John Kerry Attempts To Blame “Global Warming” For Unusual Frigid Temps, Says This Is How Long We Have Left… (Sound Familiar?)

(Liberty Bell) – Could there be anyone any less inspiring than Joe Biden’s Special Climate Envoy John Kerry? Even Greta Thunberg was far more interesting and inspiring despite being a child with no education or expertise on the matter of climate change.

The reality is that the left’s doomsday climate change theory is nothing more than a big, giant hoax, no matter how much they truly believe it to be true (which even that is highly questionable).

In a recent interview, the lethargic John Kerry had to do some damage control as record cold temperatures and snowfall wreak havoc all across the southern US. Kerry can’t afford to take the chance of people questioning the whole “global warming” narrative as the entire country freezes over.

In the interview, Kerry asserts that the unusually cold weather is from global warming despite sane, rational people’s inclination to believe otherwise.

He insists it’s from global warming but doesn’t provide any kind of scientific data or explanation as to how or why the freezing weather and uncharacteristic snowfall in the south is occurring because of “global warming.”

That’s because he can’t explain it. There is no data to link the unusually cold weather to “global warming.” Kerry even attempts to move away from the term “global warming” himself by agreeing that it’s more like “global weirding.”

Hopefully that term doesn’t catch on like “social distancing” did.

Kerry also insisted that 3 years ago, scientists told us all that we only had 12 years until the climate change crisis reached a climax and now we only have 9 years left. You know, since we squandered away the last three years under President Trump.

John Kerry is clearly super concerned about “man-made global warming” and evil carbon emissions. He’s spent the last three years flying around the world on his gas-guzzling private jet to lecture everyone on the dangers of the climate crisis.

When he isn’t flying around the world in his private jet, he can be found enjoying time on his mega yacht or in one of his several mansions. Over the last 3 years, Kerry could have been reducing his own “footprint” but instead he’s been hastily contributing as much carbon emissions to the atmosphere as humanly possible.

When confronted about the fact that he flies around in a private jet lecturing people on the evils of carbon emissions, he pompously responded that it’s “the only choice for someone like me.”

He really makes your skin crawl, doesn’t he?

This is the guy that wants the rest of us to sacrifice and get serious about saving the planet from “global warming.” This is the guy that thinks the laid off Pipeline workers can just go get other “green” jobs like that’s just how life works.

At the end of the video clip above, Kerry said, “there’s no room for B.S. anymore. There’s no faking it on this one.”

Oh really? We’re just wondering when Kerry plans to get serious himself and live like he actually believes the B.S. he spews.

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  1. There is an explanation for any unusual storm. It is just that nobody wants to say anything because they are behind the atrocity that is causing all the weather patterns to change and all the deaths due to cancer and bronchial problems. It is chem trails that are being spewed upon all of us daily and around the world. They spray us with aluminum oxide and barium oxide to change the weather patterns in order to learn how to control the weather. These chemicals have serious side effects on us. Look up chem trails and how to control the weather or go to to find everything you would ever want to know.

  2. Did the Thunkberg girl or Occasional Cortex tell him that? My gosh, Al Gore was not believable and now we are getting fractured fairy tales from Hanoi Jane’s protege.

  3. The Obamas bought a mansion on Nantucket Island on a tidal pond that’s barely above sea level. If global warming was a real threat to inundate their new home, they would never have made that purchase. But, like Lurch Kerry, they really know that won’t happen.

  4. If you knew or read your Bible you know that God is in charge of our setons. This is NOT GLOBAL WARMING! We are in another period of colder and snowing period as it was when I waps younger. The Famers Almanac supports many predicted weather patterns. John Kerry is no god and obviously is not a Christian. The End of Age may come but it will be because of the sin of man. Keep looking up and pray for your salvation from our Lord Jesus through his Grace.

  5. Sorry Kerry, but we already have Al Gore’s fairy tales to laugh at !
    We don’t need yours too.
    This planet has been both a molten ball of rock and a completely frozen ball of ice, and been everything in between. Nothing Algore, John Kerry, or silly little Greta Thunberg propose could have changed it, without having detrimental consequences on people as a whole. Only liberals think they are better and stronger than naturally occurring phenomena. Who do they blame for the ‘ice ages’? The Sahara Desert was once a lush green savanna with huge lakes. Did our carbon emissions cause it to change to sand?

  6. How many different ways can the left twist, spin and cartwheel the “global warming”/”climate change” narrative trying to convince us that record frigid temperatures, snow and ice are to be blamed on their apocalyptic scaremongering scam? They must really think we are gullible and stupid to believe that if they repeat a bold faced lie often enough, we will believe it!

    How can we get aerial footage to see how close Kerry, Biden, AOC and the rest of the “man-made global warming”/”climate” change” crowd live to oceans so we know how hypocritical they are when they lie about polar ice caps melting and causing ocean levels to rise?

    • does anyone remember when al gore said back in the eighties that Miami would be total under water by the year 2000. I put my money on the groundhog. The weather will change when God decides it will, besides that most of these idiots will be gone in nine years. With all the lying,stealing, trying to give this country to the communist, you might hope for a good cold front in hell.


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