More Signs Of Dementia: Biden Embarrasses Himself By Repeatedly Referring To The “ATF” As The “AFT”

(Liberty Bell) – It’s been no secret since his campaign days that Joe Biden is suffering from dementia of one degree or another.

The radical left has, nonetheless, stood by him and completely ignored the obvious and telling signs. Not only has his constant gaffes and embarrassing moments never been an issue for the establishment media talking-heads, they continue to pretend that he is the man to “save” America.

Meanwhile, America is being destroyed more and more each day under his fraudulent regime. Adding insult to injury, Biden can’t seem to go a day without proving why he should be sitting in a nursing home rather than the Oval Office.

It’s all such a charade and it’s becoming downright insulting that the media refuses to acknowledge and report on the truth. Nobody is being fooled.

In yet another display of cognitive decline, Biden repeated misspoke while attempting to refer to the ATF.

This is no small incident, however, considering the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was at the center of his press conference on Thursday.

During the conference, Biden attempted to nominate radical gun control advocate David Chipman to head up the ATF but repeatedly called it the “AFT.”

Perhaps no one was more confused than Chipman and the folks over at the American Federation of Teachers.

“Today, I’m proud to nominate David Chipman to serve as the Director of the AFT,” Biden declared. “David knows the AFT well. He served there for 25 years.”

Naturally, social media exploded with laughter and delight at the latest Biden gaffe.

One has to wonder if the gaffes aren’t intentional and designed to distract Americans from the continued damage and destruction Biden is inflicting on our democracy.

After all, Biden was announcing executive orders in regards to gun control and it seems the big takeaway from the conference was his obvious cognitive decline and inability to speak authoritatively and intelligently.

Nonetheless, social media users hilariously pointed out Biden’s latest bungle and expressed concern over the fact that Biden is the POTUS.

The NRA chimed in saying, “Someone tell Biden it is “ATF” – not “AFT.”

Newsbusters made sure everyone was clear that Biden actually meant the ATF not the AFT:

Others just laughed hysterically:

While others expressed concern over the POTUS’s mental decline:

What definitely wasn’t funny was the list of gun control measures Biden’s fraudulent regime plans to implement on the American people.

Cognitively, Biden might be half gone but that isn’t stopping the radical left from ruthlessly and shamelessly using him to enact their anti-American agenda.

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