Jovan Pulitzer Rates The Seriousness Of The AZ Audit Results: “On A Scale Of 1 To 10… I Would Say It’s A 12!”

(Liberty Bell) – Jovan Pulitzer spoke out about the results of the Arizona audit last week in an audio recording in which he said that the entire election system needs to be redone. The results from the audit are going to be shocking when finally released.

During the audio, Pulitzer said that the reason America is in the current crisis is “because our paper, our ballots, got mucked up.” He says there are “only two things that will save our country, that is auditing the paper or ballots and passionate patriots.”

He’s certainly right about that. Unless freedom-loving American patriots stand up and fight back, America is going to continue to be destroyed by the radical left.

He went on to talk about the Arizona audit and called it the “fastest, most efficient and most cost-effective” audit “for the number of ballots it audited,” and slammed Democrats for standing in its way and “releasing propaganda that it was only a conservative effort.”

He went on to explain that it was an enormous operation for which a “tremendous amount” of volunteers was needed in order to accomplish. Not to mention all of the experts from all around the country who have been working on the audit who are now “putting together” their reports, including Pulitzer himself.

“I’m putting together my report. Other people are putting together their report. Paper examiners are putting together their reports. Cyber guys are putting together their reports. Everybody is putting together their reports.”

In other words, there are a number of different individuals and groups who have been working on the audit together but independently. It’s an absurd notion to suggest that all of these entities are working together to make up the results of the audit just to confirm that the election was rigged.

He further explained that all of these reports are going to go “into one place” and that it won’t just be numbers.

“It’s not that we found x-bad votes, we found x-good votes, this was right, this was wrong. You have to explain all the methodology and all of the science behind it and why you did what you did.”

For his part, he says his report “only explains the technology and science…applied, the disciplines, how we do it, why do we do it, etc.” and says all that will be in his “final report” which is “alone 197 pages.”

He says once everyone submits their initial reports, they will be fit together and the process will move onto the next step.

He says, “that’s what’s been going on. It’s been going on for a week. It gets to one room and one overview. The team pushes it all down to one report [which will be provided to the Senate].”

He then said that if he had to use a scale of one to ten “one being not a lot and ten being a lot, I would say it’s a twelve, and I’ll stand by that. And when you’re able to see the public report, you will understand why I say that.”

Yikes. That’s not good news for the left who will, no doubt, have a meltdown upon hearing this and likely launch into tirades of hate and slander against Pulitzer just like they did with Mike Lindell.

Thankfully there are freedom-loving patriots willing to stand up and fight against the radical left and their demented agenda. We can only hope that the report is as explosive as Pulitzer claims it will be. It’s time for Americans to know the truth.

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