Sheriff Reveals High-Speed Roads Made To Help Border Patrol Now Being Used By Cartels After Biden Stops Wall Construction

(Liberty Bell) – A sheriff from the state of Arizona is furious with President Joe Biden after he issued a halt to the wall construction going on along the U.S-Mexico border, which started under the previous administration, stating that this poor policy decision is now helping cartels smuggle in unanticipated ways.

According to a report from BizPacReview, Cochise County Mark Dannels stated that cartels are now employing the use of “high-speed” roads that were originally built along with the wall to help allow Border Patrol to get to patrol sectors more quickly.

“We just built roads for the cartels,” Dannels said to folks over at the Washington Times, comparing the roads to a smuggler’s highway.

The contractors who built the wall, created the roads ahead of construction, so now that Biden has halted the building of the wall, these roads have been left exposed and are now being used to smuggle illegal aliens and drugs much faster and deeper into the country.

Dannels’ county actually stretches for 83 miles along the Mexico border, so that’s a lot of territory.

Ever since Biden decided to wipe out much of former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, we’ve witnessed a staggering increase in the number of unaccompanied minors coming to the border. These individuals are then being taken to detention facilities, the same kind that Biden slammed Trump for allowing to stay open, to accommodate these kids.

In fact, things are getting so rough at the border with all of this that many immigration experts are saying we’re headed for a crisis. Now let that sink in for a minute. We are still in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. And now a bunch of strangers from all over the place are just crashing across the border, likely carrying the coronavirus with them.

And yet, the left, who are all about the mask mandates and shutdowns to supposedly slow the spread of the illness, are totally okay with illegals crowding the border. All of a sudden superspreader events don’t exist.

It’s maddening.

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade noted that some 13,000 unaccompanied minors from countries located in Central America are now headed for the border. This is really going to be a disaster. We’re in economic dire straits due to the pandemic and now we’re going to be letting in thousands of illegal aliens who will drain our resources? Democrats want to crash our country. That much is obvious.

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  1. Once again another example of how a Biden Presidency will be one of the biggest disasters in US history. The only thing worse would be a Kamala Harris Presidency. January 20,2025 can’t come fast eneough

  2. Well Texans….It’s time to set up a shooting gallery…..any cartel traffic, just open up with some 50 Cal., or better. Someone has to protect the USA and if it’s not going to be the government then citizens are all that is left. bury the bodies and sell off the vehicles…what left of them.

  3. “Dear Patriots”: “I would like to know who financed and provided the “Illegal Immigrant Biden T Shirts” that should read “We help Biden destroy America”! “ Big Money Purchased Biden and his complete Incompetent Cabinet” hell bent on “Destroying Family America”! “See the February 15, 2021 article by Molly Ball in Time Magazine” “captioned” “The secret History of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election”! Quote to wit: “We have put together, I think, one of the most exclusive and intensive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics”! Joseph R. Biden, Jr. 11-24-2020! “NO wonder there was an “UPRISING” because the “INSURRECTION” was in the “UNLAWFUL” “CROOKED” “UNCONSTITUTIONAL” (so called) voting process”! “Shame on any Individual who helped destroy FAMILY AMERICA”! Now, order your Biden T Shirt and wear it with pride at the Border!

  4. They really should NOT listen to an UN-elected, brain-DEAD clown in DC, as he is being giving the orders he signs and does NOT know/understand “what” he is signing, and ONE of them that is giving these orders was NOT elected either back then…..!!! It’s all NULL and VOID….!!!

  5. Biden is indebted to those who manufactured fake ballots to get him elected and he must take orders from them.
    Why else would a senile older man set out with a duty to destroy America?
    Does he even have any idea of the per pupil cost to educate each of the newly arrived children?

  6. Immigration is out of control — endangering the US citizens, and US Border Patrol.
    If there is no more “checking” of who is coming and going out of our country, what is the Immigration Department for? Abolish it and let everyone enter!
    I will never vote a Democrat!

  7. The “Fat lady is singing” but don’t worry, 2022 the house/senate back, so, once again, our Republicans representatives can load up their pockets and do nothing of consequence!
    Taxpayers Liberation Army because no governances have any power except for the monies that citizens taxpayers give them or they steal!
    We deserve what’s coming since Trump went the “court” route, instead of having every voting location and voting machines secured, it didn’t take a genius to figure out murdering child rapist aren’t worry about voter fraud!


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