GOP Senator Files 2 Bills To Stop Cancel Culture — Here’s How Dems Responded

(Liberty Bell) – One of the greatest threats to real, genuine progress in our society is the shutting down of free speech in our cultural institutions. And that’s precisely what we are seeing happen at an alarming rate on a daily basis thanks to cancel culture.

Cancel culture is rooted most deeply in California, home to Hollywood and the vast majority of the entertainment industry, where this vicious beast seems to strike loudest and hardest. The most recent victim of cancel culture is actress Gina Carano, one of the stars of the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian, who was booted from the show for espousing common sense conservative points of view.

Well, according to BizPacReview, one Republican lawmaker in California is seeking to strike back against this poison that is threatening to destroy honest political debate is ruining many people’s lives and careers.

State. Sen. Melissa Melendez has filed two pieces of legislation that would enable folks to be protected based on their political beliefs, which is a tragic commentary in and of itself considering we are supposed to be living in a nation that was founded on the guarantee of free speech for all citizens.

One of the bills, the “Diversity of Thought Act,” would be an amendment to California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, which would then include political affiliation among the “specified characteristics” that protect folks from discrimination.

“The bill would prevent employers from dismissing people solely because of politics, and block landlords or other owners of “housing accommodations” from not dealing with people on the grounds of their political beliefs. The latter would also apply to banks in determining who would qualify for home loans,” the BizPacReview report says.

The other bill that Melendez introduced would also offer protection for students from “discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying” in their schools due to their political affiliations.

“It is unfathomable to me that corporations and members of the public would ruin a person’s career, business and family because of their political ideology,” the state senator said in a press release. “A free society shouldn’t allow thoughts and ideas to be censored. Free speech covers all speech, not just that with which you agree.”

“Cancel culture and the efforts to silence differing opinions and voices should be a growing concern for all of us,” Melendez continued. “A climate of intolerance has been established and has stifled healthy and normal debate. Anyone who values their own freedom of speech should be concerned. This cannot and should not be allowed to continue.”

Seeing as how this bill was introduced to the state Congress in California, it’s an understatement to say that these bills will have a very difficult battle ahead of them in order to be passed into law. Democrats control the governor’s office and the state legislature. It’s been this way for a decade now.

The Democratic Party currently controls three-quarters of the 80 seats in the Assembly, while Melendez is only one of nine members of the GOP in the state senate.

So the real question you’re probably wondering is how Democrats have responded to these two bills?

Radical left-wing state Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez tweeted, “I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but: Your racist, pro-domestic terrorism, xenophobic, misogynistic views do not warrant protection ‘from discrimination.’ Your choice to hate & actively pursue hate does not make you part of a protected class.”

That’s a pretty good summary of how Democrats feel about the strange and foreign idea that folks shouldn’t be silenced just because they have an unpopular opinion or worldview. America is founded not only on the idea of our rights being guaranteed in the Constitution, but on principles that each of us should love and cherish and put into practice in our daily lives.

Unfortunately, when you are a conservative, liberals just assume you’re a racist. Wonderful, inclusive people, right?

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  1. Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez. You should be ashamed of yourself. It would be more appropriate to call you all of these names for your stupid comment. Maybe your First Amendment rights should be suspended.

  2. I think the left led by the liberal colleges and Universities need to be shut down a famous Russian said we will destroy you from with in , Guess he was right look what is happening now being led toward Communism, by the Democrat’s.

  3. “C’ MON MAN”! “ “GIVE A BREAK”! “What else would you think would follow a “corrupt voting system”?! “ In your face with barbed wire fences and “ARMED TROOPS” to enforce the Insurrection by Congress and the Big Money Contributions”! The voters were cheated and “WE THE PEOPLE” called them out by the “UPRISING”! “When so ever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends it is “The RIGHR Of the PEOPLE to alter or abolish it”! “ What WE witnessed on January 6, 2021 was an “UPRISING”, NOT and Insurrection”! “peruse and study the Constitution”?

  4. Horrible, is it the end of democracy in the USA? I cannot believe that Gonzales could write this. Each view warrants protection from discrimination, even your view.


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