Pelosi Pays Thousands For ‘Harassing’ Man With Fundraising Text Messages

(Liberty Bell) – “Nobody is above the law,” said every Democrat and leftist talking head the day of President Trump’s shameful arraignment for the bogus indictment cooked up by partisan Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

The truth is, Democrats behave as if they are indeed above the law. Just look at Nancy Pelosi for case and point.

Her and her husband, Paul Pelosi, have been engaged in blatant insider trading for decades. Nancy doesn’t care if we all know it. She knows nothing will ever be done about it. She’s above the law.

If she will never be held accountable for the big things then there’s most certainly no chance she even gives the “little laws” a second thought.

While Pelosi will probably never be held accountable for the years of insider trading that has earned her millions, it looks like one man has managed to hold her accountable for one of the little infractions.

It’s better than nothing, right?

An Illinois man reached a settlement agreement of $7,500 after he accused Pelosi of violating federal robocalling laws.

In October 2022, Bolingbrook, Illinois, resident Jorge Rojas filed a 13-page lawsuit in the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois that accused Pelosi and her campaign of violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991.

The law, which also covers text messages, created restrictions that apply to robocalling and is supposed to prevent telemarketers from contacting individuals who have placed themselves on the Do Not Call Registry.

“As the Supreme Court has explained, Americans passionately disagree about many things,” reads the introduction of Rojas’s complaint. “But they are largely united in their disdain for robocalls.”

The lawsuit asserts that Rojas received 21 text messages from Pelosi’s campaign from November 2021 to July 2022 despite Rojas previously placing himself on the registry in 2008 to “obtain solitude from invasive and harassing telemarketing calls.”

The suit further argued that he “experienced frustration, annoyance, irritation, and a sense that his privacy has been invaded” by the messages.

Arguing that the texts constituted “malicious, intentional, willful, reckless, wanton and negligent disregard” for his rights, Rojas sought at least $31,500 in damages from Pelosi’s campaign, including $1,500 for each text received.

Seems perfectly reasonable, however, a few months after the suit was filed, Rojas moved to dismiss the suit.

According to federal campaign finance disclosures released to the public on Friday, the dismissal came after Rojas accepted a settlement payment of $7,500 which was marked “Settlement” by Pelosi’s campaign.

“Why won’t Nancy Pelosi stop emailing me?” read the headline of a recent Los Angeles Times column in which the author expressed annoyance at the increasingly exaggerated and desperate tone of campaign solicitations in general.

In his lawsuit Rojas even included some of the actual messages he had received from Pelosi’s campaign including one that sought to capitalize on a slew of retirements from Republicans, including Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, and Richard Shelby of Alabama.

Turns out, however, that Rojas was serious about not wanting to be bothered by unsolicited campaign texts and calls and he made Nancy pay.

It might not have been as big as insider trading but Rojas was successful and it was a good reminder for Pelosi that not even she is above the law.

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