Please Pray: Guilty Verdict Devastates Barron And Melania Trump… Family Braces For Sentencing Date

(Liberty Bell) – Former President Donald Trump spoke out about his recent conviction in the so-called Manhattan “hush money” trial during a recent appearance on ‘Fox & Friends’ going on to reveal that his youngest son, Barron — who just graduated high school — and his wife, former first lady Melania Trump, have had a difficult time with the whole ordeal, suffering far more over the matter than himself. That’s not surprising. Trump is a very tough man. He’s a fighter, a warrior. He isn’t the type to fold after taking a hard punch. In fact, Trump uses that as gasoline for the fire to fight back harder, which is what he’s planning to do with this conviction.

According to Johnathan Jones of The Western Journal, “Trump spoke at length about the trial and its outcome to network hosts Pete Hegseth, Rachel Campos-Duffy, and Will Cain on being convicted of 34 felony counts of supposed business crimes.”

When the former president was asked how he manages to have the strength and time to campaign for the White House with so much other stuff happening all around him, Cain shifted the conversation toward his family.

“How does your family do this?” Cain asked Trump.

“So, I think in many ways it’s tougher on them than it is on me,” Trump asserted. “They’re good people, all of them — everyone, everyone,” he went on to say of his family.

“While Trump faces criticism online, on television, and in the courts, he said he is unable to counter some accusations, citing a gag order imposed on him by New York Judge Juan Merchan,” Jones wrote.

“I have a wonderful wife who has to listen to this stuff all the time,” he commented. When making a reference to the gag order, Trump remarked, “They do that for this reason. I’m not even allowed to defend myself.”

Trump then stated that while he’s being targeted by a weaponized legal system with all sorts of wacky allegations made against him by the media, Melania, his bride, has managed to stay strong.

“She’s fine, but I think it’s very hard for her, I mean she has to read all this crap,” he explained during the interview. The GOP presumptive nominee heaped praise on his son, Barron, calling him “amazing.”

“He’s tall, good-looking guy, he’s a very good student,” he commented, referring to the recent high school graduate and 18-year-old. “He’s applied to colleges and gets into everywhere he goes, you know? He’s very sought after from the standpoint. He’s a very smart guy.”

The former president then noted, “He’s a very tall guy but he’s a great kid. He’s cool. He’s pretty cool, I’ll tell you.”

“A jury of 12 New Yorkers ruled last week that Trump had committed 34 felony crimes of ‘falsifying business records,’ disregarding an admission from Michael Cohen that he stole tens of thousands of dollars from his one-time boss,” Jones penned in his report.

Why isn’t Cohen being charged with a crime after admitting he stole money from Trump? The only logical reason for this has to be that the court system is infected with progressives who are using it as a weapon against those who oppose their agenda.

“The jury did believe Cohen’s tale that Trump reimbursed him for a payment of $130,000 to make a claim from former adult film actress Stormy Daniels go away before the 2016 election. Daniels had alleged she and Trump had an affair nearly two decades ago – a claim Trump has denied for years,” the piece continued.

The former president is set to be sentenced for the conviction on July 11th, which, conveniently, is only three days before the Republican National Convention on July 14th in Milwaukee.

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