MUST-SEE: John Fetterman Advisor Lashes Out At Media — Can’t Ask Questions Senator Won’t Understand

(Liberty Bell) – After Joe Biden “won” the presidency in 2020, it apparently opened the door for other brain-damaged candidates to take political office.

In Pennsylvania, the highly anticipated Senate race ended in massive disappointment when radical leftist John Fetterman won, defeating his Republican opponent, celebrity physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Not only will Fetterman fall in line with Biden’s radical agenda for the US but he’s just as incapable of thinking on his own as Joe Biden himself thanks to a stroke he suffered earlier this year.

As a matter of fact, it appears to be even more difficult for Fetterman to speak and understand what’s going on than it is for Joe Biden.

Like Biden, Fetterman has to use a teleprompter but Fetterman’s is a closed-captioning system that helps him understand what others are saying to him, rather than reminding him what he is supposed to say.

When it comes to Fetterman’s responses, it gets even worse. He can barely string together intelligent sentences. That’s no exaggeration. He doesn’t speak coherently and rarely are his responses relevant to what was asked of him.

It’s utterly embarrassing and a good reason why the Republican-led Pennsylvania state legislature should have made sure the unconstitutional rules from the 2020 election were done away with, such as early voting and the massive mail-in ballot scheme.

Elections in the Keystone State seem to be entirely rigged in favor of Democrats right now. There is nothing stopping Dem operatives from ballot harvesting and early voting earned Fetterman hundreds of thousands of votes before the world knew just how cognitively damaged he truly is.

Early voting is also the same reason why a dead man won re-election in the state.

Meanwhile, those around Fetterman insist that he must receive special treatment despite Fetterman claiming his doctor says he is perfectly fit for holding office.

An advisor for Fetterman reprimanded reporters Tuesday for daring to do their jobs in the conventional way.

“He is still recovering from a stroke and has lingering auditory processing challenges. The way Hill reporters are used to yelling questions at Senators will not work here,” wrote Rebecca Katz on Twitter, a political strategist and advisor to Fetterman.

Her tweet was in response to another by a Huffington Post reporter, Igor Bobic, who noted that Fetterman did not acknowledge his presence as he was shouting a question at him.

Katz’s comments drew criticism immediately from the press.

“John Fetterman is not deaf. He does not wear hearing aids… are we to understand he cannot understand words being spoken to him?” wrote Stephen L. Miller, an editor at The Spectator, while the Independent’s Andrew Feinberg suggested “we use cue cards, ‘Love Actually’ style.”

It’s utterly absurd that Fetterman requires so much special treatment in order to serve in his position as Senator. Nothing has improved it seems since Fetterman’s disastrous debate performance at the end of October and yet, somehow, he was sent to represent the people of Pennsylvania.

Fetterman suffered his stroke in May after he had won the Democratic primary for the PA Senate race. He was hospitalized for nearly four months before finally returning to the campaign trail in August. He made very few public appearances and for the most part seemed to conceal the true reality of his condition until it was made obvious Oct. 26 during the debate with his opponent Dr. Oz.

There have been numerous calls for Fetterman to release his medical records in full but he insists that his doctor, who is a Democratic donor, has said he is perfectly fit for office.

There is no transparency coming from Fetterman and those around him insist he receive special treatment. What a joke.

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