Nancy Pelosi Comments On Joe Biden’s Age… But There’s One Glaring Problem

(Liberty Bell) – Nancy Pelosi is just as elderly, senile, and delusional as Joe Biden. The two of them are real, living examples of why Congress desperately needs to enact term limits. If these people actually cared about the American people, they’d do what was right and pass term limits legislation.

Nonetheless, Pelosi is an embarrassing human. On Monday, she showed just how out of touch and senile she really is. During an interview with The Atlantic, she exclaimed that Joe Biden’s age shouldn’t be a problem because he is “younger” than she is.

“He is absolutely a magnificent leader,” Pelosi said, “He is younger than I am . . . so I don’t know what the problem is.”

Social media users have raked her over the coals for the absurd comment. Perhaps Nancy was trying to be cute and funny but in any case, Joe Biden is not that much younger than her. Pelosi is 82-years-old while Biden is 80-years-old, they’re basically the same age and neither one is exactly a spring chicken.

One Twitter user pointed out that comparing Biden to Pelosi in terms of age was setting the bar rather low and noted Pelosi’s obvious signs of aging.

“Someone needs to tell @SpeakerPelosi that this is NOT the winning point she thinks it is,” she wrote. “She also seems somewhat impaired in looks, voice & mannerisms.”

Another Twitter user was amused by the video of Pelosi, saying, “Watch this without sound and tell me she doesn’t look absolutely Insane.”

Considering the former Speaker of the House is obviously an elderly woman and acts like it, her using age as a means to instill confidence in Americans was nonsensical.

Not that she really cares what Americans think.

The bigger issue, however, is the blatant disregard for the clear signs of dementia that Joe Biden suffers from. His age isn’t so much the issue, it’s his cognitive digression that makes him unfit for office.

Nobody cares that Biden is 80-years-old. The problem is he can’t remember who he is.

Joe Biden can’t get through a speech or up the stairs to Air Force One without messing up and making himself look like a fool. He’s a complete walking, talking embarrassment. Nancy Pelosi saying his age isn’t an issue because he’s younger than her does not in any way vindicate him.

There is no logic in her argument and the statement that Biden is a “magnificent leader” only further illustrates her own cognitive issues. Whether it be that she actually believes that or she’s outright lying and laughing in the faces of the American people, Pelosi is clearly not mentally well.

Democrats just refuse to admit what we can all see with our very own eyes and Biden’s cognitive ability is just one of the many topics they routinely gaslight us on.

We’re supposed to believe Biden is as competent as he ever was and that the economy is booming, the border is closed, and we’re totally not headed for nuclear war with Russia and China.

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