Marjorie Taylor Greene Weighs In On Georgia Election Officials Stunning Claims, Says “It’s A Big Deal. I Think It’s Going To Explode!” (Video)

(Liberty Bell) – When it comes to the forces that seem to be aligned together against those who are fighting — in legal ways and means — to preserve our freedom and liberty, most folks think of Democrats, but to be honest, there are more than a few Republicans who have betrayed conservative values and have partnered up with big government goons on the left.

The corrupt Republican leadership in the state of Georgia is a perfect example. These folks continue to pretend they are faithful conservatives, but through this ordeal with the 2020 election and all the evidence in their state piling up in favor of voter fraud swinging the results of the election, most of us are seeing their true colors.

One of the most corrupt individuals in this fray, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, is continuing to pretend like he’s a man of high moral character who is fighting on behalf of the people in his state, but he’s not.

Despite all of the evidence that has been collected and all of the fraudulent acts exposed, Raffensperger still tries acting like he is working for the will of the people and yet he certified the sketchy results of the 2020 election. There’s no way of knowing, right now, who is really pulling his strings, but maintaining a free and fair election was definitely not his end goal.

According to Gateway Pundit, when former President Donald Trump attempted to talk some sense into Raffensperger, he started telling whoppers, leaked the conversation to the most untrustworthy publication in the country, the Washington Post, and then trashed evidence that he himself conjured up. Too bad for him, he got caught.

“Raffensperger is not a good man or an honest man and his actions show it. He handed the Georgia election to Joe Biden knowing there were hundreds of thousands of invalid votes for Joe Biden included in the results he certified. Now crooked Raffensperger is pretending that he didn’t know and he’s expressing anger towards the Fulton County election team because they got caught,” the report says.

Here’s what Raffensperger recently said in a post on Twitter:

The only thing Raffensperger cares about is how Fulton County got caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

On Monday evening of this week, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene made an appearance on “The Water Cooler” program hosted by David Brody, who told his audience, “Real election fraud occurred…it is a big deal…I think this one’s going to explode.”

A guy as corrupt as Raffensperger should probably be spending some serious time in an orange jumpsuit. This man recorded a conversation with the president, then released the audio and lied about what was actually said during the chat.

The guy then created an investigation into what the president said on the phone. He was clearly attempting to shut down any questions concerning fraud in the election results, which he himself certified.

And all of this despite the fact that there is chain of custody documentation missing from almost 24 percent of the ballots from the election. That’s 1 in 4 ballots, folks.

Clearly, something is wrong here. An investigation needs to be launched into Raffensperger, along with an audit of Fulton County’s ballots. We need to know the truth.

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  1. I am not convinced that Biden winning was a scam. It is unlikely that Trump as an incumbent presiding over not only a recession, which is badically an iron clad guarantee of victory to the opposition of the incumbent in elections throughout history with the exception of FDR, but was also presiding over the scamdemic. Was there ballot fraud? Undoubtedly. Does the fact that ballot fraud occured mean that Trump would have won if there was no ballot fraud? No. It does not mean that at all. Trump intended to let the ballot fraud occur and then seize the election that slipped through his hands as a direct result of his own incompetency, the incompetency of his advisors, and team. It was not merely an economic catastrophy that Trump presided over, but a catastrophy of nearly everything that he did, including repealing the JCPOA, assassinating Soliemani, letting SART end, repealing the Open Skies Treaty, continuation and increases of constitutional rights violations of American citizens and only complaining amd whining like a wimp about the constitutional rights violations against him, his family, and team, the crucifixion of Julian Assange, after telling his voters that he loved Assange and Wikileaks, it is basically a cocophany of catastrophies that Trump presided over. A slogan that failed to live up to the propaganda is just one more piece of ammo agsinst Trump, because not only did Trump not MAGA, he made America 100 times worse than it was. If Trump was not such an incompetent narcissist, the scamdemic never would have taken place. Trump believes that everyone is an idiot and would buy into the bullshit that he and the InfraTards are far too mentally incompetent to comprehend with the scamdemic. He thought that he could use it as a cover for the fact that not only were we in a recession, but since Trump reduced taxes without increasing revenues, and without reducing spending, and with increasing spending to InfraTard, Wall Street, and the Plunge protection team bailing out billionaires that do not even pay taxes and everyone else is forced to subsidize against their will, Trump increased the deficit by leaps and bounds. Trump was a reckless, incompetent, sadistic tyrant. 

    If anyone is still a Trump fan at this point, from my perspective, they appear to either be corrupt or mentally incompetent, which was the same way that I viewed Clinton supporters, because there is not any legitimate reason for supporting Trump or the Clintons after their crime sprees. Trump is now in the position that the Clintons were in, the Cash Cow position, since he has raised over $102 million, surpassing everyone else. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has blackmailed people for the money, in total honesty.

    Andrea Iravani


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