Georgia’s Secretary Of State Petitions Court, Says He’d Rather Not Be Forced To Hand Over Ballots. What’s He Trying To Hide?

(Liberty Bell) – Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has sent out a request to the courts requesting that ballot images that were taken from the voting machines used in the election in his state be the only evidence used during an upcoming audit set to take place in Fulton County, Georgia.

According to Gateway Pundit, Raffensperger, one of the most corrupt folks out there in the public sector claiming to be a conservative, doesn’t want the paper ballots to be reviewed. Why? What is he trying to hide by keeping those ballots from being thoroughly examined and investigated? Does he not care about preserving the integrity of our election system?

Raffensperger’s job as secretary of state is to ensure a free and fair election in his state. Yet he doesn’t want any sort of investigation into the ballots to find out if there was any fraud? Election fraud threatens the entire fabric of our country. Why in the world wouldn’t this man want to get to the bottom of these allegations and put them to rest one way or another?

It’s fishy.

“Fair election activists from have worked hard and succeeded in gaining access to ballots from Fulton County, GA for a forensic audit. A judge will rule on the procedures later this month,” a report from Creative Destruction Media said.

“This is scaring the pants off those who enabled the massive election fraud in November’s general election and the GA Senate run-off in January,” the report continued, adding, “We have seen the same obstruction of justice in Maricopa County, AZ and other swing-states which were hit by fraud.”

Raffensperger recently filed an amicus brief that essentially supports the corruption of Fulton County election officials.

This brief comes just one week after a judge in the state of Georgia decided to allow the audit to move forward.

The state of Georgia has had a lot of issues with the election results that they certified for the 2020 presidential election. One of those issues revolves around 400,000 ballots that didn’t have the legally required chain of custody documentation.

Then, of course, there’s the whole big fib that Raffensperger told about his phone conversation with the president and other leaked lies that popped up in the media. The call itself was recorded and it was discovered later on that Raffensperger lied about it.

There’s a lot of shady business going down in Georgia, and it certainly seems that Raffensperger is doing everything in his power to ensure that the truth doesn’t come out. One has to wonder why he would do this as a Republican. What has he been promised? Or has the left dug up some dirt on him and are using it for leverage?

Who knows at this point, right? The bottom line here is something is off about this whole situation and we the people deserve to know the truth.

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  1. I Know That You Really Want to be Treated With the Respect That You Do Not Deserve and the Trust that You Have Abused, But Your Passive Aggressive Tyranny and Deviant Manipulation and Exploitation of Crises Are Only Hindering Your Chances! That is Not Only the Republicans or Politicians that I am Referring to!

    The Republicans have failed to deliver. So has the medical community. So have the universities. So have public schools. So have the corporations. So has the media. So has the military. So has the judicial branch. So has every attorney in America.

    Meanwhile people are dying and having their lives endangered by the medical mafia and Gestapo government policies engaging in pre-meditated, cold blooded mal practice for profit.

    Of course anyone of them could stop it immediately if they chose to since even the CDC has confessed that they have not isolated covid-19 or even SARS.

    It is obviously impossible to test for a virus that they do not have the genetic sequence to, and it is equally impossible to develop any vaccine for something that they do not have the genetic sequence to.

    The Republicans are just using it as an opportunity for a power grab.

    To allow this to continue, while knowing all of that is diabolically evil.

    They will just let it continue.

    I do not believe that the seventeen nurses that have filed suit for a religious exemption on the grounds of opposing abortions will win since there are no major religions opposing the covid lethal GMO bioweapons shots, and are in fact encouraging their parishners to get the shots, with the exception of Christian Scientists that oppose all medical intervention.

    But, who knows?

    The activist judges suing silicon valley tech companies, and everyone else that they feel like suing, fail to act during the most critical hours of history.

    It is simply not possible to believe that every single judge in America is oblivious to those facts.

    Law suits filed by New York nurses union revolved around religious exemptions and abortions, using it as an opportunity to both allow the blood letting continue, and use it opportunistically as a fanatical zealous anti-abortion campaign. They are obviously not pro-life, because they would not allow this to continue if they were. They are just pro slavery. Then of course there is also the argument that they would not want anyone to receive the vaccines, just like they do not want anyone to receive abortions, To have my body my choice in vaccines only because of fetal tissue in the vaccines, but refuse that same that same argument to others that terminate pregnancies is hypocritical. The nurses lawsuit is based strictly on opposing the vaccines for religious reasons because they contain fetal tissue but does not seek to outlaw the vaccines containing it, or ban its use in vaccines, just to let those that oppose abortion oppose the vaccines. It is also an attempt to get everyone that opposes the vaccines to oppose all abortions. They are not asking for the vaccines to be banned because of fetal tissue in the vaccines like they are asking for all abortions to be banned. Similarly, there are not any people that are pro choice that wish to force everyone to terminate pregnancies, and there are not any people that are pro-choice that want fetal tissue in vaccines either. So, pro-choice people could make the same my body my choice argument over fetal tissue in the vaccines, even if is not because of religious reasons that they do not want the vaccine.
    These very well may be pro-choice nurses attempting to uphold the legal ruling of Roe v. Wade as a psy-op. The fact that the nurses have kept their identities secret supports this argument, particularly if they work for Planned Parenthood, because people would be able to add two and two together researching the names of the plaintiffs. Obviously, this would lead to vaccines being developed without fetal tissue which are still lethal shots and still pose grave health risks. I am a straight shooter. I oppose deviant shennigans.

    Well, now I found out why not one judge or member of congress has filed suit against the vaccine companies. The Epoch Times, then Natural News then Global Research have reported that congress has not only expempted USPS workers, but has also exempted congress and their staffers, and federal judges and their staffers. They have conspired to murder a large segment of the population, which is a diabolically treasonous act in addition to crimes against humanity, and violates the Nuremburg code, which the U.S. never even signed onto, after forcing it on Germany, and have conveniently exempted themselves.

    They want it both ways, same with UNCLOS, laws of the sea, which they have not signed onto either, but accuse China of violating UNCLOS, and I happen to agree that China is violating UNCLOS, but it looks ridiculous to accuse China of violating UNCLOS when the US refuses to sign it. The US continuously violates UNCLOS in the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, encroaching on Iranian territory, while simultaneously engaging in multiple acts of war against Iran which has not done anything to provoke these hostile acts of war.

    The constant hypocrisy is resulting in constant diplomatic crises.

    They are violating our constitutional rights, and liberty, and depriving us of the justice that we are entitled to for the inside job of 9/11, destruction of liberty, justice, and constitutional rights, seven false flag violent extremist terrorist Jewhadist wars, $21 trillion in Pentagon accounting errors, the scamdemic, and the scamdemic response, and simultaneously accusing China of human rights abuses.

    They have decided to replace us. This cannot be denied, with 220,000 Latin Americans crossing the border every month and mass immigration of Middle Eastern people that fought with the military to overthrow governments in the Middle East being the new wave of Middle Eastern immigrants, unlike the old wave that simply abandoned the countries that they were from for political reasons, or opportunity.
    220,000 illegal immigrants a month by all standards is a foreign invasion and hostile coup. Although the majority are unarmed, the overwhelming force of the numbers is a violent destruction of the legal system. There is no way that any legal system is equipped to deal with such a colossal foreign invasion. The illegal immigrants are totally aware of this. So are the governments in those countries. Latin Americans and Latin American countries have conspired to invade and overthrow the United States in a power and land grab. People will not realize it until it is too late, like the scamdemic and the covid shots. They have total disregard for the law. The Democrats forgot about the Alamo. There is obviously no more freedom in America, so this is obviously a completely different wave of immigrants. They certainly are not coming to America for liberty and justice, because they no longer exist in this piece of land that is now nothing more than one giant organized crime ring filled with functionally illiterate Gestapo lunatic terrorists. 

    That is now the culture. You cannnot even escape them in the privacy of your own home, since they spy on people in their homes, and they spy on people all over the world too. 

    Of course I hold the Democrats equally accountable for the scamdemic, but it is the Republicans that are using it as power grab that have acknowledged the unconstitutionality and the complete fraud of the scamdemic in some instances,  so they obviously have disqualified themselves as being worthy of the public trust unless they stop it immediately and in full force with mass prosecutions for conspiracy and corruption violating RICO laws, and scientific and medical fraud. We are talking about people that are willing to have their own offspring, immediate, and extended family members, and spouses, vaxxed to death who are really nothing more to them than pains in the ass that are destroying their legacies,  so, it probably won’t happen. 
    It reeks!

    Andrea Iravani


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