Texas GOP Unveils Border Security Strategy

(Liberty Bell) – A delegation of Republicans from the Lonestar State in the House of Representatives has revealed its new border security proposal which will help provide significant push back on the assertions made by the Biden administration that the Republican Party does not have a “plan” to help fix the unmitigated disaster at the southern border, which, I might add, is largely the result of President Joe Biden’s refusal to enforce immigration law, secure the border with a wall, and take any sort of action to send illegal aliens back to their country of origin.

“The framework, which is made up of both legislation their delegation has already introduced and new proposals as Republicans prepare to take the House, is split up into four categories: completing the border wall, fixing border enforcement policies, enforcing laws in the interior, and targeting cartels,” Morgan Phillips of the Daily Mail wrote concerning the unveiling of the new measures the GOP plans to take to deal with the border crisis.

“Over the past few weeks the White House has essentially taunted Republicans by repeatedly claiming they had ‘no plan’ and only ‘political stunts’ when it comes to the southern border,” Phillips continued.

‘You see a united team behind you that is fed up with the undeclared war against Americans,’ ex-Navy fighter pilot Rep. Jake Ellzey remarked during a news conference held Thursday morning. ‘Last year alone we lost 105,000 Americans to overdose, two thirds of those two thirds of that is from fentanyl. That number is 287 every day. If this were a war that was declared, we would be losing it.’

‘This is the cartels … They’re responsible for this entire crisis. This time we declared them a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States,’ he added.

The spike in crime our nation is experiencing due to the flood of illegal aliens pouring into the country is one of the reasons it’s been so infuriating watching Biden completely ignore the situation or make the claim that there are “more important issues going on” in the country. Right now, Americans are worried about being shot to death when they go to fill up their gas tanks. I’d say that makes this situation a top priority.

Phillips detailed how “Former President Trump put up about 458 miles of wall along the 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexico border before the Biden administration stopped construction. Texas Republicans also want to build 700 miles of roads along the border and bolster recruitment for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers by offering better pay and bonuses.”

‘We’re stepping up today in anticipation of our Republican majority and saying every power – from the purse, to investigation, and if and when appropriate, impeachment, so that we can get our colleagues in Washington to have the same sense of urgency that are built in Texas,’ Rep. Jodey Arrington explained.

Rep. Mayra Flores, a Mexican-born Republican, alleged that Democrats had had an opportunity to provide citizenship to DACA recipients, known as Dreams, however, they decided to make Hispanics pawns in their game.

The GOP plan calls for the reinstatement of the Migrant Protection Protocols that were reversed by Biden in order to make sure that a person who cannot be detained until their asylum proceeding is turned away, brings an end to “catch-and-release.”

“The GOP plan also calls for reforming ‘credible fear’ and asylum policies to eliminate ‘fraud.’ It would establish up to 10 years’ jail time for lying about a credible fear on an asylum application and tighten the standard for what counts as such,” Phillips stated.

“Those who come to the border and claim asylum must first claim they have a credible fear of being turned away. If an asylum officer determines their fear to be legitimate, they are released into the U.S. and told to return for a court date, which is often years down the line,” the journalist continued.

One part of the plan that is sure to draw the ire of Democrats and progressives all over the country focuses on stripping the funds from any NGOs or other organizations they say have encouraged the violation of border security. The proposal also calls for terminating loosened enforcement of ICE policy and places limitations on the prosecutorial discretion used by DHS to release illegals into the interior of the nation.

If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of progressives screaming, crying, and running for the nearest safe space, demanding a cookie, an adult coloring book, and soothing cat videos.

“The framework then calls for designating cartels as terrorist groups and increasing penalties for human and drug trafficking,” Phillips reported. “The Texas Republicans also pushed back on the White House’s assertion that they have ‘no plan’ to deal with the border.”

‘They had the nerve to call situations like this or when we go visit the border they call them political stunts. They said the other day the Republicans have no plan. They just want political stunts. We have a plan. We have a very detailed plan,’ Rep. Dan Crenshaw explained.

This fiscal year saw a staggering 2.7 million encounters with illegal aliens, which includes those who attempted to cross over more than once. While members of the GOP have addressed border security in the plan, it did not carry with it any reforms to the immigration system. However, without that being included, it’s going to be difficult to make it through the Democrat-controlled Senate.

“In the Senate, Republican Thom Tillis and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema are working on a bipartisan proposal that would offer a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients in exchange for tightened border enforcement and sped-up asylum processing and an extension of Title 42, which is set to end Dec. 21,” the Daily Mail noted.

Republicans are also calling for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to step down from his post, vowing to call him to deliver testimony and hinted at possible impeachment.

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