Matt Schlapp Trades Verbal Punches With Angry Chris Cuomo Over Trump Making CPAC Appearance

(Liberty Bell) – American Conservative Union chief Matt Schlapp traded some serious verbal punches with an irate Chris Cuomo during an interview conducted on CNN Monday night. Cuomo stated that former President Donald Trump’s claims that he had the election stolen from him due to fraud and manipulation of the ballots were unfounded and then went on to drop hints that he shouldn’t be appearing at CPAC where he can keep making those claims.

According to a report from BizPacReview, Cuomo kicked off the segment by noting that the former president will be one of the main featured speakers at the yearly Conservative Political Action Conference that will start this Thursday, suggesting that he should not have been invited to speak there and given a venue to express his thoughts and beliefs.

Schlapp then went on to toss out a few jabs of his own by responding that Trump’s agenda and his policies were “the most conservative” of any other president in many generations and also noted that he kept many of his promises while he was in office.

“So why not have him speak? It seems to me it makes perfect sense that he would come back and talk to his followers and faithful, and talk about what’s gonna happen in the future,” Schlapp went on to say.

Cuomo responded by saying CPAC is “tacitly endorsing Trump’s election farce.”

Schlapp took a moment to think through his response and then said, “I don’t know what that means.”

The CNN host then claimed that the former president “lied about the election being a fraud” and that CPAC’s platform “seems to be your acknowledgement of the same.”

“I’d love for you to look at our agenda,” Schlapp stated. “We’re actually going to spend a lot of time on going through what happened” in several key battleground states that changed election rules ahead of Nov. 3.

“You said several things in the previous interview that simply aren’t true,” he continued. “You said that these states were simply following state law.”

“No, I didn’t. No, I didn’t,” Cuomo interrupted. “I said it is not true that any state decided that it was doing something wrong. And states get to decide. And it was adjudicated.”

“You just don’t like that you lost in the state. You don’t like that the Supreme Court refused to see any merit to your claims. You don’t like that people voted in places where they didn’t live and the numbers were lower than you suggested. You don’t like those things, but they’re true,” he went on.

“I don’t like those things, but it’s still very important that we go back to the idea of legal voting,” Schlapp stated.

After a little more back and forth, Schlapp then went on to say, “You had me on the show and you’re telling me that saying there was widespread illegal voting is false. And I’m trying to explain to you that, for instance, what they did in the state of Georgia when they had an illegal consent decree to not verify the signatures of mail-in ballots… That means you have no security on the ballot that was mailed out without unsolicited vast mail-in ballots. They were returned with no security. You can’t have an election in another country that the State Department would accept these types of ground rules.”

Cuomo disputed Schlapp’s claims.

“You’re making a straw man argument. It’s a boogeyman argument,” Cuomo stated. “There is no proof of rampant fraud. Nobody is saying the process is perfect. You lost.”

Schlapp then said that “Joe Biden is my president,” but just because that’s the fact doesn’t mean there weren’t shady things that happened or that voter fraud isn’t a real thing that contributed to Biden’s victory.

Cuomo later went on to point out how all the lawsuits alleging voter fraud failed.

“You’re right. They did fail,” Schlapp responded. “But guess what. You know this. You’re a good lawyer.”

“Just because you fail in court doesn’t mean you don’t have a good case. It means you lost in court, and the fact remains that you can say it wasn’t enough voter fraud,” he continued.

Cuomo got some serious push back, but Schlapp still remained in complete and total control of his emotions and kept on hitting the CNN host with the truth. That was a powerful exchange.

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    • No having Prof on a case it doesn’t mean that you don’t have hard case. It’s just that when you have the hole system against you is more difficult to win and sustain your case. Dems did a hell of job on the mailing ballot ???? and republican layback waiting for a better result ????. Is all Republicans fault ????.

  1. Stink Finger Joe and the rest of his family are Chinese Prostitutes. And that isn’t the only country that Stink Finger has been compromised by. No other President has been a greater threat to our National Security. We are fast approaching the point where Germany was before the Nazis started taking over in the 1920’s. Everything the Libturd Dummyrats are doing is almost a mirror of what the Fascists did. All designed to eliminate the Middle Class.

    • Looks like it will happen soon, since we allowed a brain-dead puppet to steal the election, even well known Democrats are coming out publicly admitting they regret voting for Biden.

  2. Rapist Joe is not my President. It was an illegal election and everyone knows it. America better wake up and realize these POS Dummyrats hate America and what America stands for. They are the scum of the earth and all should be aborted, quite possibly 100 million of these POS. There is no gray area you either realize LIBTURDISM is a cancer or you don’t.

  3. Fredo should take that big Qtip of his and clean the shit out of his ears, maybe then he could hear the facts about the voter fraud that occurred , or maybe he can’t cause the other Cuomo clown is using it to cover up the facts about his nursing home negligence and sexual abuse.


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