LEAKED: List Of Names On CNN Chopping Block… Will Don Lemon, Jim Acosta Be Next?

(Liberty Bell) – CNN has been shaking things up in recent months with both a new CEO and the merger of Discovery Inc. with CNN’s parent company, Warner Media.

It seems that the network’s new CEO, Chris Licht, is serious about turning the troubled “news” network around. Ratings are in the toilet and Americans generally don’t trust the information spewed by the networks’ blatantly biased and partisan personalities.

If CNN is ever going to repair the damage of the last 6 years, there’s going to need to be dramatic changes including firing some of their top hosts who are most known for peddling leftist propaganda.

Last week, Brian Stelter, CNN’s chief media correspondent and host of the ironically named show “Reliable Sources,” met his fate. He became the first of the high-profile network personalities to be kicked to the curb.

Known by Fox News’ hosts Tucker Carlson as the “Eunuch” and Sean Hannity as the “fake news Humpty Dumpty,” Stelter developed a reputation for being extremely biased against Trump, his supporters, and conservatives in general.

His last show was Sunday.

There’s a good chance that Stelter is only the first of the firings that CNN must go through in order to turn the network around. He was particularly unlikeable and untrustworthy but there are many others who are just as blatantly biased and partisan in their coverage.

News Cycle Media President Jon Nicosia reported last week that things are changing at CNN and it might threaten the jobs of personalities like Jim Acosta, John Berman, Alisyn Camerota, Brianna Keilar, John King, Don Lemon and Jake Tapper.

If true, Americans should applaud the network. At least for now.

These personalities have done great damage to the US political landscape by labeling anything they don’t personally agree with as “misinformation” or “disinformation” and even pushing outright lies and propaganda for the radical left and, as of the last year and a half, the Biden regime.

There are plenty of Americans, despite CNN’s tanking ratings, who actually believe the junk they “report.” It has caused great division and tension among Americans causing the political landscape to become volatile.

These network hosts have come out in support of Americans being silenced just because they don’t agree with them.

When Elon Musk was planning to buy and transform Twitter into a forum for free speech, Don Lemon said, “I don’t think anyone disagrees this should be a free and open debate or platform. But, I mean, shouldn’t it … not necessarily be a front for misinformation? Or to, you know, say things about people that just aren’t true?”

Then there’s the constant instance that the 2020 election was totally fair and secure and that anyone who questions it is a so-called threat to our democracy. CNN hosts have gone as far as to call people who have issues with the 2020 election, “election deniers.” It’s both insulting and untrue.

Instead of investigating the 2020 election, CNN hosts like Alisyn Camerota insult, attack, and attempt to discredit those who have sounded the alarm on the many, many issues that affected the election.

Just look at this clip of Camerota questioning what it might mean for American democracy that “election deniers” are winning primaries all across the US.

“A close watch on Wyoming and what happens there tonight could add to a trend,” Camerota said Tuesday. “And that is election deniers winning primaries around the nation. What does that mean for our democracy and the risk of more chaos like what we saw on Jan. 6?”

One Twitter user was happy to answer. “It means it’s working.”

Does Camerota even care about how she sounds and what she is saying about American voters? This is why Americans are turning off CNN and why the network’s ratings are in the toilet.

To conservatives and sane, rational Americans firing these biased “news” personalities might seem like the obvious thing to do for CNN to repair its reputation, however, Townhall’s Matt Vespa suggested right now might not be the best timing.

“If Trump runs again, the network will need Lemon, Acosta, and others to kick the hornet’s nest again,” he wrote. “At the end of the day, while I know gutting CNN of their liberal cancers would be optimal, it’s also a business. So, I could see this going either way regarding these potential firings.

“The new top brass could get rid of these folks and tread water for 2024, hoping their recent relaunch doesn’t implode. Or they do a 180-degree turn, keep the Trump-hating hosts and contributors, and make a boatload of cash again.”

Unfortunately, the reality is that getting rid of these particular personalities is only going to go so far, despite the celebration it would elicit from conservatives. Unless the media establishment itself goes through a radical transformation, which is not likely, there will just be more biased liberals to replace them.

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