Newly Leaked Memo Reveals Border Patrol Chief Rejected Ban On Term ‘Illegal Alien’

(Liberty Bell) – Immigration agencies in the United States were recently ordered by the Biden administration to stop using certain phrases and terms such as “illegal alien” and “assimilation,” but it seems there was some massive pushback on this little attempt at political correctness by Rodney Scott. Scott is the Border Patrol Chief.

A leaked memo from April 16 has revealed that three days before an official announcement was made, Chief Scott sent out a memorandum to Troy Miller. Miller is currently the acting head of Customs and Border Protection. The memo contained Scott’s objection to the mandates.

According to Infowars, Scott said in his letter that This memorandum serves as my official nonconcurrence to the proposed updated terminology for U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) communications and materials. I will not undermine this effort; however, I cannot endorse it.”

Scott then went on to assert that “outside forces on both extremes of the political spectrum” have tried to politicize the mission of the agency.

“Despite every attempt by USBP leadership to ensure that all official messaging remained consistent with law, fact, and evidence, there is no doubt that the reputation of the USBP has suffered because of the many outside voices. Mandating the use of terms which are inconsistent with law has the potential to further erode public trust in our government institutions,” Scott stated in his letter.

He also warned Miller that he was “concerned about the morale of our workforce.”

“To be clear, when I reference morale, I am not referring to an employee’s happiness. I am referring to an individual’s willingness to take personal risk each day to keep others safe,” Scott went on to say.

“There are countless human capital studies which indicate that mission criticality and support from leadership affect the willingness of personnel to comply with policy and professional standards,” he added.

Scott has also recommended the administration delay the changes to terminology until the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 is enacted and then make adjustments accordingly. However, memoirs that ordered use of new “preferred terminology and inclusive language” came out just a few days later.

Political correctness does nothing but shut down critical thinking. A person eventually becomes so obsessed with being “nice” to someone and trying not to offend them that speaking the truth becomes impossible.

That is the road we’re headed down.

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