“I’m In Trouble!” Biden Makes A Fool Of Himself After Not Being Able To Find His Mask

(Liberty Bell) – The Joe Biden regime is an all-out circus. It truly is an embarrassing time to be an American which is ironic considering how leftists whined and complained of their embarrassment when Trump was in office despite the fact that Trump was mentally competent.

President Trump never shamed this country the way Biden has and the shenanigans never seem to end.

In yet another embarrassing public incident Joe Biden has proved just how unfit and incapable he is to hold the nation’s highest office. This country’s former great presidents are no doubt rolling in their graves watching this train wreck.

Biden appeared at an event in Georgia and after stammering and coughing through a 20-minute address, he attempted to turn the stage over to fellow usurpers, Democrat Sens. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

Only one small problem: he couldn’t find his precious facemask anywhere.

As he was getting ready to exit the stage, the fully vaccinated Biden was reminded by his wife and in-home nurse Jill Biden that he needed his facemask, as she pointed to her own.

The panic quickly ensued as it became obvious Biden couldn’t find the mask. The two began searching everywhere for it and Joe Biden even told the audience he couldn’t find his mask and was “in trouble.”

“I’m looking for my mask. I’m in trouble,” Biden told the crowd as a staffer rushed to the stage to provide him with one while Warnock and Ossoff tried to distract the crowd.

In the end, Biden managed to find his own mask in his pocket which would have been the first place any sane, mentally-capable person would have checked.

President Trump would never have been caught dead fumbling around on stage for a facemask, especially after being fully vaccinated. Biden is a complete embarrassment.

It’s especially troubling that Biden and his fraudulent regime continue to wear facemasks, even outdoors, after the CDC issued new guidance saying that vaccinated people don’t need to wear them outdoors.

The facemasks have become a political symbol and the Democrats will continue to wear them despite actual science and “experts” claiming they no longer need to.

Before fraudulently stealing the US presidential election, Joe Biden vowed that he would “follow the science” and “listen to the experts” yet when confronted with an opportunity to do just that, Biden chooses to don the mask.

It’s painfully obvious that Biden is expected to wear the mask by his Deep State handlers. He’s just a puppet, after all, and everyone in the world can see that.

The masks are a symbol of the political dysfunction and fraud in the US and a sign of the inevitable political persecution that is already underway. The Nazis wore armbands, the Democrats are wearing facemasks.

America is headed in a seriously dangerous direction and every time Joe Biden makes a fool of himself in public it’s just another reminder that our “leader” is a puppet and we’re all doomed if nothing is done.

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