Golden Globes Viewership Crashes Through The Floor — More Americans Watched Trump’s CPAC Speech Online!

(Liberty Bell) – The big shots over there in Hollywood are no doubt smarting from the devastating blow that former President Donald Trump delivered to one of their big nights of the year, the Golden Globes, as viewership for the event dropped by 60 percent this year and more Americans tuned in to watch Trump’s CPAC speech online than tuned into watch the award show.

According to Gateway Pundit, only 5.4 million people actually watched the Golden Globes. And is it really any wonder why? First off, thanks to the insanity of leftist governors, particularly Gov. Gavin Newsom, much of the production in the film industry was shut down due to COVID, thus there wasn’t a whole lot of great material for these folks to choose from.

Secondly, the constant messaging rolling out of the modern film and television industry is that if you are a conservative and/or a supporter of Donald Trump, you’re an evil, vile Nazi. They hate the biggest segment of their audience. Why would someone want to tune in and watch programming made by people who despise them?

Again, though, things were much better for former President Trump. A whopping 8,158,000 people tuned in to watch him deliver his CPAC speech on YouTube. Even without being the president, Trump still continues to draw in high numbers when it comes to viewership. Where are Biden’s numbers for delivering a speech? Practically non-existent.

Look, people don’t care about award shows to begin with, but when you are constantly using that platform for political cracks against the largest demographic of individuals in the country, it’s going to come with some serious consequences. This is a lesson the left has not yet learned. Or they have, but simply don’t care.

I tend to lean toward the latter. They have received their marching orders from the Democratic Party and are more than happy to play the part of propaganda machine for their overlords. It’s unfortunate because this kind of loyalty to a party and ideology is now forcing good storytelling to take a backseat, thus making the material popping out of the entertainment industry more akin to sermons than stories.

And this just solidifies that the former president is super popular. How did he lose this last election? Things aren’t adding up. It has to be because of the voter fraud. There’s just no other logical explanation.

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  1. The Golden Turds, like the other show-biz award shows, are a form of air pollution. Hollywierdos bending over backwards to kiss their own patoots for trying to be something they’re not. And kissing their own patoots isn’t much of an accomplishment since they have their heads up there already.

  2. Maybe “Mica Squares” would be a more fitting name for another lame production. Why have an award show when no one will view it. Oh, in lib town everyone’s a winner and must get a prize. When they learn it is for entertainment and not a soap box for shaving the whales or some other do gooder cause then maybe the industry may rebound.

  3. Garbage – liberal Garbage — I will not support any of these traitors and their Marxist ideas – it won’t be long before these loser figure it out we will begin our own networks with MONEY our own and they can kiss our A – Movies and TV shows are perverter and show all the ugly sides of America – Slanted Propaganda — Gobles couldn’t have done it better

  4. Until they shut up about politics they will keep losing. Most of America does not want socialism\communism in this country. We do not want your ideas slammed down our throats. Remember your are entertainment and the people who made your life so good are the ones you keep cutting down.


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