MUST-SEE: ‘Where Woke Goes To Die’: DeSantis Wins Big, Gives Fiery Victory Lap Speech

(Liberty Bell) – Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis managed to secure an enormous victory on Tuesday not long after the polls in the state closed, proving that anyone who governs well, following the basic values and principles this country was founded upon, will be rewarded for their efforts.

According to The Western Journal, DeSantis took time during a rather fiery victory speech to point toward his conservative policies and performance in office as the reason for his “overwhelming” support from the people of Florida.

“We saw freedom and our very way of life in so many other jurisdictions in this country wither on the vine. Florida held the line,” DeSantis went on to day during an election night event held at the Tampa Convention Center.

He then promised in his speech to continue his tireless fight against the “woke” indoctrination happening in the state, pledging to make Florida a “citadel of freedom” in the U.S. Heck, he’s well on his way to accomplishing those efforts already. How many people from other states are now moving to Florida due to his leadership and the success he’s having down there? Let’s just say it’s a pretty big number.

“The governor made it clear that he would continue to deliver on policies and values that have made him a national figure with conservatives and a target of partisan criticism from the left,” Richard Moorehead from WJ wrote.

The Florida Republican then recalled all of his administration’s accomplishments.

“We have embraced freedom. We have maintained law and order. We have protected the rights of parents. We have respected our taxpayers. And we reject woke ideology,” he stated as the audience burst into loud applause.

“We will never, ever surrender to the woke mob,” the governor asserted emphatically to a crowd of happy supporters.

“Florida is where woke goes to die!”

How epic is that line? It sounds like something that was ripped right out of a movie. DeSantis oozes charisma. It’s not often you get a political figure who stands boldly on his principles, fights off the woke nutjobs, and has a way with words too.

DeSantis managed to completely blow out even the most optimistic projections for his race, securing almost 60 percent of the statewide vote, which gave him a lead of a million votes over Democratic challenger Rep. Charlie Crist.

“We not only won re-election, we have rewritten the political map,” DeSantis continued.

This victory has huge implications for future elections in Florida and across the United States. People in America are hungry for true, authentic leadership. They want individuals who will stand on the principles they believe in and will not bow down to wokeness and progressive groupthink. DeSantis has proven that to be true.

If other Republicans around the nation start leading like this — many have by the way — you will see a huge swing, culturally speaking, in the overall political climate among average citizens.

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