Huge COVID Testing Company Engaged In Scandalous Cover-Up

(Liberty Bell) – According to new reports coming from The Western Journal, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has filed lawsuits against two Illinois-based companies for allegedly “deceiving customers” when it comes to coronavirus testing.

The suit in question goes on to claim that the two companies, the Center for COVID Control and Doctors Clinical Laboratory, Inc., “either failed to deliver test results, or delivered test results that were falsified or inaccurate,” according to a news release that was published by Ellison’s office last Wednesday.

The Center for COVID Control is actually one of the largest players in the coronavirus testing industry, currently operating over 300 test sites across the country, according to a report from NBC News, which pointed out that the company is also under federal investigation as well as being probed by attorneys general from several states.

Doctors Clinical Laboratory is the “associated lab” for CCC, according to the news release.

“CCC operated pop-up COVID-19 test sites throughout the state where it collected samples from Minnesotans, according to the news release The samples were then turned over to DCL for testing,” the report said.

“The lawsuit, filed in Hennepin County district court on Wednesday, accuses the companies of delivering test results that were ‘often deceptively riddled with inaccurate and false information including listing the wrong test type and false dates and times for when samples were collected from consumers to be tested,'” WJ stated in its report.

What’s even worse is the fact that residents of Minnesota, who had never submitted samples, reported that they’d actually received results from the companies, according to the lawsuit:

“Even more disturbingly, Defendants have fraudulently represented that Minnesota consumers have tested negative for COVID-19, despite consumers never having submitted samples for Defendants to test,” it goes on to say.

The lawsuit then reveals that the Minnesota Department of Health started to receive complaints about the company back in December.

The news release then goes on to say that former CCC employees informed the attorney general’s office that “while the company could initially handle its load of local tests, its processing center failed to expand as the company opened up testing sites around the country, including in Minnesota. The results, as one former employee described, were chaos, with received samples being stuffed into trash bags strewn across the office floor.”

A few of the company’s former workers stated they remembered “finding samples in bags that were well over 48 hours old, being instructed by management to falsify dates of receipt, and being instructed to lie to consumers about their tests being inconclusive or negative when, in fact, the sample had not been tested,” the news release said.

“According to a CNN report Friday, CCC did not respond to a request for comment, but the company had previously issued a statement announcing that it would pause operations from Jan. 14 through Jan. 22 because ‘unusually high patient demand has stressed staffing resources, as has been widely reported, in a subset of our locations, affecting our usual customer service standards and diagnostic goals,'” the report noted.

The company, however, put out a news release on Thursday that stated the “pause” would be extended indefinitely “until staffing resources permit CCC to operate at full capacity.”

“As previously announced, CCC is using this operational pause to train additional staff on sample collection and handling, customer service and communications best practices, as well as compliance with regulatory guidelines,” the news release goes on to say. “CCC will provide an update on reopening plans when appropriate.”

Now, it’s critical to note that any sort of action taken against CCC by Ellison’s office should be looked at with some skepticism. He’s a former member of the Democratic National Committee and has many leftist sympathies.

But a lawsuit like this isn’t just sitting back on your laurels and allowing this company to get away with dishonest practices when it comes to testing for COVID-19. If the claims made in the suit are accurate, what this company did really caused a lot of damage to people.

Those that got tested and received a false negative were likely cleared to go out in public and potentially transmit the illness to other people. How many individuals probably got this illness from such a debacle? How many of them might have died?

But then again, false positive test results could have forced folks to cancel work, travel, and other things while they endured unnecessary quarantines.

Hearing about things like this is why so many Americans have a hard time with the whole “trust the science” debate in this country.

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