Insurrection! Antifa Sets Portland Public School Headquarters Ablaze, Then Lights Vehicles On Fire In Vicious Terrorist Attacks

(Liberty Bell) – Ever since the events transpired on January 6th at the U.S. Capitol building, we’ve heard nothing but lots of angry shouting and declarations from the left calling the event an armed insurrection. And yet, for whatever reason, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two modern liberal terrorist organizations, have been causing chaos all across the United States by committing acts of violence, rioting, and looting for a political cause, but they haven’t been called insurrections.

What gives?

Maybe it’s because the folks in Antifa and BLM are the foot soldiers of the modern progressive movement who have been sent out into the country to sow chaos, discord, and all sorts of issues that the left can use as justification for taking measures that will help them implement a lot of policies they are dying to put in place.

According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, over the weekend, on Antifa’s Day of National Autonomy, the domestic terror group set the headquarters of the Portland Public School on fire, heavily vandalizing the building and setting school district vehicles ablaze.

But wait. Didn’t Biden call this group just an “idea?” I’ve never seen ideas physically manifest themselves and set things on fire and cause destruction, have you?

This is a food delivery truck that has been completely scorched by the group.

Fire and rescue vehicles arrived on the scene sometime after 3 a.m. on Sunday morning, where they discovered two cargo vans and a large box truck on fire in a parking garage. These acts are done to further a political agenda. So that means this group of individuals are doing these acts to try and force political change. That, my friends, is terrorism. That is an actual insurrection.

“Eugene Youth Liberation Front, a radical far-left organization responsible for putting together Direct Actions in the past publicly commented on the attack. In the past ANTIFA has toppled statues, attacked federal buildings, gunned down innocent bystanders, ‘molotoved’ police, burnt bibles, and now as predicted they are targeting the schooling system,” the GP report says.

“Meanwhile, FBI Director Chris Wray refuses to designate ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization, or merely acknowledge its existence. Trump Supporters are being hunted, de-platformed, put on lists, and violently attacked and murdered for their views. ANTIFA burns, loots, and destroys with no repercussions,” the report notes.

This is where the rub is. Liberals have a double standard. One for their own people, where it is completely acceptable to causes chaos and havoc, using violence as a tool to force change. And a totally different one for conservatives. It’s inconsistency at its worst.

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  1. Again, will say, somebody need to grow some cajones and shut this down…if not the officials (governor, legislature, etc.) in Oregon, the mayor of Portland, a federal investigation should be launched – and, while we’re at it, the National Guard troops now assigned to the Capitol Bldg. would better serve their purpose in Portland. Silence is consent, so a pox on all who could stop this, from our current President Dementia on down…

  2. Oregon needs to put all these stupid criminals in jail and leave them there! If Kamala doesn’t like it have her arrested for being complicit!

    • The Nazis used the Brown Shirts to intimidate people and today the Democrats are using ANTIFA and BLM to do the same. The Democrats are the new Nazis.

  3. Portland’s governor is also so far left along with the House and Senate. Brown will not do anything that will protect her people. The only thing she cares about is the Democrats agenda!

  4. Are the people of Portland, OR. even a live to stop this problem.
    This has been going on since early last year, which seems like enough
    time to mount a counter attack on these misfits. If the non-president is too weak to address this, them wake up Portland…this is war against you
    and America. If you need help, find a way to get it to Portland to at least
    protect your kids and families.


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