Mike Huckabee: IRS May Have Been Weaponized Against ‘Twitter Files’ Journalist

(Liberty Bell) – We’ve all become accustomed to the federal government targeting political opponents via the FBI and DOJ but a lesser publicized tactic has been used in the past and appears to be in use today.

The IRS has a history of targeting Americans (including Tea Party groups) whose political beliefs do not align with the leftist regime in power. The IRS seemingly made no apologies for this targeting under Obama. The same strategy is being deployed now by an even more rogue IRS under Joe Biden.

Former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee, discussed the weaponization of the IRS against one of the two journalists involved with getting the so-called “Twitter Files” out to the American people.

He writes:

“On March 9, the day independent journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger testified before Congress about what they’d found in Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files,” an IRS agent went to Taibbi’s New Jersey home. Since (surprise) Taibbi wasn’t there (he was TESTIFYING), the agent left a note for him on the door. The irony: Taibbi was appearing before the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

The note left for Taibbi weirdly told him they’d talk “after the weekend” — March 9 was a Thursday –and said he should call the agent’s office in four days. When he did that, the agent told him his returns for 2018 and 2021 had been rejected because of concerns about identity theft.”

He further explains that Taibbi turned to House Judiciary Committee chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) in regards to the visit which was strangely on the very same day he was testifying before Congress.

Taibbi gave Jordan documentation proving his 2018 tax return had been successfully accepted by the IRS electronically and had not heard anything about it since.

Huckabee explains the circumstances around Taibbi’s 2021 return:

“…it had been rejected, and when his accountants refiled it with an IRS-provided PIN, it was rejected again. But Taibbi said it wasn’t a question of money for either year — that, in fact, the IRS actually owed him a “considerable” amount. For this, they knock on his door? Maybe it was supposed to be like Publishers Clearinghouse, and they’d wanted him to pose with a giant refund check! That must have been it. Even Avon stopped ringing people’s doorbells but now is the IRS going to compete with Jehovah’s Witnesses as the last of the door knockers?”

In response to Taibbi’s concerns, Jordan sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel on Monday with the goal of finding out why the IRS agent paid Taibbi a personal visit on the very same day he was in DC testifying.

“In light of the hostile reaction to Mr. Taibbi’s reporting among left-wing activists, and the IRS’s history as a tool of government abuse, the IRS’s action could be interpreted as an attempt to intimidate a witness before Congress,” he wrote.

Taibbi doesn’t want to comment further until Jordan gets an answer.

Taibbi was among a group of journalists tasked by Elon Musk to go through the Twitter Files. What they found was shocking evidence of political bias at Twitter at the behest of the federal government. They uncovered blatant collusion between the White House and Twitter as well as plenty of documents proving Twitter was most definitely involved with election interference, again at the prodding of government officials and agencies.

The Twitter Files proved the government was essentially using the social media platform as a means to silence political dissent under the guise of fighting “disinformation.” Taibbi and his fellow journalists dubbed the network of Big Tech entities and government agencies that were colluding weekly the “Censorship Industrial Complex.”

Huckabee extrapolated on the election interference by Big Tech and the FBI:

“The FBI advised Big Tech specifically about some sort of “Russian disinformation” about members of the Biden family, particularly Hunter Biden, that might show up in October, priming them to censor the laptop story when they’d KNOWN it was real since December 2019. Biden voters had no clue when they went to the polls, because they’d been hoodwinked. And later polling showed that enough of them would have changed their votes, had they known about this, to potentially sway the election.”

Now that Taibbi has helped expose this obvious unconstitutional corruption, he appears to be a target of the federal government via the IRS. Nobody is getting visited in person by an IRS agent. Jim Jordan pointed this out during an appearance on Fox News with host Sean Hannity.

“Now, maybe this is one big coincidence; I don’t know,” Jordan stated. “It sure doesn’t seem to be. But it’s pretty darn alarming when you think about it happening exactly while the Democrats were going after the First Amendment, asking him questions — we had him in there testifying — [while] the IRS pays a visit to his home. That is scary stuff.”

“[The IRS] got $80 billion for 87,000 more IRS agents in that last big spending bill the Democrats did,” he noted.

Huckabee added, “That’s certainly not comforting in light of what they appear to have been doing to an independent journalist daring to report what he finds. But this appropriation will be up for negotiation this fall, Jordan said, when they confront the (sigh) debt ceiling.”

It certainly would appear to be painfully obvious that the IRS targeted Taibbi because he was doing his job and exposing inconvenient truths.

America is in trouble.

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