Mark Levin, Dick Morris Contend SCOTUS Ruling Against Trump Because Democrats “Intimidated” Justices

(Liberty Bell) – The United States Supreme Court has clearly been compromised by underhanded Democratic tactics.

Just this week, the nation’s highest court decided not to hear President Trump’s final pending election challenge leading many to believe that the Justices have been intimidated by the Democrats’ campaign threats to pack the court.

The SCOTUS has consistently ruled against President Trump in one way or another since the election and now it’s become obvious that they’re doing so because they’re afraid the Democrats will pack the court rendering it completely ineffective and obsolete.

Conservative personality, lawyer and constitutional expert Mark Levin has routinely criticized the Supreme Court and lower federal courts for refusing to hear any of the election fraud cases. He has been particularly critical of Chief Justice John Roberts and two of the three justices nominated by Trump himself, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

These justices have shown absolutely no interest in hearing any cases involving election integrity and are certainly not making any effort to restore Americans’ faith in our elections before 2022.

“They are cowards, and the leading coward is John Roberts,” Levin said. “I hate to tell you this, Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh are in on it. They’ve had multiple opportunities including today to clean up this mess and uphold the Constitution of the United States and make it very clear what needs to be done.”

Levin pointed out that three of the court’s conservative justices, Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, and Samuel Alito, have all said the cases should have been heard and addressed.

He further pointed out that the Democrats “strategically and meticulously went into the battleground states and destroyed their voting systems” by circumventing their GOP state legislatures.

Levin said he thinks the threats by Dems like Sen. Chuck Schumer to pack the court “have had an impact.”

Political consultant Dick Morris made the same argument on Newsmax TV while talking to host Greg Kelly. Morris contended that the Democrats knew what they were doing when they talked about packing the court during the campaign season despite it being a really unpopular idea with Americans.

Morris said the Democrats knew they were going to pull all kinds of shenanigans within battleground states and that eventually there could be cases brought before the SCOTUS so they stood firm on threats to pack the court to ensure the SCOTUS wouldn’t take up any of these cases.

Morris pointed out that once court-packing starts it will never end and every president will just keep adding justices to make the court more favorable for their own administration. It would become just another political tool.

“It’ll have 30 judges and it won’t be able to do anything,” he went on. “It literally was a threat to the core lifeblood of the court. And [President Joe] Biden knew what he was doing” when he refused to say ahead of the election whether he supported court-packing.”

The Democrats were sure to cover all of their bases prior to the stolen election and it’s paying off big. It doesn’t look like anything is going to stop the fraudulent Biden regime.

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  1. “R Philipson” You really should apply for the Propaganda Ministers job for “Adolf” Pelosi and “Herman Goering” Schurmer. You would make a perfect Paul Goebels spreading your nonsense. As the saying goes “Where there is smoke there is fire” It is a well known fact that the Mafia stole the election for John Kennedy in 1960. If it was done once it can be done again. I’m from Chicago,Illinois, a city and state run by Democrats and both well known for political corruption. A complete and thorough investigation needs to be done into the 2020 election. However that will never happen because the Democrats don’t want to upset a system that is in their favor and they also don’t want to be exposed for the “Crooks” that they are.

  2. Robert’s, appointed as a Conservative, has been Left leaning
    for some time! As the Chief Justice, perhaps, he intimidated the rest.
    The evidence was blatant! The laws, in the Blue State’s, were obstructed
    by the Left’s Corrupt Coup , which prevented the Legislature from doing
    their Constitutional right to enforce the Law. Robert’s, along with all
    the Justices, did not uphold their duty to follow the Constitution, to take
    a position! No Justice, only injustice prevails! Packing the court, is
    unnecessary, since the SCOTUS favors the Left!

  3. The court recognized the lack of merit in the Trump case that’s all. The election was fair as every authority has declared. Nobody has produced any evidence of fraud on a scale that would overturn the result. The mentally ill Trump lost because he was incompetent and sick. Get used to it.

    • The SCOTUS ignored the merit of the obvious evidence! Only the Legislature,
      in each State, has the Constitutional Right to uphold our elections!
      These laws were changed, by the Left’s corrupt coup. to remove their
      obligation. Shame on Robert’s, now Liberally oriented ,along
      with the rest, to not uphold our Constitution! Their personal, Political
      affiliations, were unethically applied. Robert’s is & was a TRUMP
      HATER, & influenced the rest.

    • Did you not see the recent actions in little Antrim county in Michigan? Do you think this was a single incident, when sworn testimony has documented that it was not so? The Dems lawyers got in and corrupted the voting systems in the key states. THEY ADMITTED IT!
      Do you recall that during testimony in Georgia, white hat hackers during the recount were in the voting systems documenting live who was in there playing around, including Chinese?

    • It’s amazing that you people always want to say there is no evidence of corruption when no court will even here the case it’s nice to know if you got arrested that no court would here your evidence it’s nice to know that we have a country that is so corrupt that our court system won’t do their jobs they sure must be proud of them selves to know they have been compromised and blackmailed


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