to cast the ballots.

Since the Democrats in Arizona have failed miserably in their efforts to shut down the recount, they are now setting their sights on Biden’s Justice Department to help close out this audit and put a stop to the information that is likely to be released very soon.

If the Biden administration, under the guise of the Justice Department, succeeds in stopping the forensic audit, that will signal the true end of law and order in the country. Our election system will be completely destroyed and absolutely undermined. No one will trust it ever again.

“After the Democrat Secretary of State failed to get the Arizona State Attorney General to initiate an investigation of the audit; and after a Democrat state judge rejected the Democrat effort for a temporary restraining order; and after all other efforts have failed…. now we see three outside left-wing election groups (claiming bipartisanship yet led by lawyers from NYU) asking the DOJ to intervene in the Maricopa County, Arizona, ballot audit,” The Conservative Treehouse said in a report published on their site.

The audit officially kicked off on April 23. An appeal filed by the left was turned down by the judge overseeing the case.

“The Brennan Center, Protect Democracy and The Leadership Conference have signed a letter to the civil rights division of the DOJ asking them to get involved,” the report continued.

“The arguments within the letter [pdf here] are identical to the arguments made previously by other Lawfare groups, including Perkins Coie, to a state judge. The state judge rejected the arguments because there was no evidence submitted to the court to back them up,” it added.

It’s pretty clear that the left does not, in any way, shape, or form, care about the integrity of our election system. They pretend their actions in this case help with election integrity, but that’s not true. The exact opposite is what is true.

They want to continue destroying the voting system, rigging elections from this point on, caring little for the fact they are stripping power from the people and silencing voices.

It’s sickening and sad.

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