RED TSUNAMI: Republicans Register 9 New Voters For Every 1 New Democrat In This State

(Liberty Bell) – Things are looking really, really good for Republicans in the state of Florida as Democrats are now facing numbers that are going to be extremely difficult for them to get over. And it’s not just bragging or puffing up narratives from GOP candidates and activists. Nor is it just the multiple polls, and the foreshadowing of major Republican Party victories.

No, there are solid numbers that show Republicans are going to be winning big in the state of Florida. According to the Sun Sentinel via MSN, the GOP is ahead of Democrats in the number of mail-in ballots and in-person early votes that were cast as of last Friday morning. Both parties were pretty evenly split just 24-hours before. Five days before, Democrats were ahead.

“Any chance for Democratic victories in the big 2022 Florida races requires them to go into Nov. 8 with more ballots cast than Republicans, who consistently have better Election Day turnout. Final tallies of people registered to vote in this year’s midterm election in Florida shows the Republican Party continuing to surge while the Democrats are stagnant,” the Sun Sentinel said.

“The topline numbers: Florida has 5.28 million registered Republicans for the Nov. 8 election — an increase of more than 86,376 from the number of Republicans registered to vote in the August primary,” the story continued. “The state has 4.97 million Democrats — just 9,380 more than the number who were registered to vote in August.”

If you do the math, that means there are more than nine new GOP registrants for every one new Democrat that is registered to vote. What this means is that Florida is quickly abandoning its long held position as a swing state, which is a state that could go either way in an election, and is turning red.

“It might be time to consider Florida, if not a red state, than a red-leaning state. If you’re just being factual, until the Democrats start winning races statewide with some degree of regularity, it’s hard to call it a battleground state,” Kevin Wagner, a Florida Atlantic University political scientist, explained.

Sean Philippi, a Democratic strategist who has worked on a number of political campaigns in the state of Florida went on to say that voter registration numbers are a very good indication of how the races happening during an election are going to turn out.

Since 2012, Republicans have won a total of 11 statewide elections. Democrats have only cinched a victory in one, a race for the state agriculture commissioner. Yeah, that’s not really going to help usher in a left-wing utopia is it? People are waking up to the reality of the harm done by Democratic policies when they are put into action. It’s devastating socially and economically.

And with the current numbers, it doesn’t seem there’s much hope for Democrats pulling any sort of meaningful victories down for the party in Florida.

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