Sean Hannity: Why Weren’t We Told About The Penn Biden Center FBI Search?

(Liberty Bell) – New information has come to light about a search conducted by the FBI of the office President Joe Biden used at a think tank located in our nation’s capital where classified documents were discovered back in November. This has led many Americans to wonder why people were not informed of this until just now.

Isn’t that the question of the day? The FBI, the Justice Department, and Attorney General Merrick Garland all knew about the discovery of these documents well before the announcement was made that they were found in the office. They were found after the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate. Yet there was no mention of this in news coverage until recently. This smells of an attempted cover-up.

“Federal agents searched the office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in mid-November according to CBS News which first reported on the latest twist in the scandal that could derail Biden’s reelection hopes, weeks after the president’s lawyers found the classified material in the location on November 2, 2022,” Chris Donaldson of BizPacReview wrote.

On the Tuesday edition of “Hannity” on Fox News, host Sean Hannity asked his viewers why the Biden administration, which promised to be the most transparent in history, did not reveal the investigation by the FBI into the 6th-floor office of President Joe Biden and make known the discovery of classified documents on the premises.

“Sources have now confirmed that Joe Biden’s personal office at the U. Penn Biden Center was in fact searched by the FBI way back in November,” Hannity kicked off the segment. “Now, the topic of the search, top secret classified documents, and oddly enough, the most transparent administration in history, according to the White House, they never mentioned the incident.”

“Christopher Wray, Merrick Garland, they never bragged that they approved it either. Not Joe Biden, not Karine Jean-Pierre, not Ron Klain, nobody told us.” he added. “They also failed to mention that top secret documents were in fact discovered at the U. Penn Biden Center on November 2, November 8 was the midterm election, nearly a week before the midterms.”

“Now they hid this discovery from you, the American people, until it was leaked to the press, but that was a whopping 68 days later,” the Fox News host continued. “By the way, in the interim, while all this was going on, they did, in fact, appoint a special counsel to investigate Donald Trump.”

“So as of now, we still have no idea why the classified documents were uncovered in the first place, and the so-proclaimed most transparent White House in history, they won’t tell us a thing, So what are they hiding?” Hannity asked the audience.

A report from CNN cited an anonymous official from the Justice Department who said that a warrant was not used in the search of the office, which was carried out with full consent from the legal team representing the president.

Donaldson stated, “Biden Communications Director Kate Bedingfield rejected the suggestion that the regime hasn’t been transparent and noted that it was cooperating fully with the Justice Department.”

“That’s not something I can comment on from here, that’s something you’ll need to ask the Justice Department,” Bedingfield remarked to CNN’s Victor Blackwell during an interview on Tuesday after the FBI search was brought up during the program.

“What I can say is we’ve been cooperative and transparent from the outset, we’ve put out multiple statements from the president’s personal attorney describing the process and being clear that the president takes this seriously and that he cooperated and will continue to cooperate with the Justice Department in full,” Bedingfield added.

Later on in the show, Hannity posed an important question that needs to be answered. He asked why there wasn’t a raid conducted by the FBI at the locations where classified documents were discovered like there was with Trump. I think we all know the answer to that question. The FBI, weaponized under the current administration, was trying to make Trump look bad, while also hoping to find something they could use to charge him with a crime and disqualify him from running for president in 2024. They have, clearly, failed.

“He also wondered why there have been no FBI searches of the 33 pallets of Biden’s records that were transported on two trucks to the University of Delaware where they remain locked away a decade later, and that the taxpayer-funded public school may be home to ‘a trove of top, secret classified materials,'” Donaldson concluded.

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