Imprisoned Marine Thrown In Brig For Criticizing Biden Withdrawal Learns Fate

(Liberty Bell) – Marine officer Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller found himself in hot water when he spoke truthfully about the Biden regime’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal that left 13 service men and women dead and thousands of Americans stranded in the country.

Scheller has been punished for speaking out on social media against top military brass in regards to the fiasco.

He has pleaded guilty to six charges stemming from his social media commentary including contempt toward officials and conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.”

Scheller’s day in court has not reached its conclusion, however, on Thursday Scheller was able to speak on his own behalf in a courtroom at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, in regards to the comments he made in multiple videos criticizing what’s becoming of the military.

Scheller’s attorney Tony Buzbee spoke to Fox News’ Laura Ingraham Thursday night and explained that his client has been punished for speaking the truth.

“Lt. Col. Scheller took accountability and he’s basically being punished for speaking the truth,” Buzbee said. “We wrangled and wrangled, as you might imagine, about whether we could… fight these charges, but [Scheller] made the decision that he would be accountable for his actions and we are all still wondering when the general officers will be accountable for their decisions that they made it back August of this year.”

He went on to say that he expects Scheller to receive a letter of reprimand and a separation from the Marines as well as a general discharge though they are hoping he will get an honorable discharge.

“Here is a man that has not only lost his retirement, his command, his job, he has lost a lot more things,” Buzbee said. “Laying aside a week in the brig, this has been an emotional rollercoaster for him and for him to stand forward and accept his punishment like an honorable Marine says a lot about him.”

All for speaking a truth that many of Scheller’s colleagues in the Marines also believe.

During Scheller’s appearance in court earlier Thursday, he admitted to the judge that his life “was spiraling” when he made the videos attacking the generals. He explained that his wife had left him and he had lost a small business that he owned.

“My life was spiraling at this time. I was receiving messages that I was going to be court martialed because of my statements.”

Despite his testimony that his life was “spiraling” he denied that his actions were due to a severe mental state and even told the judge he had been ordered to get a mental evaluation.

While Scheller did accept guilt on all the charges against him, he did express defiance over the entire situation and continued to slam the higher command, who should be the ones on trial.

He explained, “My calls for revolution were always about changing the system. A system that centralizes power and fails to hold senior leaders accountable. A system that will immediately turn on you if you speak out.

“If I could go back, I would have chosen different words. But at no time was that a call to violence. I was stating that the system is broken and needs to be rebuilt. I still feel this is the case.

“This is not the America I know. This is not the America that I have fought so hard to defend the last 17 years.

“I believe the General officers have demonstrated that they are unable or unwilling to hold themselves accountable. As a result, I believe fundamental change needs to occur in the military.”

He is certainly right about that. Just the fact that he is in the position he’s currently in says it all. Change is needed in the military and in the US in general. This country is spiraling down a path to full-blown Communism and it’s evidenced by the fact that anyone speaking out against what’s happening is punished, silenced, and ostracized.

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  1. The only possible way that anyone that knows that the bioweapon injections are dangerous and supports Trump is if they are evil serial criminal psychopaths that have an interest in trying to both keep the medical tyranny economy alive since it was started by Trump who claims to this day to be very proud of the “vaccines” and claims to have saved millions of lives with them, and keep the lethal injections from being banned, or, if they are severely mentally incompetent and incapable of the most basic levels of logic. The Blobbers in the Blobbosphere are still claiming that Americans in medicine, science, education, media, technology, and government are too mentally incompetent to comprehend these very basic scientific facts, or that they are blindly obedient to authority figures. I disagree. There may be a percentage that really are that incompetent, and there may be a percentage that is blindly obedient to authority figures, but I do not know people that do not voice disapproval over a wide array of policy issues that have been mandated by authority figures, so who these mindless robots are is extremely mysterious to me. Even if there is perhaps 30% that are too incompetent to comprehend it in those flields, the 70% that are able to comprehend it would have drowned them out, not only because of a larger percentage, but because it is easy to prove scientific facts on this, and it is impossible to prove what they are claiming is true with the scamdemic, simply because it is not true. I believe that the government has paid them to claim that it is true. There is certainly enough evidence to prove that this is an enormous conspiracy. Particularly when it is coming from the Blobbosphere, which are also propagandists, referred to as the alternative media, and are usually 501c3s. The reason that I say this is because they keep being apologists for the guilty parties by claiming that they lack the critical thinking skills to comprehend it, or because they are blindly obedient to authority. It is bullshit. It is a conspiracy in violation of RICO laws. Everyone blames someone else and passes the buck. It comes as no coincidence that after the crash of 1929, FDR’s slogan was “The buck stops here”, because it resonated with people. Obviously, a tremendous amount of corruption precipitated The Great Depression. It was a criminogenic environment then also. The Glass Steagall Act was introduced in order to stop the run away boom – bust extreme cycles that had devasting consequences for the majority of the population, which was unfortunately repealed, in addition to tons of other regulations that kept the financial system and economy relatively sound by comparison to what it is today. If regulations are not restored to the financial sector, America will not be able to recover. The depression could have ended earlier than it did, but the robber barons did not want to cooperate with the rest of society. They had no need to. They just watched society completely fall apart. They were the ones that created the problem initially. They controlled the purse strings and the regulators. The regulators were definitely responsible for their actions. They chose to take bribes. The income tax increases by FDR were avoided by the robber barons because they set up charitable trusts, also known as 501c3s in many instances, and they are still controlling the world from the underground, or at least still have an extremely influential effect on policy even though they have been dead for long periods of time. Uncoincidentally, there was also a socialist movement at that time underway in America and most of the world. It seems that they used the same models at that point that they are using today, with the exception that the world population is now in excess of four times what it was then. I do not think that socialism will solve the problems that we are facing right now, because it is the businesses, business models, and bureaucracies that are the problem, and they really are secret crony socialst bureaucracies that socialize expenses and losses, and privatize profits, run by corrupt people that receive enormous government subsidies for evil and abusive businesses.  

    Andrea Iravani

  2. My criticisms of the banana bureaucrats and the banana bureaucracy that they have been mismanaging for decades now, are merely transitory, until these banana bureaucrats adjust and restore America to its former glory of liberty and justice, and their blind obedience shifts from people in posititions of authority, over to the civil authority of The United States Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land. 

    Andrea Iravani

  3. Ignis Fatuus Scientific Fraud Green Revolution

    It is not possible to get on board with the green revolution requiring $5 trillion per year in spending for the next thirty years. The amount of money is in excess of what it would actually require, and retransitioning to yet another grid system that is wrought with vulnerabilities in addition to excessive waste in raw materials for the support of a grid system, and the high user cost for consumers of maintaing a grid system requiring a large number of employees, and the punishment for CO2 use by industries will be passed onto
    consumers. The demand is in off the grid systems. Industry has to meet the demands of the market for a change, rather than the markets meeting the demands of the industries. It did not use to be this way where consumers were regularly abused in a wide variety of ways by the industries that they not only personally pay for products and services, but that they also pay the taxes that fund these industries, and for the bailouts of these industries, and for the Plunge Protection Team support of these industries, and many of these industries have illegally enslaved their consumers by spying on them and stealing intellectual property from them, which I happen to be a victim of. It is all completely illegal, which is why they refuse to confess that they are doing this, but they are. They have spy devices in almost everything. Even my patio furniture had an electronic microphone inside the leg of the table. Apparently, these companies are getting DoD grants through the Good Jobs First Program created by the Rockefellers Studies Institute to spy on American citizens. This program was created after the 2008 crash. It was also taking place prior to that under various entities and programs. To make matters worse for consumers, since all of the appliances now have computer chips in them, they can be hacked by any loser looking to drum up repair business, and they are unionized, so it really doesn’t matter to them who is called. Hackers have used Vault7 technology and have hacked into my appliances, car, lighting, heating, cooling, plumbing, Sleep Number bed, and of course my phones, tablets, and computers. Spying is not a job. Certainly not spying on someone like me, since I am a law abiding, patriotic American citizen in no position of wealth, power, or top secret or classified information. They are just deviant, perverted, retarded, thieves, and murderers that would ever do something like that to someone like me.

    Then, of course is the fact that they will create even more emissions, pollution, and habitat destruction in order to ferverently mine all of the raw materials necessary for this transition, so it would end up being worse for the environment if it were mandated like emissions testing for cars is.

    It is a scam. Whatever it is that people in grass roots movements say that they genuinely care about, the charlatans try to racketeer off of it. This is different than meeting market demands in free markets, because they are mandating that people support and pay for their
    businesses and products involuntarily, or face legal action for it, which is extortion. They have to cheat their way through life because they are too mentally incompetent to play on a level playing field. They are rewarded for evil, abusive, corrupt, illegal behavior. They believe that the law does not apply to them. But they do not want all out anarchy, because they want to be legally protected by the same laws that they are violating. Until the corruption is addressed and the guilty parties are charged, America is incapable of functioning, and they really do not give a damn if it does or not, because they are either extremely wealthy, extremely powerful, or extremely well connected which makes them well protected, in contrast to the rest of society which are nothing more to them than pawns or pains in the asses, which they have been exremely open in saying that they would really like to just kill off 90% of in society. I do not care what they believe. The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Scientific and medical fraud are illegal. I refuse to play by their rules, because their rules are illegal. They are going to have to learn how to play by my rules. After the scamdemic, 9/11, the seven false flag wars, the destruction of liberty, the $21 trillion in accounting errors, and the repeated bailouts, they really do not stand a chance of convincing me that I have to play by their illegal rules, especially when I know that their goal is to kill me. Joining them is not an option for me. It would be a death spiral. If I am going to die either way, which at some point in time, I inevitably will, it may as well be for a good cause by continuing to shed light on the corruption that they create, and the destructive effects that it has on everything and everyone, including on themselves, which they are too stupid to realize.

    Andrea Iravani


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