Hospital Photo Of John Fetterman Released, There Is Just One Major Problem

(Liberty Bell) – It’s pretty hard to believe the people of Pennsylvania legitimately voted for John Fetterman to represent them in the US Senate. Any sane person knew he would eventually end up back in the hospital after suffering a stroke last May and then struggling with pretty significant cognitive issues.

Fetterman didn’t even make it two months before becoming lightheaded in February and ending up at Walter Reed National Medical Center. That was only just the beginning. He was admitted a second time shortly after being released but this time for clinical depression. Five weeks went by with virtually no information until Friday when he was finally seen in public.

On Friday, Fetterman was finally released from Walter Reed and his staff shared pictures of the event. However, there was one photo in particular that had social media users wondering what was really going on with Fetterman.

This photo was quickly being seen all over the internet side-by-side with a different photo of Fetterman leaving many to come to the conclusion that John Fetterman was replaced by a body double, and not a very convincing one.

Juanita Broaddrick, an alleged sexual assault victim of former president Bill Clinton, was shocked by the two photos and asserted, “I think a DNA sample is in order, here. LOL. That’s not Fetterman on the right.”

Author Brigitte Gabriel added, “I’m not one to push conspiracy theories, but John Fetterman’s face looks totally different.”

Attorney Jason Roberge stated that “They literally replaced Fetterman, this is insane.”

Popular conservative Twitter account Catturd2 also weighed in, observing that Fetterman got a “total head replacement.”

While the photo made the rounds on all social media platforms with many expressing outrage over Fetterman being replaced by a body double, there was one glaring problem: the photo in question wasn’t taken Friday. It was from a year ago before his most recent medical issues.

A tweet by Fetterman’s wife from May of last year shows the senator and his wife in the same clothing as they are wearing in the disputed photo, though it seems Fetterman wears the same hoodie everywhere he goes.

Unfortunately the photo being promoted in this conspiracy theory is not a new picture of Fetterman. It’s easy to see why people were so quick to believe Fetterman had been replaced by a body double though. His senate office has been anything but transparent when it came to health updates. So much so that it caused the Republican Party to call for some kind of proof of life to show Fetterman was actually alive and able to perform his duties as US Senator.

After mounting pressure his staff was finally forced to release a photo update but it only included a few still pictures and many believed the lack of video evidence was concerning.

The update did little to quell suspicions that Fetterman was actually much worse off than was being let on or even dead. On top of it all, his wife ran off to Canada for a “vacation” with their children and continued posting bizarre content on social media that seemed the opposite of how a loving wife should behave when her husband is in the hospital struggling with serious mental issues.

Fetterman’s staff was also slammed with accusations of hypocrisy after an old tweet by Chief of Staff Adam Jentleson resurfaced showing Jentleson attacking then President Donald Trump as not mentally fit to serve as president, yet is now working for a senator who was literally hospitalized for mental health problems.

People had issues with the obvious lying regarding Fetterman’s health even before he “won” his senate seat. It’s no wonder it was pretty easy for everyone to believe things were much worse than what was being reported resulting in Fetterman being replaced by a body double.

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