Hunter Biden Just Got BAD News From A Judge… Now Expected In Court

(Liberty Bell) – The legal team representing President Joe Biden’s wayward son, Hunter, made a Hail Mary play last Friday to try and avoid him having to attend an in-person hearing for a contempt case, but the motion was flat out rejected by a judge in Arkansas. It’s nice to see someone actually trying to hold a member of the Biden family accountable for their actions. It’s not something that happens often enough thanks to the deeply rooted corruption that exists in our justice system.

As per a piece penned by Jared Harris of The Western Journal, Hunter Biden’s attorneys urged Judge Holly Meyer of Batesville to take it easy on their client by softening a previous decision that was made which ordered their client to make an in-person appearance in court.

However, instead of allowing Biden to appear remotely, Meyer issued an order for him to “physically appear” for all of his upcoming court dates from this moment forward, starting with a hearing on Monday.

“According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the original order for Biden to appear came on April 24. Biden’s ongoing court appearances revolve around a paternity dispute with former stripper Lunden Roberts over their 4-year-old daughter,” Harris wrote. “The young girl was confirmed to be Biden’s in 2020, and he soon reached a deal to begin making child support payments. Two years later, he attempted to adjust the payments.”

“The May 1 hearing is expected to involve partly the issue of an expert witness on Hunter Biden’s laptop, a key piece of evidence that Roberts’ lawyers argue holds critical information about the financials of the president’s son,” Harris said.

Lawyers for Biden attempted to act ignorant concerning the now infamous laptop ditched by their client at a repair shop in Delaware that contains tons of significantly damaging material, which the judge referred to as a “shuck and jive” tactic last week.

Content that has been discovered on the laptop reveals evidence that Hunter Biden, and potentially his father, our current commander-in-chief, have been involved in very shady business dealings in an influence peddling scheme with foreign entities.

Harris went on to say in his report that, “In one email found on the device, there is an apparent attempt by Biden to settle a deal worth $120 million between a Chinese energy firm (a group now targeted for U.S. sanctions) and a former prime minister of Kazakhstan. Although the laptop was initially smeared as Russian ‘disinformation’ by big names from the American intelligence community, the device has since been definitively linked to Biden.”

The laptop is unable to confirm whether or not Biden has the funds necessary to make child support payments, but there are several other streams of revenue to take into consideration.

Biden has been selling his artwork, which has been referred to by many critics as “macaroni art,” for hundreds of thousands of dollars. One such work of art was sold for up to $500,000. For art that has been compared to a child’s project. Think about that for a minute.

“While Biden is an apparent smash success in the worlds of international business and avant-garde art, he has struggled with an apparent addiction to crack cocaine. The presidential son’s use of the drug resulted in a failed drug test in 2013, leading to Biden being kicked out of the United States Navy the next year,” Harris pointed out.

Hunter should not be allowed to skip out of his daughter’s life. At least not in a financial sense. She might well be better off without the man himself in her life as he’s just one massive failure after another and super self-destructive. He tends to destroy whatever he touches. I mean, we’re talking about a guy who immediately had a sexual relationship with his brother’s widow. That speaks volumes about his character.

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