Pompeo Warns China’s Xi Jinping Is Trying To Reinfect World With New COVID Variant

(Liberty Bell) – By now, most people understand that the COVID virus originated in China and a lot of people even believe it was an intentional effort by the Chinese Communist Party as they work towards global domination.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears to be one of them and he’s sounding the alarm, warning that China might be at it again.

Pompeo isn’t holding anything back. He’s warning that Chinese President Xi Jinping is carrying out a sinister plot to reinfect the world with another variant of COVID. He’s urging the US to ban all Chinese travelers after the communist country just eased travel restrictions despite being in the middle of a raging outbreak.

The decision to ease travel restrictions is certainly a conundrum and Pompeo believes it highly suspicious since the country is in the midst of a resurging COVID pandemic. The move to lift restrictions is a replay of the beginning of the worldwide pandemic which Pompeo suspects the CCP is looking to repeat.

The former Secretary of State went as far as to accuse Jinping of essentially using biowarfare with a new COVID variant after “the whole world has been through hell.”

China has maintained extremely strict COVID restrictions over the past three years and even with the harsh lockdowns and the world’s most stringent “zero COVID” policies, the virus is still surging. Nonetheless, China has announced it will permit travel outside of the country. That certainly seems like a strange move for a country that appears to be concerned with stopping the virus from spreading.

The former secretary of state accused Jinping of basically using biowarfare with a new COVID variant after “the whole world has been through hell.”

In response to China’s lifting of travel restrictions, the US, Britain, Australia, and Canada have announced that Chinese travelers will have to test negative for the virus before they are allowed to board flights. As efficient of a precaution as that sounds, we all know how reliable the COVID tests are and that asymptomatic people can carry and spread the virus. Relying solely on COVID tests to stop the virus from spreading around the world again is not a very good plan.

Pompeo is warning that the world might be on the verge of repeating the nightmare that was the global pandemic. We all remember the images from Milan, Italy in 2020 when COVID first hit and spread through Europe like wildfire. The New York Post reported that around half of the passengers on two flights from China to Milan days ago tested positive for the virus.

“You remember those pictures from Milan when the hospitals were full, and the morgues were full? We are about to do the same thing again,” Pompeo told Cats Roundtable host John Catsimatidis during a Sunday interview.

“It sounds like we might have as many as 1 million Chinese people infected. Fifty percent of their population traveling,” Pompeo contended.

“There is no reason we should allow the Chinese to do this again, to send Chinese-infected persons around the world, knowingly infecting people all across the globe,” he charged.

Pompeo asserted that Xi must be “held accountable” for the millions of COVID deaths around the world and be stopped from orchestrating yet another disastrous pandemic.

“Xi got away with this once,” he accused. “I regret he wasn’t held accountable. We should still do that for the 6 million people who died between the spring of 2020 and today.”

“But he’s doing it again. Just as in the spring of 2020 [when] he sent people around the world he knew were infected, he’s doing the same darn thing again,” Pompeo stated. “He’s going to infect millions more. We shouldn’t let that happen.”

While Pompeo vehemently believes Jinping is attempting to spread COVID via infected travelers (and there’s a good chance that’s exactly what’s going on) other experts believe that trying to stop the spread of the virus by banning travel is an ineffective approach.

The Daily Mail reported that Professor Calum Semple, an expert in outbreak medicine at the University of Liverpool who also helped develop the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, claims that “trying to ban a virus” through travel restrictions has been “shown not to work very well.”

“Keep calm, we’ve got this covered,” Semple noted but concerns are growing.

Fox News host Tammy Bruce more accurately reflects the sentiments of Americans on the issue, “Good for @mikepompeo. Even if worldwide COVID was not Plan A, did China decide that if they were nailed the world would be as well? CCP is a genocidal regime, presuming the worst is necessary. ‘Pompeo demands world shut down Chinese travel due to COVID.’”

Even if some experts don’t believe travel bans work, it seems that stopping infected people from traveling around the world would certainly be a step in the right direction. Why take the chance? We’ve already been down this road and it’s only prudent to stop the spread of yet another variant by stopping those carrying the virus. Seems like a no-brainer. Kudos to Mike Pompeo for having the courage to boldly speak up and call out China.

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