Minneapolis BLM Militant Arrested For Failing To Register As Child Sex Offender Is Celebrated By The Media

(Liberty Bell) – The left has made a habit of canonizing criminals and unsavory characters. They do it time and time again, especially after a black individual is killed by the police.

The media refuses to hold black people accountable and turns a blind eye and even covers up their crimes and wrongdoings where it suits their narrative.

The left is desperate to paint black people as helpless victims of the oppressive and systemically racist United States. They don’t want Americans thinking that black people have any kind of control over their own actions and behavior.

That’s why they shamefully promote and celebrate people like Minneapolis Black Lives Matter militant Chaz Neal, 44, who was just arrested earlier this month for failing to properly register himself as a sex offender after moving.

This isn’t the first time Neal has failed to properly register, it isn’t even the second or third time. He has three previous convictions for failing to register starting back in 2018.

The media has made Neal into a BLM darling, however, and don’t seem at all concerned over the fact that he’s a registered pedophile.

According to the National File, Neal was convicted in 1998 of one count of “Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Third Degree.” The reports notes that in order for someone to be found guilty of such a charge, the accused “must have “engaged in sexual penetration,’ when one of the listed circumstances, such as when ‘the complainant is at least 13 but less than 16 years of age and the actor is more than 24 months older than the complainant,’ or ‘the actor uses force or coercion to complete the penetration.’”

In other words, Neal is a convicted pedophile who is guilty of unthinkable acts. In his specific case, he was ordered not to have any contact with children under the age of 18.

This is not a man who deserves the media spotlight or any kind of positive attention at all. He even admits to being a registered sex offender (but not a pedophile) in a bizarre Facebook rant from last summer in which he awkwardly brings up racism:

Despite the fact that Neal is a registered child sex offender and has other charges against him including damage to property, theft, domestic assault in the 5th degree, and financial card fraud, the media lifts him up as some kind of heroic icon among the black community.

He’s exactly who the media encourages young black people to emulate and why do you think that is?

Because the establishment media doesn’t care about black lives anymore than the Marxist organization Black Lives Matter does.

Their only goal is to sow as much discord, division and hate in the US as possible and what better way to do that than embolden criminals and wannabe criminals and make heroes out of convicts?

What better way to ensure the black community is held down in perpetuity than to insist their actions don’t matter and they’re always the victim?

The leftist sycophant media and BLM are both compliant in this globalist effort to break down American society and the black community is the catalyst.

It’s time for black Americans to wake up and stop allowing criminals within their ranks, like Chaz Neal, to be celebrated and admired.

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