Joe Biden Falls Up The Stairs Of Air Force One… AGAIN! (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – It looks like maybe it’s time for Air Force One to get a lift chair for Joe Biden. The elderly usurper in chief has had one too many battles with the steps of the presidential aircraft.

While Biden focuses on Russia, it’s become clear his greatest adversary is the stairs leading up to Air Force One.

It hasn’t happened just once, or even twice. It’s now happened three times in two years. This is what experts call “a pattern.” Surely we can count on it happening again since that’s how patterns work.

His third incident climbing the steps of Air Force One came almost two years after his first, and most epic, fall going up. On March 19, 2021, Biden stumbled repeatedly as he attempted to board the aircraft in what was a bit of foreshadowing of what his tenure would be like for the American people.

Comically, the White House blamed Biden’s disastrous boarding on the wind.

Then-White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself.”

What was the cause of Biden’s stumble up the steps last month in Europe, before departing Warsaw, Poland?

This time the White House didn’t even bother to address it. After all, we should all expect this type of stuff from Biden by now, right?

Instead of two years, Biden waited just two weeks to fall up the steps again, this time after a visit in Selma, Alabama.

The interesting thing is that Biden attempts to climb stairs with vigor and enthusiasm which is much different than how he actually walks on a regular basis. His strategy for ascending the steps of Air Force One doesn’t appear to be panning out well for him.

His attempts to appear vibrant, energetic and capable are not fooling anyone. When he walks on flat ground he shuffles his feet slowly and moves cautiously at a snail’s pace. Even the White House physician was forced to acknowledge his abnormal gait.

When he goes up the steps to Air Force One, however, he appears to throw all caution to the wind as if to prove he’s still got it. One of these times he might get seriously hurt.

It’s not a secret that he’s elderly. He’s the oldest US president in history. On top of that, his cognitive troubles are well documented. Literally every single day Biden proves just how unfit for office he really is. He can’t make it through a single speech without misspeaking, becoming confused, telling a creepy story or just completely losing his train of thought. It’s no wonder he thinks he can tackle the steps like he’s a spring chicken. His brain doesn’t work.

Either Biden better slow it down while boarding the plane or maybe it’s time for a stair lift chair on Air Force One.

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