NBC Reporter Goes Into Damage Control After NASCAR Fans Chant “F**K Joe Biden” — See It Before It’s GONE

(Liberty Bell) – The liberal mainstream media’s tricks have been so repeatedly exposed over the course of the last few years that even average Americans who really don’t watch or read much of the stuff put out by CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and NBC are becoming well aware of the lies and misinformation these news outlets spread on a daily basis.

According to a new report from Infowars, the latest example of gaslighting by a major news network happened on Saturday evening while NBC News was conducting an interview with NASCAR Xfinity Series Race winner, Brandon Brown. The reporter went on to distort offensive chants against Joe Biden and tried to spin them as being chants in favor of Brown.

“During the interview, hundreds if not thousands of fans were in the stadium seating section of the raceway while Brown spoke with the reporter. The chants from the crowd increased in loudness and could be heard as ‘F**k Joe Biden.’ The reporter, quick on her feet, told Brandon and viewers the chants were ‘Let’s Go Brandon,'” the Infowars report said.

Here’s the video clip so you can take a listen for yourself:

“The reporter who acknowledged the chanting either genuinely misheard it or twisted reality for viewers at home by saying the chants were for Brandon,” the report stated.

According to the folks over at RT News, this video clip ended up going viral and was even shared by NASCAR. However, it was later deleted without any explanation as to why.

At this point, it’s difficult to tell if the reporter was knowingly trying to twist the narrative here, or if it was a genuine mistake. However, chants of “F*** Joe Biden” have become a normal occurrence over the last month, especially at public sporting events, having started at college football stadiums around the country.

You know, for Biden to supposedly be the most popular individual to sit in the White House in the history of our nation, it really seems like a lot of folks really don’t like him.

“In recent weeks, new polls by Axios/Ipsos found trust in the president continues to slide. The first real glimpse of Biden’s poll slippage was in late July when a Gallup poll found his approval ratings began to turn lower,” Infowars said.

“Compound the botched exit of Afghanistan, southern border crisis, and soaring food, gas, and rent prices; it is no surprise that the president’s ratings continue to tumble and the ‘F**k Joe Biden’ chants grow louder, forcing corporate media into damage control,” the report added.

But sporting events aren’t the only places this ever popular chant is showing up.

According to Infowars, Protesters in New York City who are against the vaccine mandates imposed by Mayor Bill de Blasio, took to the streets where they also employed the use of the now infamous chant.

De Blasio introduced a new policy over the summer that requires the city’s businesses to request residents provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination for anyone who wishes to enter restaurants, bars, gyms, and theaters.

This did not sit well with hundreds of New Yorkers who participated in an anti-vaccine demonstration in Times Square over the weekend, where they chanted “F*** Joe Biden” and other slogans to express their disagreement over the mandate, even going so far as to connect it to mandates Nazi policies had toward Jews during World War II.

“Footage from the scene has shown numerous demonstrators waving flags and ‘No to the vaccine’ signs in a tightly packed crowd,” the report said, adding, “One woman was pictured holding a poster that read ‘How did the Nazi’s [sic] do it? They said the Jews were diseased’ and another one saying ‘What happened to ‘Never again?!’”

“Reports from the scene claim that there were at least a thousand people who took part in the rally to decry Joe Biden’s vaccination mandate for federal workers and large businesses who may now face disciplinary measures if they refuse to get jabbed,” the report continued.

People have had enough of the mandates and the massive government overreach. It’s time they actually listen to us or they will find themselves out of a job come election time.

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  1. Try having a child and keeping it away from the government and the medical mafia and they will take the child away from you and throw you in prison.

    Even people that choose home-schooling are having the government invade their lives online.

    Children’s first government brain washing begins in school, even if they go to private schools, they are still forced to comply with the government’s demands.

    There is no liberty, justice, or security in America.

    Don’t have children unless you are ok with the government and medical mafia invading and controlling almost every aspect of their lives, and unless you are ok with letting the government hold your child as a hostage for 3/4 of the day in school. Life is a beautiful choice in an alternate universe, but not here on earth controlled by evil, insane, mentally incompetent, sadistic tyrants.

    I would take that a step further and say don’t have a child unless you are ok with the sick, retarded, creepy scumbags in the surveillance state which includes InfraGard. InfraGard includes many corporations, all state and local governments and police, congress, tech companies, utilities, the media, the military, any other creepy peeping tom ( term not specific to men ), and useless destructive parasitic retards cheating their way through school, parenting, work, and life, that want to join, and the now 21 spy agencies that have the audacity to call themselves intelligence agencies), academia, C.O.P.S., ( community organized policing services ), and N.S.A. ( national sheriffs association) infest their lives too. What kind of sick useless worthless scumbags volunteer to be gestapos and stasi for sick evil tyrants!?! You suck scumizens! But everyone can see that you are just perverted freaks, retarded cheats, thieves, vandals, hackers, and stalkers because of the extreme corruption that all of you scumizens not only did nothing to prevent, but participated in the total destruction of constitutional rights! You are sick, useless, worthless creatures! You are partners in crime with the serial criminal government! You and your lives are sick, evil, perverted jokes on your own pathetic, lowly existences and families! Your actions and your lives are totally unjustifiable! 

    Here is the post fake pandemic list of spy agencies. America obviously does not even have 21 intelligent people, let alone 21 intelligence agencies! If any of them are intelligent, it is obviously a well kept national security secret!

    1. Office of the Director of National Intelligence
    2.Central Intelligence Agency
    3. National Security Agency
    4. Defense Intelligence Agency
    5. Federal Bureau of Investigation
    6. Department of State – Bureau of Intelligence and Research
    7. Department of Homeland Security – Office of Intelligence and Analysis
    8. Drug Enforcement Administration – Office of National Security Intelligence
    9. Department of the Treasury – Office of Intelligence and Analysis
    10. Department of Energy – Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence
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    12. National Reconnaissance Office
    13. Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
    14. Army Military Intelligence
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    16. Marine Corps Intelligence
    17. Coast Guard Intelligence
    18. United States Postal Service
    19.) Department of Justice
    20.) Department of Education
    21.) Department of Health and Human Services

    I really don’t know what to say to you if you find it acceptable to subject a child to all of that, that will inevitably reach adulthood if they survive childhood and reach adulthood. 

    The scumbags in the surveillance state have illegally invaded my life, brain, and property, and have committed a sick evil sadistic gas-lighting, medical fraud, and theft, hacking, and vandalism crime spree on me. They have completely destroyed every aspect of my life, and waited until I was vulnerabe following a divorce and the death of my mother that lived in my neighborhood, because two women are far more than the retarded scumbags in the surveillance state are capable of dealing with!  It is all that they are capable of doing. They destroy everyone and everything in their path. The fake pandemic is their most recent grand scale national crimes against humanity organized crime spree. If you have to commit a crime spree against someone to convince them that they need you, they obviously do not need you, and nobody else does either! I see this hair brained monkey business scheme and the scumbags in it for who and what they are, Superman Complex scam full of evil perverted scumbags that only spy, terrorize, steal, vandalize, hack, enslave, terrorize, amd torture, and the scumbags in it for the sick, useless, retarded kleptocratic scumbags that they are! Their actions and lives are unjustifiable! They are partners in crime with the government! The scumbag peeping toms and scumbag retarded cheaters insist on being treated with dignity for being sick creepy peeping toms and scumbag retarded cheaters cheating their way through life! There isn’t a damned thing dignified  about any of them! Why in the hell would I want to contaminate myself with sick creepy peeping toms or retarded scumbags that both fall under the category of predators and serial criminal psychopaths that violate my constitutional rights?! Did you insanely believe that I would try to earn your acceptance? Why in the hell would I want to be accepted by scumbags! You are a plague! Why in the hell would I invite predators that have preyed upon me into my life?! Predators always choose vulnerable victims. It is not ok to be creepy scumbags that violate my constitutional rights! WTF is the matter with you sick creepy retarded scumbags?! Did you seriously think that  it is ok?! It is not ok! You are scumbags! Only scumbags spy on people ! Why didn’t you know that?! Everyone else knows that! Peeping toms and cheaters have always been regarded as scumbags! Did you think that you were special scumbags?! For those of you that have participated in this crime spree of violating my constitutional rights that do not work for the government, you are even scummier than the scumbags in the government that have been involved in it! You are sick as hell! I am not community property! Neither is my brain, my life, my history, my family, or my property! I would rather die than have anything to do with you and your sick creepy disgusting predatory lifestyles! 

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    The surveillance state hates being reminded by me that I have constitutional rights, because that means that they are criminals that have violated my constitutional rights, which they do not like being reminded of,  because it gives me the upper hand over them, which they resent me for, even though I have been their unwilling victim. 

    I really do not know how it is to get it through their thick heads that I will remain unwilling to change my mind or compromise on those issues. 

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    Our first step towards freedom requires that all man made satellites are immediately removed from orbit.

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    The psychopaths in the medical mafia and surveillance state that have perpetrated this sick, evil, sadistic organized crime spree against me have sunken to depths that I did not know existed. Where it is that they will finally bottom out remains to be seen, but it is certain that they have further to fall since they not only have not stopped the crime spree, but in many regards have ramped it up. 

    Obviously, they are dangerous psychopaths and associating with them in any way would be stupid and insane, because it is their goal to destroy me by any means necessary, and they completely disregard the complete illegality and total evil of all of it, which is what they have been doing.

    They are monsters. 

    Andrea Iravani


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