San Diego County Board Of Supervisors Votes To Spend Millions Of American Tax Dollars On Attorneys For Illegals

(Liberty Bell) – Illegal immigrants are flooding our southern border because Joe Biden basically promised them a pampered life paid for by the American taxpayers.

Free food, free housing, free education, free healthcare, free this, free that and free everything. Who wouldn’t want to come to the US at any cost?

Despite the fact that bonehead VP Kamala Harris insists these immigrants are coming here because of “climate change” we all know the truth. Biden invited them here and anti-American liberals around the country are more than happy to follow through on Biden’s promise when they arrive.

In San Diego, the County Board of Supervisors has approved a “pilot program” that will essentially force taxpayers to foot the bill for millions of dollars in attorney’s fees for illegal immigrants facing deportation.

How nice. On top of all the other free stuff, it looks like they’re also going to get free legal representation.

“The 3-2 vote orders work to begin on a $5 million, one-year pilot program administered through the county’s public defender’s office. It would provide lawyers for free to those detained at Otay Mesa Detention Center, the local federal immigration detention facility,” the Associated Press reports.

“County staff have 90 days to report back on a plan to fund and operate the program permanently in partnership with immigrant defense and non-profit groups.”

The fact that the county has voted to take up this issue is baffling considering immigration and border law enforcement is within the federal purview.

County Supervisor Jim Desmond voted against the measure citing that very reason, saying there just isn’t enough local money to address federal issues.

“This is a federal matter, and we should be communicating with them for more support,” Desmond said.

“I won’t be supporting the item.”

Like other border states, California is seeing a historic surge in illegal immigration, especially by sea.

Migrants are willing to brave incredibly dangerous conditions, not to mention deal with violent cartels, in order to come here for a chance to live the new American dream and receive their free handouts.

The Biden regime claims it’s compassionate to encourage this.

While the Biden regime has effectively opened the US southern border, Border Patrol is still fighting to stop illegal human smuggling, which, again, the Biden administration views as “restoring compassion and humanity” at the border.

The Border Patrol recently announced they will be utilizing more resources in the fight to intercept smuggling operations along the coast.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of maritime smuggling attempts recently,” said Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke. “All of these illegal crossings at sea are inherently dangerous, and we have seen too many turn from risky to tragic as smugglers sacrifice the safety of those on board for the sake of profits.”

The Biden regime is promoting and encouraging migrants to make these kinds of journeys. While they claim to care so much about the immigrants of the world, their actions prove otherwise.

The humane and compassionate thing to do would be to restore law and order at the border and reinstitute Trump policies that deterred migrants from putting their lives at risk.

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