McCarthy On Trump Indictment: Congress Will Intervene

(Liberty Bell) – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy stated Thursday evening his chamber is going to hold Alvin Bragg accountable for what he called an “unprecedented abuse of power,” going on to say that the district attorney’s indictment of former President Donald Trump has “irreparably damaged our country.”

It seems fairly clear this is a political attack. Radical Democrats have a lot to gain from this miscarriage of justice. If they can get Trump charged with a felony, there’s a significant chance he will be banned from ever running for president, essentially shutting down his current 2024 campaign and removing the most dangerous threat to the reelection efforts of President Joe Biden.

John Solomon of Just the News writes, “House Republicans sent Bragg a letter last week demanding he answer questions about why he was pursuing criminal charges against the 45th president that were based on a seven-year-old financial transaction with porn actress Stormy Daniels and legal statutes that had expired.”

“Bragg declined to answer questions and his office Thursday informed Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina that it had secured an indictment from a grand jury,” Solomon says. “McCarthy immediately reacted to the news on Twitter, making clear Congress would not stand idly by on what Trump and his allies believe is an attempt to use the legal system to hijack the 2024 presidential, in which Trump is currently leading the GOP field by a wide margin.”

“Alvin Bragg has irreparably damaged our country in an attempt to interfere in our Presidential election,” Speaker McCarthy said. “As he routinely frees violent criminals to terrorize the public, he weaponized our sacred system of justice against President Donald Trump. The American people will not tolerate this injustice, and the House of Representatives will hold Alvin Bragg and his unprecedented abuse of power to account.”

The justice system is being hijacked by radical progressives who have sworn to destroy both Trump and his followers. Why? Because they represent the most significant resistance to the progressive plan to try and perfect humanity and build a utopian society. Of course, there are some serious foundational problems with these goals, the first being that mankind is flawed, imperfect, and fallen, therefore, any attempt by man to fix himself is futile. Only God can fix him.

Secondly, their idea for building this utopia hinges on getting “elites” in positions of power and creating legislation that will force everyone to go along with their agenda. This is tyranny.

Let’s hope McCarthy keeps his word and truly holds Bragg to account.

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