Laura Ingraham: Dems Use Capitol Lockdown As Distraction From Real Invasion At The Southern Border

(Liberty Bell) – Democrats have been tirelessly using the Capitol riot as a means to justify their hatred of Trump and his supporters. It’s been their justification to demonize and even criminalize all 74 million of them.

They’re using the incident to justify the continued presence of the National Guard in Washington DC along with the massive chain link fence complete with barbed wire which will result in a price tag in the billions for taxpayers.

The Democrats claim that Trump supporters pose an ongoing threat to them and their safety but it’s just a blatant lie. It’s nothing more than an intentional distraction from the damage they and Joe Biden are doing to the US.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham slammed Democrats over their behavior and abuse of the Capitol riot narrative in the opening monologue on her show Thursday. She stated that the Dems are looking the other way as migrants flood our southern border creating a real crisis.

Don’t worry about that, though. Democrats are under siege. Except… they’re not.

Ingraham pointed out during the segment that Nancy Pelosi and the Dems are peddling the narrative that a second “insurrection” is coming and they must keep the Capitol locked down to ensure their safety.

The Fox News host aptly pointed out that Pelosi and company are just using the National Guard as “military props” and called out the media over their exaggerated, misleading and downright false coverage of the entire manufactured ordeal.

“Yes, they want you to believe that Donald Trump supporters pose an ongoing threat to the functioning of our democracy,” Ingraham said after playing a series of clips showing Democrats talking about how concerned they are over the supposed threat of GOP voters storming the Capitol again.

Ingraham explained how Pelosi canceled the day’s session and rushed in votes on two pieces of radical legislation late at night all because of some shady intelligence information concerning a second “insurrection.”

“Voting while most people are sleeping and then walling off the capitol for the foreseeable future to prevent you, the American people, from ever peacefully gathering and being heard there,” Ingraham said, adding that Pelosi has essentially “canceled our First Amendment right to assemble and petition our government.”

As she pointed out, the Democrats are using the optics of National Guard troops and “prison-camp”-style fencing for their political advantage and the worst part is, it’s working on many Americans gullible enough to buy into their lies.

“Democrats want this image front and center through 2022 to keep voters fearful of Republicans,” she said.

The deceptive Democrats are getting loads of help from the media who shamelessly promote the idea that Trump supporters are dangerous “domestic terrorists” and “white supremacists” serving at the behest of their leader Trump. It’s all such a show.

Ingraham singled out MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who happens to be a former Republican lawmaker from Florida who now rabidly opposes anything and everything related to making America great again or putting America first.

Ingraham called Scarborough the “chief of misinformation” and indeed he is, which is ironic considering how vehement he is in his assertions that everything Trump says about the 2020 election is just one “big lie.”

“It’s not a surprise that these terrorists that attacked on 1/6 inspired other future terrorists,” Scarborough said in a clip Ingraham played in which he railed on and on about Trump and his dangerous supporters.

Ingraham mocked Scarborough’s “performance” before moving on to point out the real danger and threat facing America which she called another “invasion.”

While Democrats feign fake fear of Trump supporters, migrants are flooding the southern border but Democrats aren’t concerned in the slightest. Despite their supposed concerns over COVID-19 and their outrage over Texas lifting mask mandates and other restrictions, they’re fine with hundreds of COVID positive migrants storming into the country.

“Biden, through his policies, has said [to illegal immigrants] ‘however you get here, you can stay,’” the host continued. “He has single-handedly given us the worst immigration crisis that we have ever confronted — and during a pandemic no less.’

Ingraham concluded by pointing out that the Democrats “wholeheartedly support” this invasion and it proves just how much they care about American citizens.

“When migrants are being put in hotels and National Guard are put in a [parking] garage and eat moldy food, you get a sense of where their real priorities are.”

How anyone can continue to support these deranged, deceptive, self-serving establishment politicians is truly mind-boggling.

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  1. Joe Biden and his clan due to there ongoing hatred for Trump and all his executive orders , are the reason for the National Guard and the fences, what do you think is going to happen when all of America wakes up and finds that the Clan has totally Ruined the United States of America. We will have an energy crises like the 70s ,long gas lines, dependence on foreign oil that he took away from us, all these Illegal Aliens taking jobs from us, taking the 1st and 2nd amendments away, giving money to cites that let Rioters destroy the city with no arrests and even let the people they caught go free and bailed them out with taxpayer money, they pushed that stimulus bill out by 1 Vote, what did that bill really do for the people ? How are we going to pay for this after they put Thousands of people out of work? That’s the real reason for National Guard, the Democrats are going to pay for ruining the country.

  2. This is for HR1,
    Say it isn’t so Joe, that you could support a bill that is so anti American the founders would rollover in their graves. Joe have you forgotten the founders and their ideals, truth, liberty and justice for all. Where is the justice in a child of 16 voting? How can liberty be upheld when voter registration is automatic and mail in votes are counted 10 days after the election. The Truth is Senator Joe, that striping states of their constitutional authority to regulate their in-state voting is anathema to anyone who loves freedom. At a time, such is this when a country is standing on the precipice of complete ruin a Senator needs to stand not just for his state but for the whole country. Joe will you be that Senator who saves this country? Please Joe don’t turn your back on the people of your state of West Virginia and the people of the United States. P.S. Should HR1 pass the USA will become the USSA, The United Socialist States of America. Say it isn’t so Joe.

    • The ideology of the Democrat Party is “FASCISM”! We have been experiencing
      this for some time! The decimation of our great Republic is under way!

  3. Well, we witness that the INVASION into this country is INTENTIONALLY done by the dims…so the question is “When are we going to STOP it”, after all, we know that all of this is UN-lawful and every country has the RIGHT to DEFEND itself AGAINST Invasion…just like election FRAUD…..!!!!

  4. It’s the FBI that claims on ongoing threat Laura and a threat to our Democratic institutions has to be a serious matter, but for a totalitarian like you perhaps not.


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