Judge Set To Look At Psaki Email Allegedly Showing She Lied To Media Over Iran Nuclear Deal

(Liberty Bell) – A federal judge has given the order for the federal government to hand over an email in which Jen Psaki, the current White House press secretary, actually admits to being dishonest with the media concerning the details of the Iran nuclear deal during the time it was being negotiated by the Obama administration.

A report by BizPacReview has revealed that the order from the judge comes as a response to a lawsuit that was filed by the American Center for Law and Justice which claims that the State Department deleted the admission by Psaki during a press briefing held back in 2013 when she was a spokesperson for the agency.

The watchdog group stated on its own website that it filed its Freedom of Information Act Request over five years.

During an exchange that was focused on the Obama administration’s behind-the-scene talks with Iran, Psaki was asked, “Is it the policy of the State Department, where the preservation or the secrecy of secret negotiations is concerned, to lie in order to achieve that goal?”

“I think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. This is a good example of that,” Psaki replied.

The ACLJ went on to state that this admission by Psaki is tantamount to lying to the general public.

“Despite attempts by the Deep State to try and sweep this one under the rug, the court agreed with our arguments and ordered the Biden State Department to hand over a crucial document for ‘in camera’ review by the judge himself,” the legal group said.

The organization then said that, at the time, it found out the Obama administration was “censoring an official State Department press briefing video to delete an embarrassing admission that the admission lied about its Iran deal negotiations.”

In other words, Obama’s administration “intentionally manipulated the public video record” by deleting the admission out of the public record.

So it’s clear that Psaki thinks it is okay to withhold information from the public, which is what we as decent human beings know as “lying.” Who made her the arbiter of what is and what isn’t important for the American people to know?

It’s disturbing just how deeply ingrained it is in progressives to think they are elites who have the right and authority to tell us what we should and shouldn’t know.

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  1. Ever wonder why the government is not respected. Press secretary of the President, Speaker of the house, the President himself lie to the public. I am. Vietnam Veteran so I know the government has lied and are liars !

  2. Ever wonder why the government is not respected. Press secretary of the President, Speaker of the house, the President himself lie to the public. I am. Vietnam Veteran so I know the government has lied and are liners!

  3. How can all these so called outstanding people continue telling lies about guarded subject matter and admitted without being punished? This is what I have for the BIDEN family. None of his family or so called friends can be trusted. Biden will never be my President. I also think any person that breaks the law should be punished to the full extent of our laws. We should take these folks and have them go and stay in CHINA.

  4. Our country is going down a road of no return unless honest to God true Americans get off their butts and do what is necessary to turn us back around, away from the path that the liberal left are following. If the left ever is able to defeat the Second Amendment then We, The People, are going to be fucked. Every country on the face of this earth that is controlled by a dictator or the local military did just that, they completely and totally disarmed the people. That was step one. Wake up people!

  5. It is entirely correct that “there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress.” And when the US is negotiating a nuclear arms control agreement with a country on the edge of having them is an excellent example of such a time.

    There are times when it is appropriate to call out government actors for dodging a reporter’s question and times when doing so shows a poisonous combination of partisanship, ignorance, and lack of ordinary common sense. This article is one of the latter.

  6. To answer John L., there is one person that has been very vocal on staying “ON” Cuomo. That is Janice Dean, a weather person on FOX. She lost both of her husbands parents in the debacle in New York. Yes, it is surprising that she seems to be the only one. Maybe more people will step forward now that the CAT (in the hat) is out of the bag. Poor Dr. Seuss.

  7. The Democrats lied? Huh, didn’t see that one a coming. 5 Democrat governors are mass murderers of the elderly, and the FBI doesn’t seem the least bit interested. I haven’t seen one outraged relative comment concerning their Mom ,Dad or Grandparents dying to to the Nursing Home conspiracy. I wonder why? Something isn’t right! If my Mom would’ve been one of the death’s caused by one of those Governors who ordered their States nursing homes to accept Covid Positive patients in order to quickly elevate the death toll for political reasons, the FBI would be hunting me for a good reason. I can’t believe not one Citizen who lost a loved one from this has shown outrage on Twitter. Are they being suppressed or Censored? I know Democrats in DC are at the head of this conspiracy. Any Lawman with half a brain can see this was a premeditated crime. 5 Democrat Governors order Nursing homes to admit covid positive patients, yet not one single Republican Governor decides sending people with a highly contagious and deadly virus in amongst elderly patients with weakened immune systems is a good idea. Are Republicans just that smart and Democrats just that stupid or was this just as I say, a conspired mass murder of elderly patients perpetrated by the Democrat Party. Mr. Lawman, if you’re reading this and choose to ignore this horrible crime, remember God’s Justice has no limitations. Some people call it Karma, don’t become the expert on it by ignoring the crime perpetuated on our elderly. Whoever is the head of this pimple will probably find a way to kill babies next as they obviously prey on the innocent and defenseless, so you might want to keep an eye out for that.

    • Nailed it….couldn’t be more truthful and terribly disgusting the democrats have no respect for life unless it’s their own. We the people must start standing up against the tyranny in our government on both sides.

    • aka covering her @$$…that’s what they are groomed to do lie. Seriously one scandal after another during the Obama administration. Wake up!

  8. Please continue these reports. This deep state corruption must come to an end so the We the People can have our country back.

  9. I do not think most Press Secretaries would agree to lie to the American people. Or at least, I should think Press Secretaries SHOULD NOT LIE for any administration.


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