Gavin Newsom’s Wife Made Millions After Charging California Public Schools To Watch Her Woke Movies

(Liberty Bell) – California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s wife raked in millions of dollars from public schools showing her documentary films, the subject being “intersectional gender justice,” according to a watchdog group known as Open the Books. Isn’t it strange the radical left constantly trashes capitalism, yet they utilize that very same system to make themselves filthy rich. And it seems the hypocrisy of this is lost on them.

Reagan Reese, writing for the Daily Caller, said Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s nonprofit group, the Representation Project, is an organization dedicated to battling sexism through the medium of film and other forms of activism. New information has revealed that the Representation Project charged public schools in the state between $49 to $599 for permission to stream documentaries on the issue of “gender justice” to students, as per the folks at Open the Books. Newsom has earned a total of $1.5 million from film licenses since 2012, along with close to $1.7 million in sales for the film, The Great American Lie, which focuses on a story about systemic inequalities found in gender.

Another movie that has brought in a fair bit of profit for the organization is Fair Play, which is all about the unfair work dynamics that exist for women inside their own homes. That’s the claim the movie makes, not what this author believes.

“Approximately 2.6 million students in 5,000 schools across all fifty states watched the documentaries, which Newsom wrote and directed, Open the Books reported. Newsom’s group charged schools an average $270 to stream the films,” Reese asserted. “The films pair with curriculums, which have been distributed to 11,200 classrooms, including ‘The Mask You Live In’ which discusses how elementary school students can ‘objectify and degrade women,’ according to the Representation Project. Two films created by the group feature the governor and encourage students to vote for candidates who want a ‘care economy.'”

William Springer of Patterson filed a complaint in 2019 after his daughter, 12, watched “The Mask You Live In” which Newsom directed, while she was attending Creekside Middle School, the Sacramento Bee noted. Patterson stated that the movie shows “nude images of females in lurid poses,” which the superintendent referred to as “disturbing.”

When the Daily Caller Foundation tried to reach out to the Representation Project for comment, they did not immediately respond.

The public school system here in the United States has long been infected by progressive ideology, which seeks to undermine the traditional family unit so they can eventually replace it with the nanny state and have more control over society. It starts with the normalization of sexual perversion in schools, which films like “The Mask You Live In,” help to promote.

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