SHOCK CLAIM: Doctor Tells Patient Not To Take Vaccines Because They’ll Soon Be Pulled

(Liberty Bell) – Brand new footage is now making the rounds on social media featuring a doctor telling a woman in the United Kingdom not to get anymore COVID-19 vaccines because they will soon be stopped all over the world.

Would this really shock anyone at this point? It seems pretty clear that these vaccines aren’t as effective — if they even work at all — as the mainstream media and the medical “experts” in our government have claimed they are.

However, what’s scary is the fact that millions and millions of people have pumped this stuff into their veins without really knowing what the possible long term side effects might end up being. And it appears this risk was taken for nothing.

According to Infowars, the video, which is reportedly coming out of Chichester, United Kingdom, features a woman during a telemedicine appointment with a medical doctor being informed that the worldwide vaccination drive is about to come to an end due to information that the public has not yet been made aware of.

“111 Telephone call to an out of hours Dr. in Chichester, UK (20 hours ago) – When diagnosing this woman with an adverse reaction over the telephone, The Dr. advises against taking any more and explains that she believes they are about to get pulled – due to new data on safety,” a tweet, which has been censored by Twitter, went on to say.

The doctor can be heard telling the woman in the video “…There wasn’t enough information.”

“And it’s a lot more coming up especially for the young people whose immunity is intact, apparently that’s enough,” the doctor goes on to say. “OK? Any questions?”

The woman then asked, “So just to make sure, so you think I shouldn’t have any more vaccines then?”

“If you ask me this would be my advice but, yes,” the medical professional replies.

“OK,” the patient replies, “and is that just because you don’t think anyone should have that vaccine at a young age, or is that because medically I can’t have it because of my head?”

The doctor responds by saying, “Because it’s very much as I said to you, there is a lot of information coming up now which was not available earlier and very soon all of the vaccines will be completely stopped.”

“This is information that is just really come up. You won’t hear it on TV for a while probably because…[sigh] it’s a long story, but um yea, so it’s very soon they will stop all of these vaccines, people don’t know… but yeah…” the doctor answers.

After the woman is informed about some possible side effects to be watchful for, which includes sweats, fever, pain, lumps, pain in the leg, swelling, the doctor is then asked by the patient if her sister should go ahead and get a booster shot.

“Sorry, could I just ask you? So my sister’s actually due to go and get her booster tomorrow, she’s only 22. So should I tell her…?” she asks.

“No… please no,” the doctor practically begs, going on to add, “Absolutely not. Does not need it. Please no.”

It’s not clear as of this writing what kind of new information the doctor in the video is referring to. However, over the course of the last several months, a few prominent scientists, including the inventor of the mRNA technology used to create the COVID vaccine, Dr. Robert Malone, have issued warnings against vaccinating younger people.

Former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Yeadon has also warned booster jabs could be wielded as a depopulation tool.

This report recently revealed that there has been over 1 million injuries related to the coronavirus vaccine reported on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Those are just the ones being reported.

“VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, reported as of December 24 that there were 21,002 COVID vaccine deaths and a staggering 110,609 hospitalizations, plus a total of 1,000,227 coronavirus vaccine adverse events,” the report noted.

It’ll be interesting to see if what this doctor in the UK is saying is true.

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  1. I hope that you like the Chinese, because it is looking more and more likely that they will take over America to help Russia when the retards send the U.S. military to attack Russia! If you happen to have the opinion that Jews are controlling the country and object, you are certainly going to hate the Chinese!

    Now would be a great time to learn Mandarin!

    Diefu means doctor in Mandarin. Since the fake pandemic had its origins in China, and they have enacted a zero tolerance covid policy, that will be an important word for you to know! It is probably just another coincidence that my ex husband took Mandarin in college and the teacher only taught about five words during the entire semester and that happened to be one of them in the 1980’s.

    Andrea Iravani

  2. The retards strike again! They are insisting on showing Putin just how seriously retarded they are, advising Ukrainian embassy workers to leave, and by drilling it into the Russians heads how retarded they are with military provocations in Baltic states. This is just absolutely asinine. Russia’s military superiority, intellectual superiority, moral superiority, judicial superiority, human rights superiority, economic superiority, and the home field advantage will obliterate what ever is left of this shithole country, which is obviously their plan, and then they will of course try to blame Putin for it. This is what I feared most if Hillary Clinton would have won the 2016 election. This is not a democratic decision, or even a legal decision. Unfortunately, Republicans are pushing for this insane war too. The one thing that Democrats and Republicans almost always agree on is starting wars. We happen to be talking about a gang of thugs incapable of comprehending our own laws – The United States Constitution. People in organized crime rings typically have an IQ of 80 or less.

    Andrea Iravani

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    Andrea Iravani

  4. It’s Different This Time

    America has survived many economic disasters in the past, but it’s different this time because of the national debt to GDP ratio. The government will not be able to afford to borrow money in any way that is not totally destructive economically because of interest payments on the national debt.

    I have no idea what will be the end result of any of this, but I am certainly not looking forward to waking up each day.

    The future has never been so bleak for America. Add to that the systemic corruption, aging infrastructure, and massive overpopulation world wide with shortages of natural resources, particularly fresh water, necessary for life, and the impending nuclear disasters from peak nuclear waste.

    Russia has about a 21% national debt to GDP ratio. 

    Russia owns the future.

    Biden outlawed buying Russian sovereign debt this past week.

    If the government does not get on the right side of history, and stop making false allegations about Russia, and does not stop instigating and provoking war with Russia, all Americans will have hell to pay for it.

    Andrea Iravani

  5. It’s Different This Time

    America has survived many economic disaters in the past, but it’s different this time because of the national debt to GDP ratio. The government will not be able to afford to borrow money in any way that is not totally destructive economically because of interest payments on the national debt.

    I have no idea what will be the end result of any of this, but I am certainly not looking forward to waking up each day.

    The future has never been so bleak for America. Add to that the systemic corruption, aging infrastructure, and massive overpopulation world wide with shortages of natural resources, particularly fresh water, necessary for life, and the impending nuclear disasters from peak nuclear waste.

    Andrea Iravani

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    Of course going further back, it was Nixon that created the trade with the Chinese and Japanese.

    Both parties are desperate and are willing to go to any lengths to deceive and try to hold onto their last remaining salvages of power.

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    Andrea Iravani

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    Or, maybe if we are in a black hole it just appears that the black hole is giving birth to them, when it is actually destroying them. I have read that it is impossible to survive in a blackhole because the gravitational force is so strong that it would crush us, then recently read that it is also possible that all laws of the universe completely break down in a black hole and that standard physics do not apply in a black hole, which seems reasonable or possible to me.

    At any rate, black holes throughout the universe have been behaving abnormally recently. We could have already entered Sagittarius A. Maybe we did and that is why everything seems out of whack. I am not talking about people, I am talking celestially.

    Andrea Iravani

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    The New World’s Old World Problems Persist! Don’t Be a Dope! Tell the Europeans Nope!

    The United States, and Canada, must leave NATO immediately! The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand have an extremely destructive problem on their hands, and so does the rest of the world. It is the European problem. It is the elephant in the room that everyone pretends does not exist. It is the destructive parasite that has ravaged the world through raping, pilaging, and enslaving, because the European problem is that it is vastly overpopulated and is incapable of sustaining itself without parasitic behavior. 

    The European problem is what everyone in the New World sought to escape, barring white and black slaves sent to the New World against their will. 

    It is time to completely and immediately sever all ties with the European problem, whose exitences rely on destructive parasitism in finance, deceptive manipulation, war, and enslavement.

    Let the Europeans fight their own battles and solve their own problems. 

    Being destructive manipulative parasites just doesn’t cut it. They are unwilling to admit their treachery, and insist on trying to maintain the upperhand, when they are in no position to be setting the terms or conditions with foregin policy regarding Russia. Let them humbly submit themselves to Russia and beg for what they need from Russia.

    America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are geographically removed from Europe. Americans, Canadians, Australians, and New Zealanders should not encourage their destructive parasitism. We should not encourage irresponsible behavior in Asia either, including the Belt Road Initiative, which will undermine sovereign governments and result in the largest population explosion and exploitation of resources in modern history, which will prove to be totally devasting to the entire planet because of the timing of it, with the massive over-population problem. 

    America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand must totally reject the junk science based Green New Deal which is just more destructive parasitism for the parasitic Europeans and Chinese that are ridiculously claiming to be a developing country, and even more ridiculously claiming that the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are developed countries while they are among the newest nation states in history, and China is among the oldest nation states in history, in addition to the others that have ridiculously considered themselves to be developing nations, including all of Africa, all of Latin America, all of India, most of the far east minus Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. 

    It is just a scam that will force our reliance on the Old World that we all sought to escape barring white and black slaves sent against their will – Europe, Asia,  Latin America, and Africa. Those regions are already incapable of sustaining themselves as a direct result of massive overpopulation problems as well. 

    The Europeans decided that they would be the financiers and governing bodies of the entire world. What in the hell is in that for me?! Hell! Obviously! You have done enough harm. I refuse to have anything to do with you and your foolish, ill contrived fraudulent schemes. Better dead than bled! Leeches!

    Population Densities Sourced from WorldOMeters

    Monaco 68,212 people per square mile
    Malta 3,574 people per square mile
    Netherlands 1,313 people per square mi.
    Belgium 991 people per square mile
    UnitedKingdom 727 people p.s.mile
    Luxembourg 626 people per square mile
    Germany 623 people per square mile
    Switzerland 567 people per square mile
    Italy 523 people per square mile
    Czechia 359 people per square mile
    Denmark 354 people per square mile
    Poland 320 people per square mile
    Moldova 318 people per square mile
    France 309 people per square mile
    Slovakia 294 people per square mile
    Slovenia 287 people per square mile
    Austria 283 people per square mile
    Hungary 276 people per square mile
    Serbia 259 people per square mile
    Spain 243 people per square mile
    Portugal 289 people per square mile
    Romania 216 people per square mile
    N. Macedonia 214 people p.s.m.
    Greece 209 people per square mile
    Ukraine 196 people per square mile
    Ireland 186 people per square mile
    Bosnia Herzogevina 168 people psm
    Bulgaria 166 people per square mile
    Belarus 121 people per square mile
    Montenegro 121 people per square mile
    Lithuania 112 people per square mile
    Estonia 81 people per square mile
    Latvia 79 people per square mile
    Finland 47 people per square mile
    Norway 38 people per square mile
    Iceland 9 people per square mile
    Greenland less than 1/3 of a person p.s.mi.

    Hong Kong 18,492 people per square mi.
    Bangaladesh 3,277 people per square mi
    South Korea 1,365 people per square mi.
    India 1,202 people per square mile
    Philipines 952 people per square mile
    Japan 899 people per square mile
    Sri Lanka 884 people per square mile
    Vietnam 813 people per square mile
    Guam 809 people per square mile
    Taiwan 673 people per square mile
    North Korea 554 people per square mile
    Nepal 526 people per square mile
    China 397 people per square mile
    Indonesia 391 people per square mile
    Thailand 354 people per square mile
    Malaysia 252 people per square mile
    Cambodia 245 people per square mile
    Timor Leste 235 people per square mi.
    Myanamar 216 people per square mile
    Laos 82 people per square mile
    Bhutan 52 people per square mile
    Papua New Guinea 51 people p.s. mi.
    Mongolia 5 people per square mile

    Bahrain 5,799 people per square mile
    Palsetine 2,195 people per square mile
    Lebanon 1,728 people per square mile
    Israel 1,036 people per square mile
    Pakistan 742 people per square mile
    Qatar 643 people per square mile
    Azarbaijan 318 people per square mile
    U.A.E. 306 people per square mile
    Jordan 295 people per square mile
    Turkey 294 people per square mile
    Syria 247 people per square mile
    Armenia 243 people per sqyae mile
    Iraq 240 people per square mile
    Uzbekistan 204 people per square mi.
    Tajikistan 176 people per square mi.
    Afghanistan 154 people per square mi.
    Georgia 149 people per squar mile
    Yemen 146 people per square mile
    Iran 134 people per square mile
    Kyrgyzstan 88 people per square mi.
    Oman 43 people per square mile
    Saudi Arabia 42 people per square mile
    Turkmenistan 33 people per square mi
    Kazakhstan 18 people per square mi.

    Rwanda 1,360 people per square mile
    Gambia 618 people per square mile
    Uganda 593 people per square mile
    Nigeria 586 people per square mile
    Malawi 528 people per square mile
    Togo 394 people per square mile
    Ghana 354 people per square mile
    Ethiopia 298 people per square mile
    Sierra Leone 286 people per square mile
    Egypt 266 people per square mile
    Senegal 225 people per square mile
    Cote d’Ivoire 215 people per square mi.
    Morocco 214 people per square mile
    Burkina Faso 198 people per square mi.
    Tunisia 197 people per square mile
    Lesotho 183 people per square mile
    Guinea-Bassau 181 people per sq. mi.
    Tanzania 175 people per square mile
    Swaziland 173 people per square mile
    Cameroon 145 people per square mile
    Liberia 136 people per square mile
    South Africa 127 people per square mi.
    Guinea 130 people per square mile
    Madagascar 123 people per square mile
    Djbouti 110 people per square mile
    Benin 108 people per square mile
    Mozambique 103 people per square mi.
    DR Congo 102 people per square mile
    Zimbabwe 100 people per square mi.
    Kenya 92 people per square mile
    Eritrea 91 people per square mile
    Angola 68 people per square mile
    Somalia 64 people per square mile
    Sudan 64 people per square mile
    Zambia 64 people per square mile
    Niger 49 people per square mile
    Algeria 48 people per square mile
    South Sudan 47 people per square mile
    Mali 43 people per square mile
    Congo 42 people per square mile
    Chad 34 people per square mile
    Gabon 22 people per square mile
    CentralAfricanRepublic 20 people p.s.mi.
    Mauritania 12 people per square mile
    Botswana 11 people per square mile
    Libya 10 people per square mile
    Nambia 8 people per square mile

    El Salvador 833 people per square mile
    Guatemala 433 people per square mile
    Costa Rica 258 people per square mile
    Honduras 229 people per square mile
    Panama 150 people per square mile
    Nicaragua 143 people per square mile
    Mexico 172 people per square mile
    Belize 45 people per square mile

    Haiti 1,072 people per square mile
    Puerto Rico 857 people per square mile
    Jamaica 708 people per square mile
    Cuba 276 people per square mile
    Dominican Republic 581 people p.s.mi.

    Equador 181 people per square mile
    Colombia 119 people per square mile
    Venezuela 83 people per square mile
    Chile 67 people per square mile
    Peru 67 people per square mile
    Brazil 66 people per square mile
    Uraguay 51 people per square mile
    Paraguay 46 people per square mile
    Argentina 43 people per square mile
    Bolivia 28 people per square mile
    Guyana 10 people per square mile
    Suriname 10 people per square mile
    French Guiana 9 people per square mile

    As you can see, the foreign and hostile invasion by illegal immigrants south of the border can very easily be accomodated by other countries in South America. It is a coup and a foreign invasion that is destroying America by the sheer volume of it alone. We must protect our land from over use, pollution, and desertification. Adding more people that have illegally invaded it will only make it worse for everyone. There is absolutely no excuse for it. If their own hispanic people are unwilling to help them, we should not either. It is not as though the United States is the only option that they have. They have numerous options that share many aspects of their culture and language. Now we have had to accomodate this  coup by Latin Americans on the English language as well. 

    The world is taking advantage of American’s naivete’ and charitable nature, to our own detriments. 

    Russia 23 people per square mile

    United States 94 people per square mile
    New Zealand 47 people per square mile
    Canada 11 people per square mile
    Australia 9 people per square mile

    I am warning you! The Europeans are Trouble with a capital T! Stay away from them or be destroyed by them! 

    The United States must stop the insane influx of illegal immigration for our own survival! They are already killing off our relatives! Why in the hell should I place the lives of illegal immigrant criminals, who are criminals since they are here illegally over the lives of my own relatives?! They have already killed off three of my family members! Why? To make room for people whose first action in this country is a crime and a total rebuke and rejection of our laws?! Hell no! They must go! Get back to where you once belonged! This is not your land! This is my land!

    Michel Chosdudovsky has a credibility problem. He’s a Red Coat. You can tell how vital war and globalism are to the Red Coats by the Steele Dossier. Talk about election interference by a foreign country! All European leaders detested Trump because he was opposed to globalism and war. We know that is not because he was impolite or always putting his foot in his mouth, because they loved the Clintons and Biden, three claudes that are always speaking inarticulately and prone to gaffs. The Europeans are literally incapable of surviving without war and globalism and have insisted since WW1, actually even before that with the Opium Wars, that Americans bite the bullet for them. It never changes. It’s the same old story every damned time. 

    The sick, evil, corrupt, self-serving, narcissistic, incompetent fascist governments better stop trying to control everything, because they obviously really suck at making decisions! 

    Don’t feed the animals. End the government funding of health research.

    It’s all so bogus. They claim that they want to depopulate the planet. Why are they spending so much money on health research? What in the hell is the point if it? I’ll tell you what the point of it is, to enrich researchers. Nothing more. It is time to compensate the researchers victims instead, which I happen to be one of! Their research does not even use the scientific method. It is total junk science and data manipuation. It is not research. It is crimes against humanity and fraud!

    Obviously, the only things that the scumbags are capable of doing is torturing, terrorizing, vandalizing, stealing, being peeping toms, medical fraud, and plagarizing. They are useless evil, destructive liabilities. Since the government decided to kill people, they should kill the monsters that are and have been doing these things to me! 

    Prosecute the sick, evil, mutant monkeys that are doing research for the American Brain Coalition and the American Brain Initiative! I am sure that human brains are quite fascinating to mutant monkeys like you that act exactly like the apes on Planet of the Apes! You belong in the zoo behind bars for everyone to see the sick, evil, retarded monkeys that are more stupid than monkeys, because even monkeys aren’t stupid enough to do the sick, evil, retarded things that you do, including the fake pandemic and all of the other things that I have mentioned that the mutant monkey kleptoquacks have done for over a century! 

    Melanie Walker was a neurosurgeon that was sent to college by Jeffrey Epstein and worked for Bill Gates at Microsoft and later worked for the World Bank, because the World Bank and the W.H.O. are involved in the Brain Initaive Project occuring in many countries around the world under various names, in America it is the American Brain Initiative. It is a collaborative effort by the mutant monkeys that do not have human brains.

    The short wave signals being blasted at me  are coming from the police speakers used for emergency warnings, including tornadoes.

    Is it fun for you retarded mutant monkeys to terrorize and torture me? Are you sick, evi, retarded mutant monkeys having a good time committing an over seven year long sadistic organized crime spree on me? Does that make you sick, evil, sadistic, retarded mutant monkeys feel good, and important and powerful to steal and vandalize my property and violate my constitutional rights? Do you sick, evil, sadistic, retarded, mutant monkeys know what the constitution is? 

    Since Grafton Village president James Brunquell is a manager at Froedert Hospital, the police protect the gas-lighting, serial criminal psychopathic retarded mutant monkeys that work in America’s fake healthcare system, and you know with 100% certainty that is a fake healthcare and gas-lighting organized crime ring, because of all of the things that I have mentioned. They are just retarded mutant monkeys. It is literally all that they are capable of.

    Andrea Iravani


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