Prayer Erupts After Trump Makes Surprise Visit To South Carolina Restaurant

(Liberty Bell) – The one thing we all can agree on is that Donald Trump has a knack for being able to connect to individuals of deep faith and put that subject, along with prayer, at the forefront of American consciousness.

Trump helped to bring about a sort of spiritual renaissance during the height of the previous administration. The impact from this movement is still rippling out there today, as is evidenced by what took place when he paid a burger and ice cream restaurant, Zesto, in West Columbia, South Carolina, a visit over the weekend.

“In the clip, you can see the awestruck employees and patrons clamoring, while one brave employee asked Trump if she could pray with him,” The Western Journal said. “Trump, unsurprisingly, acquiesced to the request, and the two of the [them] shared a moment of prayer right in the middle of Zesto.”

Check out the video captured during the visit below:

WRCB also captured some footage from the visit from a different angle, though their video did not catch the prayer, pointing out that the former president ordered a chocolate dipped cone. Good choice. You can’t go wrong with chocolate. Nor can you go wrong by graciously accepting prayer from someone.

One of the things that makes this video so stirring is that it shows Americans still believe in the power of prayer, even in 2023, despite the radical left constantly waging an unholy war against the Christian faith. They just can’t seem to snuff out the light of Christ, though it is certainly not for a lack of trying.

“Second, it was yet another glimpse into a side of Trump that people seldom see in public. This wasn’t the anti-establishment, swamp-draining, fiery Trump that people typically see in a political setting. This was Trump … merely being a normal person, who wanted a chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream cone. Who can’t relate to that?” The Western Journal reported.

Trump also paid a visit to New Hampshire over the weekend as part of his hitting the campaign trail.

There’s still quite a ways to go before 2024’s primary and general election, but the point that Trump is making here is that he is very good at connecting with the average American voter. Despite being one of the wealthiest people in the nation, he’s found a way to connect to the common man and woman, something liberals struggle to do because they are so out of touch with reality.

You know, that tends to happen when you view yourself as an “elite” and everyone else as being beneath you.

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