President Trump: “People Of Georgia Should Sue The State… For Running A Corrupt And Rigged 2020 Presidential Election”

(Liberty Bell) – The American people should be downright incensed over the stolen election. This is not just a little matter. The entire direction of our country has been thrown off the rails by radical leftists and their ability to steal the 2020 election from the American people.

Republicans in many states are doing their part in trying to get to the bottom of what happened in the 2020 election but it might not add up to enough.

If Americans want to see the wrongs that have been committed against us be righted, it might be time to take matters into our own hands and, no, we aren’t talking “insurrection.”

President Trump had a much better idea. He encouraged voters, at least those in the state of Georgia, to file their own lawsuits against the state for allowing the 2020 presidential election to be stolen from them.

While he was speaking directly to Georgia residents, the same could be said for those living in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and so on.

We are eventually going to have to take this fight into our own hands especially as the radical left ramps up their efforts to ensure there will never be fair elections in the US ever again.

Biden’s DOJ puppet, Attorney General Merrick Garland filed a lawsuit against the state of Georgia over the state’s voting reform act that was passed into law earlier this year.

Of course, Republicans in Georgia are only trying to ensure that elections in the future are fair, free and secure while also ensuring all American citizens have access to the ballot.

Democrats naturally contend that Republicans are trying to suppress voters, especially blacks and other minorities, though there is absolutely no proof that this is reality.

In response to the corrupt AG’s action, President Trump issued a statement, which Newsweek reported on.

“Donald Trump said Georgia residents should mount their own lawsuits after the Department of Justice announced Friday it was suing the state over its new voting law.”

“Biden’s Department of Justice just announced that they are suing the Great State of Georgia over its Election Integrity Act. Actually, it should be the other way around!” Trump said in the statement.

He went on to say, “The PEOPLE of Georgia should SUE the State, and their elected officials, for running a CORRUPT AND RIGGED 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION—and for trying to suppress the VOTE of the AMERICAN PEOPLE in Georgia.”

President Trump is entirely right. The people of Georgia should sue the state over the stolen election. This lawsuit on the part of the corrupt DOJ should not be allowed to stand. It’s a direct attack on the rights of the American people and the sovereignty of the states.

What’s more, Americans deserve to know the truth about the 2020 election. It’s incredibly telling that the Democrats are so desperate to shut down these efforts that they have now involved the DOJ, which is clearly nothing more than a weapon of the Biden regime to contain the ugly truth about the stolen election.

It’s time for Americans to stand up and fight against this corruption by any means necessary.

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