GIULIANI ANNOUNCES: Impeach Biden For Arming The Enemy With Billions In US Weapons (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden is the worst president the United States has ever seen. Everything President Trump did to make America better for Americans, Joe Biden quickly reversed and canceled.

The southern border is an absolute catastrophe, inflation is through the roof, the economy is still a mess, people are refusing to work, and the national deficit is continuing to skyrocket.

As if that wasn’t enough, Joe Biden really proved just how incompetent he really is with his abysmal handling of the US military pull-out from Afghanistan.

Biden has left some 500 Americans stranded in the now Taliban-controlled country and handed over around $85 billion in US military equipment and munitions.

The Taliban is now one of the most well-equipped armed forces in the world, thanks to Joe Biden.

It’s about time for Biden to be held accountable. Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani joined War Room host Steve Bannon over the holiday weekend and asserted that Biden should be impeached for the unmitigated Afghanistan crisis he has caused.

Giuliani was mayor of New York City 20 years ago when the Twin Towers were attacked, the war against the Taliban is personal for him.

Giuliani told Bannon he thinks Biden should face impeachment for literally arming America’s biggest enemy.

Thanks to Biden, the Taliban are now in possession of US military equipment including planes and helicopters. The US also left behind uniforms and guns and even sports drinks. There doesn’t seem to be anything the Taliban will ever need now.

On top of arming the Taliban, Biden subsequently destroyed any credibility America might have still had. Surely no one in the world is taking us seriously now.

You’d think Joe Biden would be working round the clock on damage control and rescuing the hundreds of stranded Americans but you’d be wrong. Joe Biden went on vacation… again.

Over Labor Day weekend Joe Biden took off to Delaware to kick back and relax. Tennessee Rep. Diana Harshbarger slammed Biden for this during an appearance on Fox News.

“It’s a travesty of the worst kind. He’s prioritizing his vacation over the lives of American citizens. He kept his promises to the Taliban and he’s breaking his promises to Americans to get them out. And God only knows what will happen to them if they can’t get out… This is an inept administration. Don’t ever say it can’t get worse because every time someone says that, things happen and it gets worse.”

She went on to say that she is calling for Biden’s impeachment because of the Afghanistan debacle as well as the crisis on the southern border.

Despite the fact that there is virtually no chance Biden will be impeached, Republicans in Congress need to be doing everything they can to hold his feet to the fire. Biden is failing America and there’s a good chance it’s all very intentional.

We can only hope that the 2022 midterm elections bring the change America desperately needs.

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  1. You are worse than deplorables! You are Dweebs!

    You are power hungry, blood thirsty, scumbag, low life white trash thug Jewhadists!

    Andrea Iravani

  2. Stop the Jewhadists and their war on Islam! Don’t invade an area and surround yourselves with people that you despise!

    Andrea Iravani

  3. News Flash! Biden is not the president of Afghanistan! You are blood thirsty scumbag low life white trash!

    All mourning the end of the war! Sleeze bags! How many Americans died of gun shots that day? Who the hell cares when there is no money in it is the obvious answer!

    Better shut your mouths and stop blabbering blatant bullshit before they take away your guns! 

    The first amendment does not give you the right to commit high crimes and treason! 

    Andrea Iravani

  4. No, it was not $85 billion. There was $24 billion spent during the entire twenty years on equipment, and much of it has been destroyed in battle and obsolete, transported elsewhere by the military, and the overwhelming remainder of it was destroyed by the U.S. military. The $85 billion figure included training NRF and construction projects. Giuliani should just shut up for the rest of his life. He is a pathological liar guilty of high crimes and treason and he self-incriminates everytime he speaks. It is hard to fathom that the guy ever managed to graduate from law school. A real dope on steroids!

    Andrea Iravani

  5. It is ridiculous watching these people in the media attack Biden over the thirteen deaths, because the individuals attacking Biden know that Afghanistan is a war zone, and it is filled with known terrorist groups, and that there are casulties in war.

    Frankly, I think that it is really remarkable that only thirteen people died vacating a twenty year crimes against humanity scene.

    The calls are absurd from the media, including Lieutenant Colonel Schelner ridiculously asking who decided to close Bagram airbase which was located in the Panjshir Valley controlled by the NRF and enemy of the Taliban that probably would have been bombed not by a suicide bomber, but gravity bomb, reusulting in thousands of deaths if
    they tried to, to critics claiming that they should have drone struck the suicide bomber, by Scott Ritter, which also could have resulted in gravity bomb attacks or multiple suicide bombers in retaliation, to
    attacks by cartoonist Ted Rall and VIPS Philip Giraldi saying that Biden should keep the embassy in Afghanistan filled with what they both acknowledge to be various terrorist groups, and since the US and NATO forces committed a twenty year crimes against humanity genocidal spree against Muslims for over twenty years, far surpassing the crimes against humanity by the German Nazis, and on equally false pretenses since the 911 plane attacks were faked and the buildings were imploded with explosives which is why only three thousand people died, because Afghanistan was a $300 million a day cash cow. What do they care if embassy employees die in a terrorist attack? Then, they would blame Biden for it, of course.

    What ever happened to America 1st?

    That was the plan that most of them called for! 

    They are just trying to push Biden’s team into making extremely stupid mistakes. They do not have the country’s best interest in mind. 

    It is impossible to believe that these individuals actually have such a complete lack of perspective.

    They are political grandstanding, and it is opportunistically disgusting and obscene and offensive as hell! It is totally unpatriotic also.

    6,294 U.S. military and private contractors died in Afghanistan prior to the thirteen, and the way that the media has not let up, you would think that 13,000 military personel died, and not 13.

    The truth is that over 13,000 Americans have died from the mythological virus “covid-19” GMO bioweapons shots, and those are only the ones reported to VAERS, and those are not individuals that volunteered to go and murder people in a war zone filled with known terrorists either.

    It is acually much higher than that though that died from the shots.

    Andrea Iravani

  6. We really have to ask, why would the Jews provide the surveillance state with so much self-incriminating evidence on themsleves, largely controlling the internet and the media? I know that they have utterly convinced themselves that they are the smartest people around, but when you look at their actions, the evidence proves otherwise!

    For Lying Out Loud on Live TV No Less!

    It’s all been a pack of lies!

    Andrea Iravani


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