JAN 6 VIDEO BOMBSHELL: Trump Supporter Rosanne Boyland Killed By Capitol Police

(Liberty Bell) – Just last month, avid Trump supporter and political activist Philip Anderson spoke with the folks over at the Gateway Pundit and confirmed to the conservative publication that Capitol Police were responsible for killing Trump protester Rosanne Boyland during the riot at the Capitol building on Jan. 6.

Anderson knew this because he was actually standing right next to her when the horrifying situation unfolded and Boyland died. In fact, he was holding her hand when she passed away. Philip almost lost his life as well.

“This was an amazing eyewitness report that has been ignored by the fake news media because it does not fit their narrative. A black Trump supporter was gassed with clouds of pepper spray, pushed down, and then nearly trampled to death as police officers continued to push people on top of a pile outside the US Capitol,” the GP report said.

Anderson went on to describe in detail how Boylan became the first woman to be killed by Capitol police on that fateful day. The second, of course, was U.S. veteran Ashli Babbitt.

“This photo (screen shot here) shows Philip Anderson nearly unconscious being dragged away by Trump supporters after being crushed under a pile on Jan. 6. Roseanne Boylan was next to him when she died,” the report explained.

“Philip Anderson fell and was being smothered as police officers continued to push Trump supporters on top of him. Philip told The Gateway Pundit how he was holding Rosanne’s hand when she died,” it added.

Anderson then got on his social media account and posted the following before it was taken down by Big Tech looking to censor the truth:

There has since been a second eye-witness account following the Anderson interview, which was then followed up by a third, a woman, who states she too was afraid she was going to die that day due to the actions of the police.

And now there is video footage of all of this.

Here’s another photo of Trump supporters being shoved down the stairs (screen shot here).

“In this video (watch here) posted at Make America Stop Hate you see Rosanne Boyland being trampled and beat with sticks. You see the Capitol Police DO NOTHING to save her. You see Trump supporters attempted CPR to save her life. And you see Trump supporters shoved down the steps at the US Capitol,” GP’s report said.

The second eye-witness had this to say regarding the incident with Boylan, “After reading your article about Rosanne Boyland’s death, and the gentleman’s (Philip Anderson) comments on it, I believe I have some to add to that story, since me and 2 others carried Ms. Boyland’s seemingly lifeless body to the double doors while the cops were pepper spraying us and hitting us with their baton… for WHAT??? Trying to save her life???”

“And a bunch more… Careless police actions, pushing people down on the stairs, people almost suffocating, etc…” the reader said, adding, “Military looking youngsters advancing through the crowd (crowd that was packed like sardines) towards the doors and NEVER coming back???”

The anonymous reader then admits they are still experiencing flashbacks and PTSD moments over the whole incident.

“Those military-looking kids (I’m almost positive they were Antifa) were really aggressive wanting to break the windows etc, some REAL Trump supporters (specifically there was a lady who almost got in a fistfight with them) tried to stop them saying “This is not what we’re here for, that’s trespassing”…. then, like I said it above, those youngsters disappeared, I’m sure went inside with the police’s help (and never come back) while the cops were tear-gassing us/others…” the eye-witness said.

“I was there simply to observe and express my God & Constitution given rights (not to destroy, hurt anyone or occupy!) about a wrongful election… and we were set up!” the reader said.

This is horrifying. No one should have gone through this that day. Things were peaceful, many individuals only came to express their First Amendment rights, doing what our founding fathers would’ve done by airing grievances. Let’s hope the truth about that day comes out soon.

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    Andrea Iravani

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