Newsmax Reporter Grills Psaki Over Illegal Aliens Getting Hotel Rooms When National Guard Slept In Parking Garages, Made Sick From Meals

(Liberty Bell) – The fraudulent Biden administration is rolling out the red carpet for illegal immigrants who help move along their radical progressive agenda by checking off the “diversity” box.

Meanwhile, the administration has been treating the National Guard troops tasked with protecting the illegitimate regime like dogs.

As you recall, back in January, the day after Biden had been inaugurated, 5,000 National Guard soldiers were forced to rest and sleep in a cold parking garage in DC that was equipped with two bathroom stalls and one outlet.

Once Biden and the Democrats used the National Guard as props on Inauguration Day, they cast them out like garbage.

Then last month, National Guard troops began getting sick and even being hospitalized because of the disgusting and undercooked meals they were being served.

More than a dozen Michigan National Guard soldiers were sickened after being fed raw and undercooked meat as well as meals containing metal shavings. Other meals being fed to the troops were barely enough to sustain a child let alone grown men and women.

These were meals that weren’t even fit to be fed to a dog and yet they were being served to National Guard troops stationed in DC.

Now, after making National Guard troops sleep in a parking garage and feeding them dangerous raw food, the Biden administration is set to spend $86 million on a contract with a Texas non-profit to house up to 1,200 illegal migrant families at hotels across Texas and Arizona.

On Monday, Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson pressed White House mouthpiece Press Secretary Jen Psaki on the differences in treatment between the National Guard troops and the illegal aliens flooding our border.

Naturally, “Circle Back” Psaki did her best to spin the narrative and explained that Biden responded immediately to the claims of troops sleeping in a parking garage. He offered his help and that’s about all Psaki had to say about it:

Sure must be nice to be an illegal alien in the US. After coming here illegally not only are they apparently exempt from COVID rules and measures but they’re being fast-tracked for vaccines that Americans want and now they’re being put up in hotels that will ultimately cost the American taxpayers $86 million.

These illegal aliens haven’t done a thing for America and will only leech off of our welfare system yet they’re being treated with exalted status. A stark difference from the way the current administration treats our armed forces who have vowed to serve and protect America.

The Biden administration doesn’t even bother trying to hide their progressive agenda. The only thing that matters is diversity and breaking down America. As long as America remains strong, the globalist agenda cannot move forward.

Joe Biden is doing exactly what he was installed to do: Make America Weak Again, just like we were under the globalist Obama.

Copyright 2021.


  1. I am not convinced that Biden winning was a scam. It is unlikely that Trump as an incumbent presiding over not only a recession, which is basically an iron clad guarantee of victory to the opposition of the incumbent in elections throughout history with the exception of FDR, but was also presiding over the scamdemic. Was there ballot fraud? Undoubtedly. Does the fact that ballot fraud occured mean that Trump would have won if there was no ballot fraud? No. It does not mean that at all. Trump intended to let the ballot fraud occur and then seize the election that slipped through his hands as a direct result of his own incompetency, the incompetency of his advisors, and team. It was not merely an economic catastrophy that Trump presided over, but a catastrophy of nearly everything that he did, including repealing the JCPOA, assassinating Soliemani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, letting START end, repealing the Open Skies Treaty, continuation and increases of constitutional rights violations of American citizens and only complaining amd whining like a wimp about the constitutional rights violations against him, his family, and team, the crucifixion of Julian Assange, after telling his voters that he loved Assange and Wikileaks, it is basically a cocophany of catastrophies that Trump presided over. A slogan that failed to live up to the propaganda is just one more piece of ammo agsinst Trump, because not only did Trump not MAGA, he made America 100 times worse than it was. If Trump was not such an incompetent narcissist, the scamdemic never would have taken place. Trump believes that everyone is an idiot and would buy into the bullshit that he and the InfraTards are far too mentally incompetent to comprehend with the scamdemic. He thought that he could use it as a cover for the fact that not only were we in a recession, but since Trump reduced taxes without increasing revenues, and without reducing spending, and with increasing spending to InfraTard, Wall Street, and the Plunge protection team bailing out billionaires that do not even pay taxes and everyone else is forced to subsidize against their will, Trump increased the deficit by leaps and bounds. Trump was a reckless, incompetent, sadistic tyrant. 

    If anyone is still a Trump fan at this point, from my perspective, they are either be corrupt or mentally incompetent, which was the same way that I viewed Clinton supporters, because there is not any legitimate reason for supporting Trump or the Clintons after their crime sprees. Trump is now in the position that the Clintons were in, the Cash Cow position, since he has raised over $102 million, surpassing everyone else. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has blackmailed people for the money, in total honesty.

    Trump was a reckless maniac that increased spending to the InfraTards that have the intellectual capabilities of leeches, piranhas, and monster apes. They suck all of the blood out of everyone, attack in large groups, and imitate those that they spy on. They have no higher brain functioning what so ever. They have proven to be intellectually inferior to primates, because even primates do not make such stupid decisions with such catastrophic consequences that they do. They just look like people, but they are not. Trump also recklessly increased spending to the Plunge Protection Team – PPT, bailing out billionaires, until the entire pyramid scheme came to a schreeching halt with Repo market failure, oil market collapse, and non existent earnings by the fraudulent dinasaur corporations that are all nothing more than front operations for ponzi schemes by any real econometrics. Over 98% of publicly traded corporations do not even use generally accepted accounting principles, aka GAAP, they use mark to make believe, and also suck money out through the Pentagon, Treasury, money laundering circuit, which is how $21 trillion in accounting errors between 1998 and 2016 took place. They tried to use the seven false flag wars as a front operation to explain away trillions of dollars of funds that they absconded with, which they are now using the mythological covid-19 and space aliens to explain away the crimes of the day. It is not surprising that all of our liberties vanished by this InfraTard monster beast! They want us to have no rights at all, while they have limitless rights. We cannot survive like this! I cannot survive by being attacked by piranhas, sucked by leeches, and living among the monster apes. If they think that it is winning, that would not surprise me either. It is a vacant meaningless existence of being a leech, piranha, and monster ape that imitates and throws violent fits of rage whenever it doesn’t get its way. They have every quality necessary for being losers for life. They are deviant, perverted, immature, incompetent, insane, evil, criminal, pathological lying, fraudulent, corrupt, violent, and abusive. It is a recipe for disaster and a guaranteed loss. They have created a society that I refuse to be a part of. I cannot survive with a legion of leeches, a school of pirahnas, and a congress of monster apes. They could spend their entire lives in school and universities and will never learn a damned thing, just like piranhas, and many do, since some are professors and educators. I refuse to adapt and adjust to their mal-adapted and mal-adjusted life styles! 

    Piranhas, leeches, and apes do not consider the consequences of their actions. They are not capable of that type of intellectual reasoning. They are genetically designed to attack in schools, suck blood, and imitate and throw fits of rage. I do not even want to be on this planet anymore. I sure as hell do not want anything to do with any of them! 

    InfraGard really should be renamed to The Peeping Tom Society. Who in the hell do you unworthy, useless, perverted, disgusting scumbags think that you are fooling with your Peeping Tom Tom Foolery?! 

    Just die! You are scum and you know it! The greatest national tragedy is that you did not die in school shootings! We really have to wonder where all of the school shooters were when we needed them! My condolences to everyone in your lives, America, and the world that you did not die in school shootings! 

    Andrea Iravani

  2. Matthew Ehret-Kump is not understanding or telling the truth in his article :

    “On the Verge of a Global Financial Meltdown? “Green Bankers” and the “Great Reset Task Force”

    Mark Carney and the Strategic Reality of the Collapsing Trans Atlantic System”

    The Green New Deal Great Reset is based on scientific, political, and economic fraud. What Ehret-Kump fails to disclose is that under this, the largest industrial polluters will make more money by producing nothing at all than they would by producing products that many use and rely on since they will be awarded carbon credits for reducing their carbon footprint. Developing countries are all exempt from this, including China, India, Latin American countries even though they cannot be considered developing in any context. America and Canada are more of developing countries in real terms since they are younger countries. They did not exist as nations until the last few hundred years, unlike the other countries mentioned. 

    Additionally, anyone that would attempt to step up to the plate to fill the sudden void in supply would be severely punished by carbon taxes which they will be forced to pass on to consumers, making the cost and standard of living a real life nightmare. It is also scientific fraud because CO2 in its solid form is dry ice and cools the atmosphere. Volcanic winters have occured from CO2, not sulfer dioxide, which is exothermic. If you doubt me on that, try striking a match as a scientific experiment. I am an environmentalist. I advocate for non nuclear renewable energy, but it must be through free market forces that people convert to it. 

    Environmentalism has become a dirty word among consevatives, even though Theodore Roosevelt was a conservstionist that created the National Parks System, and Richard Nixon created the EPA and clean air and water acts, which I believe is why the CIA led by the Rockefellers, formerly referred to as The Rockerfeller Office, impeached Nixon, and that it did not have anything to do with the Watergate Hotel, and everything to do with the environmentalism and ending the Vietnam War, and prosecuting corruption by the CIA. Nixon was one of the most honest presidents in modern American history, which may not be saying much, but is true nevertheless.

    If we were to blame a single country on any man made climate related issues, it would have to be China, since they are not only the world’s largest polluter, but have the world’s largest population, if it is CO2 that you claim is the problem, 1.4 billion Chinese are exhaling CO2. At any rate, we would have to say that man made climate change, is the China Man’s burden. 

    The Chinese are attempting to mandate North America’s and Austrailia’s reliance on them, based on scientific, economic, and political fraud. The Scandavian countries all support this, since oil is their number one source of income, which they would be granted carbon tax credits for their reduced use of, followed by rapacious international banking, and are heavily investing in the Belt Road Initiative. Europe, and every other country wants to mandate America’s, Australia’s, and Canada’s reliance on them, since we are the newest large countries, and are therefor, truly developing countries, in contrast to China, India, many Middle Eastern countries, and many Latin American countries, and even North African countries, since there are no longer any ancient sub-Saharan nation states currently in existence. 

    To inflict reliance on other countries through mandates particarly based on scientific, economic, and political fraud, which the Great Reset, and The Green New Deal both do is a direct threat to our national sovereignty and in violation of all international laws.

    To insinuate that hundreds of years ago indiginous people were living in harmony with the environmemt is disingenuous because everyone was doing that several hundred years ago to a degree, but even indigenous populations several hundred years ago caused environmental destruction, in not just one country, but in many. Easter Island is a stunning example of this. Deforestation, habitat destruction through mining, aquatic depleteion from over fishing, and hey, how about whaling, and desertification through over grazing are not problems that are unique to white people of European descent. To insinuate that they are is disingenuous. Do not let them inflict guilt on you for something that you are not responsible for!  Libs, you are being played like harps! Your white guilt will serve to enslave you, literally! I am not exagerating at all on this. Remind them of the Spaniards, or the Aztecs, or the Mayans, or the Brazillians, or the African slave traders in Africa that were African, or the history of slavery by the Chinese, or the white slaves in Europe and America, and white endentured servants in America. 

    Andrea Iravani

  3. The way this administration is treating our troops is terrible. The Biden / Harris and Nancy Pelosi administration could care less about our Military. They need to take down that fence and let our Troops protect the other Wall to keep out illegal immigrants. My final point is that this administration is a disgrace to our who protect us an the American people.

  4. Put them up in hotels and quickly register them as voters so the “Democrooks” won’t have to steal as many votes in future elections. Even opening the border during a world wide emergency such as this pandemic is evidence that the Biden/Harris administration is unfit to govern and should be impeached immediately. After watching the press conference January 20,2025 can’t come fast eneough.

  5. ABSOLUTELY SICKENING!!! It appears that the US of America takes a back seat to illegals in many ways. All the damn liberals want are points. I am so sorry for our citizens and military. Please know there are alot of us out here that will support them anytime we can speak out. God Bless our country.


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