Look Who Gets A Nice Cushy $21,000 Bonus In Pelosi’s $1.9 Trillion COVID Bill

(Liberty Bell) – The United States House of Representatives are set to vote on Speaker Pelosi’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, which also happens to be chock full of items off the Democratic Party wish list, on Friday, and with liberals in complete control of both chambers of Congress, you can pretty much guess how this is going to turn out.

According to Gateway Pundit, however, this piece of legislation has a little something extra in it for federal workers who have kids or family members that have been impacted by COVID-19. Apparently, these folks will be receiving a $21,000 bonus.

Yes, while businesses are closing down all across the country thanks to the power hungry leadership of Democrat governors, and folks being forced out of their jobs and onto unemployment, federal workers get a fat bonus to stick in their wallets. Gee, Pelosi sure is a swell ole gal, isn’t she?

Guess the left really does look out for their own.

The bill is going to deliver $1,400 to each American, but those government folk get a whole lot more. Tells you who their priority is, right? It’s certainly not the struggling business owner or the factory worker now out of a job.

Folks, this is what socialism looks like. If you work in the government, you are part of the elite. You get taken care of. There will never be a time you do without. If you are just a pleeb like the rest of society, well, you don’t really matter. You are just another resource for consumption, a means to an end for making the government folks wealthy.

“The U.S. House version of the “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021” – a $1.9 trillion emergency aid package to help America recover from the coronavirus pandemic has an extra perk for federal workers: Enhanced paid time off if your child is enrolled in a school that isn’t back to full-time, in-classroom instruction,” Forbes said in a newly published report.

“Critics call it a personal bailout for bureaucrats. It is funded through a new $570 million family leave account exclusively for federal workers,” it says, adding, “While millions of parents struggle to work from home with kids who are enrolled in shuttered or partially shuttered schools, and millions more left the workforce or lost jobs to care for their at-home children, evidently parents in the federal bureaucracy need their own, personal Covid-19 bailout…”

As of right now, under the current draft of the legislation, full-time federal employees can take up to 600 hours of paid leave until September 30, up to $35 an hour, and $1,400 a week. That adds up to about 15 weeks for a regular 40-hour a week employee. Part-time folks are also eligible, with equivalent hours having been established by their respective agency.

It’s really nice to be part of the “in-crowd,” isn’t it?

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  1. NATO Exists for the Purpose of Enslaving Americans to Europeans

    Face it America. You have been woefully defeated. You are in no position to be trying to dictate to other countries. You have been check mated now by the Noth Koreans too, whose new missle used Mach 16 technology, after Russia and China.

    Beating the Drums of War Against Russia Because  They Fell Out

    People may be wondering, what in the hell is going on around here?! How in the hell could these things be happening in America?! Isn’t this supposed to be The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?! Isn’t this supposed to be One Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All?!  

    Well, Americans, what happened is that the misnomered establishment fell out. Not on one occasion, but on multiple occasions, and they just keep pretending that it never happened! 

    They think that if they pretend that it didn’t happen, people will believe that it didn’t happen, but they fell out because they are corrupt, and because We the People Ordained and Established the Constitution, which the misnomered establishment absolutely refuses to uphold, and insists on continuing to undermine the supreme law of the land.

    The companies listed on Wall Street are pyramid schemes. The Silicon Valley business model in particular is mathematically impossible. They just pretend that it works. After decades of Silicon Valley bubbles bursting, and after over a century of medical fraud, the misnomered establishment just decided to kill everyone else. 

    War Mongering With Russia Because They Fell Out

    Europe receives 30% of its energy needs from Russia. Once again, America has decided to be the police men for the world, while simultaneously neglecting their own citizens. Biden sought to make Qatar a main Non NATO ally because European energy needs are not being met. Why in the hell can’t the Eurooeans do these things for themselves?! As a result of Europes heavy reliance on nuclear energy, and the decommissioning of the majority of their nuke plants, which should have been done since they are extremely dangerous and their nuclear waste containment sites were failing, in Germany salt containment sites were leaking, and France decided to pour their nuclear waste into the old undeground sewer and catacomb system. 

    U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Linda Thomas Greenfiend, regurgitated British fallacious rhetoric at the U.N. of an imminent threat from Russia against Ukraine, while providing no evidence. 

    As an American citizen, I am thoroughly disgusted with these Benedict Arnold politicians! 

    Surely they are taking bribes in some form or another from the Europeans for acting as their liaisons. 

    The Europeans are a burden to America. It was the British that produced the Steele Dossier, and regardless of what your views of Trump happen to be, it shows how low the British are willing to stoop in order to keep America acting as their strong man for their global escapades of sabotaging, raping, pillaging other countries.

    America must relieve itself immediately from the burden of NATO and the burden of the Europeans. 

    They only end up blaming us for all of the problems in the world, to add insult to injury. Their politicians may not do it, but their press, writers, historians, musicians, artists, film makers, universities, and populations do it in order to let their psychopaths off the hook free and clear. As a result of this heavily subsidized anti-American propaganda by other countries press, universities, and arts and entertainment industries, America and Americans is pop-culture throughout the world and is engrained into nearly every aspect of their lives, and the anti-American sentiment based on lies has spilled over into American pop culture and education as a direct result. I do not oppose legitimate criticism of American government, but blatant lies and propaganda exhonorating guilty NATO countries and Latin American countries is wrong. America bashing is basically a national past time in most countries. Why blame their own governments when the stupid American governments are willing to act as liaisons and partners in crime with their own governments? Support countries when they are in the right for what they are doing, and do not support them when they are in the wrong, for example, Trump’s repeated attempts to overthrow Maduro were wrong, whether you like Maduro or not. It was all about the oil with the attempted overthrow of Maduro. Trump eas a jack ass. He could have negotiated a deal with Maduro to have their oil imported to us relatively cheaply. The United States should end its support of Israel because it is the most destabilizing force in the Midle East that has resulted in excessive loss of life and limb including American citizens.

    When are the Dutch going to apologize to decendants of slavery for creating a slave trade on Wall Street that they imported to America and did prior to living in America? We hear a tremendous amount of criticism about the United States over slavery from Europeans and others while simulataneously and conveniently ignoring that the European African slaves were all murdered. We never hear any apologies regarding white slavery by the Europeans either, because they still treat Americans like slaves! FU God damned Eurotrash! We are not your slaves you worthless swine! Fight your own battles fancy pants sissy boys!

    Leave NATO America! NATO will not defend America if we are ever attacked by a BRICS nation, in fact, they couldn’t even defend America if they wanted to because they lack the capability to do it, but NATO has absolutely zero intention of defending America, in fact, they intend to destroy and take over America. They will let the BRICS nations destroy it for them.

    It is not in America’s interests to defend NATO. It is a one way street. After being dragged into two world wars by the red coats, if you fall for it again, you are dumber than I knew was possible. Russia was our ally in both world wars. The red coats, the French, and the Germans intend to turn the BRICS into attacking us. You do not know the deceptive, two-faced, under-handed, manipulative, passive-aggressive nature of the Europeans. You are half-witted nincompoops. NATO does not even have the capabilities to defend themselves, which is why they use the United States! We wouldn’t have been dragged into two world wars if they were capable of defending themselves. 

    The alt right and alt left have it ass backwards in claiming that the United States is manipulating NATO countries! It is the other way around! The United States only stands to lose and the problem is that the Europeans do and always have hated eachother. They have over a thousand years of wars and animosity among them. They use the United States to do their bidding for them. Even though the EU exists, there is no love there among Europeans for each other and there never has been. It has been massively overpopulated and resource depleted and scarce preceding The Scramble for Africa.

    The Red Coats regime is introducing legislation that they claim will ” leave Russia with nowhere to hide.” involving sanctions with any Russian company. Once again, this is a dispute between the British and the Germans over Nordstream2 pipeline. NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg told the press that if Russia invades the Ukraine, NATO will not defend them because they are not a NATO country, attempting to strongarm Ukraine into demanding acceptance into NATO, even though Russia has no intention of invading Ukraine. It is psychological terrorism by NATO. The United States must leave NATO. It is a kleptocratic terrorist organization controlled by destructive parasites. The United States does not control NATO. That is a complete lie. NATO controls the United States and uses the United States to do the bidding for cowardly, two faced, double crossing Europeans that have been at each others throats for over a thousand years. The United States is enabling this behavior by making demands on European countries at the requests and threats of other cowardly, two faced, double crossing European counries that have an explicit interest in concealing their agendas from their European competitors, while they pretend to be each others allies. They are not each others allies, and they never have been. It has been a bloody history that they send Americans off to fight to the death for their ill contrived schemes. Ukraine has more military might than all European NATO countries! NATO wants Ukraine to join NATO so that they can defend NATO against Russia! The Europeans always pretend that they have the upper hand over their targets because they are unwilling to admit their weakness since it places them at a disadvantage in negotiations. The truth is that they have no power or leverage  over anyone at all. It is all a headfake, a bluff, and an act.

    According to Wikipedia:

    “Altogether the Armed Forces of Ukraine included about 780,000 personnel, 6,500 tanks, about 7,000 combat armored vehicles, 1,500 combat aircraft, and more than 350 ships. Along with their equipment and personnel, Ukraine’s armed forces inherited the battle honors and lineage of the Soviet forces stationed in Ukraine.” – Wikipedia

    I cannot connect to Wikipedia, because of hackers, but that type was shown under a google search. U.S.A. Today also had an article that came up under the search. The article was from four days ago. I cannot connect to U.S.A. Today because of hackers also that headlined this on a google search:

    Better trained, better equipped: What you should know about Russia and Ukraine’s militaries – USA Today
    › news › politics › 2022/01/27 › ukraine-russia-military
    4 days ago · How big is Ukraine’s military? … Ukraine has 250,000 active-duty troops, plus another 290,000 reserve personnel and 50,000 paramilitary units …

    Then add Ukraine’s geostrategic edge in “fighting off the evil Russians” in addition to that. European NATO countries are making complete asses out of themselves. They are stuck up snobs as a defense mechanism of passive agressive behavior, expecting everyone to earn their acceptance and approval when they are in no position to be calling the shots, paricularly because they are flat out lying! 

    The Ukraine should just ignore NATO entirely. It would be the most effective way to save an incredible amount of bloodshed, time, economic, and natural resources.

    The dispute that European NATO countries had with the Nordstream2 pipleline is that they wanted it to run across the land rather than under the Baltic Sea. Obama expected it to go through Ukraine, and so did Ukrainians, and Bidens possibly anticipated that also with their heavy ties to Ukraine.

    This would allow other countries to illegally tap the natural gas, and also demand free natural gas or payments from Russia for using their land to pipe the natural gas.

    Canadian Mike Welch Global Research News Hour Radio reporter and Michel Chossudovsky are outrageously claiming that America demands that Europeans use American Nat Gas instead.

    The same Canadians on Global Research making these allegations conveniently overlook and forget that it was Canada that wanted to pipe tar sands oil through the Ogalala Aquifer all the way down to Texas for refinement so that they would not have to have Canadian air polluted from refining the filthy Canadian sludge.

    The filthy Canadian sludge was expected to be exported to Europe. None of it was going to be for United States consumption. Global Research is an anti-American propaganda website. Michel Chossudovsky is a former economic consultant about a dozen countries, the United Nations, and the WEF  that are all in lock step over the covid voodoo economy that he OVERTLY opposes on his propaganda site Global Research. Michel Chossudovsky is an economic hitman with the agenda of destroying the United States, and having other countries wage war against the United States. Chossudovsky is an Agent Provocateur. Chossudovsky has never had an article on his website critical of the Chinese government in any way what so ever, even though it was the Chinese that created the entire fake pandemic in the first place since their exports declined and protests were swelling in Wuhan that they did not want to spill over into the Chinese New Year parade, so they locked all of Wuhan down on false claims of a fatally contagious virus. Something is just not adding up with what Chossudovsky preaches on his website, and the way that he lives his life. He was an economic consultalnt for the UN, WEF, and about a dozen countries, yet has never interviewed anyone in those institutions on his website. I smell a rat. 

    The Trump administration and some nat gas companies in America have expressed an interest in exporting nat gas to European countries. It would not be worth it for America to start a war with Russia over Nordstream2. It would be a war that the United States would be guaranteed to lose. The nat gas companies are aware of that. They would only stand to lose from a war against Russia over exporting the amount of gas that they had expressed an interest in exporting. It would be penny wise and pound foolish, particularly when the costs of exporting it are added into the equation. It is mathematically ludicrous.

    I love Canada, it is a beautiful country, but these allegations are absolutely ludicrous! They got kind of upset with me when I was in Canada because of my concerns over mining granite.  I guess that they aren’t use to being questioned by Americans. They didn’t appreciate though. The Calgary Flames kind of let me know that by knocking on my door and mooning me and shouting while they were drunk.

    Global Research keeps preaching passive resistance, insisting that language is non-inflamatory, except that they flat out lie, which is extremely inflamatory and inciteful of violence. 

    It is hilarious to listen to Michael Welch  run through the list of Native American Canadians at the beginning of every radio show, while he conveniently ignores Canadas assault on their land. If you want to see how Canadians treat land, go to Calgary first. You will find out out how full of shit these concerned Canadians are about the environment if you go to Calgary. It is just like Texas, except that it is colder. They even wear cowboy hats and have rodeos.

    I would not be surprised at all if the military has not defended the border from foreign invaders, which is its primary function, because the other parastic NATO countries would not be able to join in on reaping of profits paid by the DoD! Seriously! Why in the hell else would this be happening?! They keep saying that Washington needs an enemy, which is a lie, because the military needs an enemy otherwise it will be disolved, but the government totally ignores the entire constitution anyways, but the military is supposed to protect Americans from foreign invaders. The illegal immigrants have destroyed the country by overwhelming the courts,  law enforcement, health care, education, by depriving American citizens of jobs, and by the assault on the English language throughout our country.

    I searched United States DoD payments to foreign militaries, governments, and corporations and hackers will not let me connect to websites as usual. Stupid women are the preferred policy of the U.S. government. Here is what showed up on page 1 of a Google search:

    Foreign Military Sales FAQ | Defense Security Cooperation Agency
    Eligible countries may purchase defense articles and services with their own funds or with funds provided through U.S. Government-sponsored assistance programs.
     › dpap › dars › dfars › html › current
    Aug 30, 2021 · (3) Acquisitions made under DoD cooperative logistic supply support arrangements. 225.7301 General. (a) The U.S. Government sells defense …
    [PDF] Volume 12, Chapter 9, International Agreements – Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
    comptroller.defense.gov › Portals › documents › fmr › archive
    U.S. Government military assistance funds (i.e. Military Assistance Program. (MAP), FMS loans, or FMS credits) are not available to finance a foreign …
    comptroller.defense.gov › Portals › documents › fmr
    Volume 15 establishes the DoD guidance for the Foreign Military … “United States Government General Terms and Conditions (GT&C)” and FS Form 7600B “United.
    [PDF] DoD Financial Management Regulation Volume 6A, Chapter 13 March 2000 13-1 CHAPTER 13 INTERNATIONAL BALANCE OF PAYMEN
    comptroller.defense.gov › Portals › documents › fmr › archive
    Amount paid to or on behalf of a foreign national citizen or organization, including U.S. contributions to the foreign government, and fees charged by a foreign …
    [PDF] Financial Management Regulation Volume 10, Chapter 12 – Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
    comptroller.defense.gov › Portals › documents › fmr › current
    Payment for Contract Quarters for Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Travelers … or civilian member, and when use of the Government Purchase Card is not …
    Three Former U.S. Intelligence Community and Military Personnel Agree to Pay More Than … – Department of Justice
    Department of Justice › Office of Public Affairs › News
    Sep 14, 2021 · 7, U.S. citizens, Marc Baier, 49, and Ryan Adams, 34, and a former … the benefit of a foreign government or a foreign commercial company …
    Military Offsets: Regulations Needed to Implement Prohibition on Incentive Payments – Govinfo.gov
    › content › pkg › html › GAOREPORTS-NSIAD-97-189
    GAO noted that: (1) the Department of State has made little progress in … Letter :2 Foreign governments obtain U. S. military items and services in two …
    Defense Finance and Accounting Service > Pressroom > aboutDFAS
    › Pressroom
    Managed $1.4 Trillion in Military Retirement and Health Benefits Funds; Managed Foreign Military Sales Cases reimbursed by foreign governments valued at $639 …
    Missing: corporations | Must include: corporations
    [PDF] Profits of War: Corporate Beneficiaries of the Post-9/11 Pentagon Spending Surge William D. Hartung1 Center for Internationa – The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
    watson.brown.edu › costsofwar › files › cow › imce › papers
    Sep 13, 2021 · The United States government’s reaction to the terrorist attacks of … “Where in the World Is the U.S. Military,” Politico Magazine,.
    Related searches
    foreign military sales process flowchart
    foreign military sales handbook

    I removed the links since the comments with links say that they are awaiting moderation.

    It is never enough for the Europeans. Now Klaus Schwab wants one word government. What are the United Nations, WTO, BIS, IMF, World Bank, ICC, Hague, and Interpol? Sick jokes? Seems like it! Klaus Schwab demanding that we will own nothing and be happy, and that cash is eliminated, only digital currencies with expiration dates in accounts that can be totally shut down for any reason by a mysterious shadow government and shadow banking system that closes all banks and accounts are held directly by central banks.

    To hear this in English press 1776.

    Andrea Iravani

  2. The scumbags in governents, the surveillance state, and medical mafia are on the loose, destroying the country and my personal property, replacing appliances, counters, even toilets with shrunken variations, and furniture, and other things with shrunken, or inferior mutated variations of what I had, in order to try to convince me that i need the creepy retarded scumbags in the surveillance state to invade my life, or the gas lighters in the medical mafia to invade my life. All that they have convinced me of is to stay the hell away from them, and that the world would be better off without them! I am entitled to ALL of my property and ALL of my constitutional rights! Why in the HELL would I want sick, retarded, creepy scumbags in the surveillance state or gas lighters in the medical mafia in my life? The surveillance cameras can be hacked, broken, stolen, make deep fake videos, or have lights shone on them to white out imagaes, or maybe someone might wear a disguise! Sorry, but you are a bunch of numb skulls!  You have the right  to remain silent, and go to federal pennitentiaries! Those are your only remaining rights! 

    Shit for brains retards! If you have to perpetrate a crime spree against someone in order to convince them that they need you, they obviously do not need you, and nobody else does either! There is a legal term for it, known as extortion, which is a class one felony and violation of RICO laws! 

    Do everyone a favor and kill yourselves! Seriously! Obviously, no point in having local, or county governmemts or police either, since they refuse to do anything about it and tell me that I am imagining that it is happening! The gas lighters and destructive, parasitic, kleptocratic  on the public tax dole destroying and stealing my property, the neighborhood, the village of Grafton, Wisconsin and Ozaukee County, Wisconsin!

    This is just a shithole neighborhood, in a shithole village, in a shithole county, in a shithole state, in shithole country! These things would not be happening if that was not all true! It’s not me its you! The fake pandemic is the most recent national crime spree that you have all perpetrated which proves it! It is just one evil crime spree after another with you scumbags in governments, the surveillance state, and the medical mafia! You suck! 

    It is extremely painful to be on the same planet with sick, evil scumbags like you!!!!! I am not community property, neither is my brain, my life, my thoughts, my history, my family, or my property! Who in the hell do you wretched scumbags think you are?! Read the constitution retards!

    Andrea Iravani

  3. So were y’all butthurt when Trump gave away millions of taxpayer dollars to large corporations last time around?

  4. Paid for complicity for all the nothingness being accepted as assistance for American Citizen Taxpayers!
    The only assistance I need is getting rid of them permanently and starting the ACTLA, American Citizen Taxpayers Liberation Army, for if we do not get control of our taxpayers monies, it doesn’t matter who is elected! One term for all just lengthen them, no pensions, no lobbying directly to any governmental employees, just directly to the Citizen Taxpayers and, if needed, we will inform representatives of our beliefs in whatever is necessary to improve upon ourselves or our communities!
    The crossroads between governances and criminals is now complete, our enemies are in office!!!!
    We are at war, but fake ballots and algorithms, aren’t what I would want against piss off citizen taxpayers with bodies and bullets!
    Our choice, God thru Trump, unturned every stone of corruption, now, do you think prayer is the answer God expects, while his children are being raped physically and mentally, if you say yes, I’ll begin praying for God forgiveness against your soul, the answer is, “God helps those, who help themselves and others”!
    Time Has Come Today! And our opportunities are running out!

  5. It’s long past time for a shooting revolution. Pelosi and the rest of her ilk need to be sent to hell where they belong. We need to unburden America of these stupid, greedy bastards and get back to our Founding Fathers concept of a Democratic Republic. Keep your powder dry!

  6. This is so pathetic. They reward government workers but not the real people of the USA. They have lost businesses, jobs, still have to take care of their kids too. I guess like the 2020
    Election, we don’t count or matter to them

  7. I believe any Elected Government Employment should only last 12 years 20 if you’re a judge of a True Courts System. Pres, gov & mayor can only have 8.

    Election Integrity still hasn’t been answered for me, is Dominion machines conflict of interest with a few of Nancy and her constituents?

  8. Still yet another reason why “Adolf” Pelosi should be in jail. $100 million for an extension of BART” which is part of the Bay Area transit system. Isn’t San Francisco part of Nancy Pelosi’s district?That is 2 black marks that San Francisco had given us, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris

    • I AGREE !!! There is no end to her underhanded evil at the expense of the American People.. As far as I am concerned, we can not be rid of either of these witches !!!!!

  9. Has Pelosi overlooked the fact these federal employees have secure jobs?
    They have been paid throughout the pandemic. Why would they need any subsidy at all?
    Isn’t it nice to see how generous Nancy is with our tax dollars? Maybe she should throw in free ice cream for a year in all federal offices.

  10. This should be on front page of every paper in US. But, we know the answer to that. This is the very public that does not need it and DC forgets they work for John q. Public and there is a world outside of the Bubble. Vote out the Pork and get schools open.

  11. These fucking POS have got to be be shot. Anyone who votes for this BS should be killed immediately no questions asked. I see it passed the House late last night what was the vote? How many coffins do we need?


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