Nunes Drops Major Bombshell About Military Targeting GOP Naval Officers With Phony Investigation To Have Them Booted Out

(Liberty Bell) – Rep. Devin Nunes recently sat down with Maria Bartiromo on her “Sunday Morning Futures” program where he revealed certain details of how the government, along with the FBI, spied on Donald Trump when he was just a candidate, and then said the government is still targeting conservatives who work in the government and harassing them.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Nunes went on to say that the NSA is now targeting conservative naval officers, putting them under fake investigations to dry and drive them out of serving in the armed forces.

“The NSA, part of our military, they’re actually targeting naval officers, Republican naval officers, they’re putting them under phony investigations in order to kick Republicans out of the military. That’s effectively what happens. I asked General Nakasone this and his answers were pretty muddy,” Nunes said.

Things have become so partisan over the last few years that we are witnessing liberals, before our very eyes, attempting to completely silence anyone who doesn’t share their opinions and worldview in an attempt to consolidate power, from this point forward, in the Democratic Party.

What’s truly terrifying about this is that the Democratic Party has been completely infected with Marxism, with a desire to see a socialist nation rise above the current American experiment in self-government. These individuals truly think this is the right path for our nation’s future.

Liberals trying to drive out conservative members of the armed forces is a very bone chilling thing to learn. You see, the left wants the military to be a completely die-hard leftist entity. If that happens, they’ll do whatever they are told to do, which includes enforcing progressive policies that would undermine our freedom. And there wouldn’t be anything we could do about it.

This is definitely a big cause for concern.

Put two-and-two together. The left wants to eradicate the Second Amendment and take away our ability to be armed and to defend ourselves and our liberty. Then, they want the military to be progressive so soldiers will do whatever they are told to those of us who resist. And we would be without proper weapons to defend ourselves.

If that doesn’t give you nightmares, what will?

Now is the time, if you are a person who prays, to pray for God’s blessing and protection on our nation and on our ability to defend our liberty against this awful vision for the future.

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