Judge Blows Minds By Following Constitution And Ruling Miss USA Has Right To Only Accept Biological Females

(Liberty Bell) – A district judge has tossed out a lawsuit that was filed against the Miss USA pageant over the rule in their competition that stated a contestant who participated needed to be a biological woman, proving that there are still some sane individuals in the world who really do “follow the science.”

Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that this particular issue, needing to be a woman biologically to enter a beauty contest, would ever be something we here in the 21st century would be discussing? We were promised flying cars by Hollywood movies and sci-fi writers. Instead, we get boys who think they are girls and vice versa.

According to a new report by Gateway Pundit, U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman dismissed the lawsuit against the pageant company that was filed by transgender activist Anita Noelle Green (pictured at top). The pageant had stated that they have the right to pursue their mission of promoting “natural-born” females. The judge agreed with them stating they have freedom of association.

Boy, if you listen real hard, you can hear the LGBTQ crowd, along with other liberals across this country screaming “bigot” in unison. It’s nice to see the Constitution being upheld along with a sane approach to science.

“I view it as an association that cannot under the Constitution be required to allow plaintiff to participate in what defendant says is a contradiction of that message,” Mosman said in his ruling.

Green stated that while the case was lost, she was thrilled they could at least draw attention to the cause. What the cause is, exactly, no one seems to really know.

“This case brought awareness to an issue many people were and still are unaware of and that issue is that discrimination against transgender people is still actively happening in the private and public sector even within the pageant circuit,” Green went on to say.

You know, here’s the thing. If transgender individuals want to be involved in beauty pageants, why not just create their own? Why try and force folks to accept something that we all know, deep down, is bogus? We know that this whole transgender issue is about mental illness more than anything else. Why try to force the world to accept something that is contradictory to every well established scientific fact?

It’s all about wanting the rest of the country to accept this kind of behavior as normal. That’s all.

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  1. How come nobody has protested about the “exclusionary” title of the pageant?
    Why is it called “MISS” USA pageant? Doesn’t that exclude all the women who are married?

  2. Just what America needs is some drag fag posing on the telly. We get enough of that by the mean faced clipped haired gang. Finally some judges are doing what is right.

  3. It’s no surprise that some xyzqbt moron would bring a law suit. I am surprised that somewhere there is a judge who has not been infected with Black Robe disease. ( Black Robe Disease causes judges to show their superior intellect by passing down really stupid decisions.) This guy did good !

  4. I don’t think the Lord cares who is in the Miss USA contest. He would probably disapprove of the whole thing. Remember he made Eve from Adam’s rib, so the sexes seem a bit mixed up to me.

  5. Well said author. I don’t know anyone who is harassing or discriminating against anyone because of their sexual identity, race or whatever. Neither have droves of people complained to me about being discriminated against for any reasons. Real or imagined. Before I receive a combative reply. I didn’t say that racism and discrimination doesn’t exist. I’m convinced that a major contributor to this drama can be blamed on some politicians and news media mouthpieces forever playing the politics of division. Maybe these people have a need to keep our focus on hateful division since they refuse to be as valuable to society within their positions as they could be. It’s apparent to me and others that lies and imaginary stories about racist and discriminatory incidents, are being used to keep civil unrest and disunity alive and unwell until the end of time. It is what it is.


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