Jill Biden Mocked For Humiliating Seating Placement At King Charles’ Coronation

(Liberty Bell) – The coronation of King Charles III took place Saturday at Westminster Abbey and Joe Biden couldn’t be bothered to attend. The president of the United States was apparently too busy, or perhaps too tired. He is, after all, 80-years-old and needs to be in bed by 7 pm.

Nonetheless, Jill Biden and one of their granddaughters attended the ceremony but it doesn’t appear that was good enough for the UK. Jill and Finnegan Biden, daughter of Hunter Biden, were seated in the back, in a last-row seat. Ouch.

The first lady’s attendance broke the long-standing tradition of sending high-ranking dignitaries to the coronation. While a US president has never attended a coronation, usually someone more influential and respected is sent, not the first lady.

For more than 100 years, the White House has sent a carefully chosen delegation of representatives who would work for American interests, Boston University historian Arianne Chernock told the New York Post.

“Joe Biden clearly hasn’t made it a high priority, as past presidents have done,” she said.

Social media users were quick to note the disinterest of the Biden regime along with Jill Biden’s back row seats. One user pointed out, however, that seats appear to have been organized in alphabetical order which could explain Jill Biden’s relegation to the back of the pack.

Jill Biden later told NBC the coronation was “just amazing to see.”

“You can’t imagine that moment where you actually see the crown being placed on the head of the king and then on the head of the queen. It’s really surreal to see and experience that moment,” she stated.

“It’s my honor to represent the people of the United States, and I wanted to be here. It was so meaningful to me that I could bring Finnegan here, that we could travel together and experience this together, and it’s meant a lot to both of us,” she commented.

Not everyone was as enthusiastic about Jill’s attendance. Many have declared that the first lady’s visit was not appropriate.

“Leaders from across the world are attending today’s Coronation of King Charles III. Even the French President is there. Notably absent is Joe Biden, who could not be bothered. What message does this send to America’s closest ally? Biden is a petty, arrogant, sneering disgrace,” Nile Gardiner, a former aide to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, posted on Twitter.

President Donald Trump weighed in on his Truth Social platform.

“Joe Biden should have been at the Coronation of King Charles III. Is that really so much to ask? The people of the U.K. are greatly insulted. No wonder we are losing support all over the World.” Trump wrote.

It’s clear Biden just doesn’t care. It’d be one thing if he were to say he didn’t attend because there are pressing issues here in the US that demand his attention but the reality is, the coronation would have interfered too much with his nap schedule.

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