Final Arizona Election Audit Results To Be Released Sept. 24

(Liberty Bell) – It seems like we’ve been waiting an eternity for the final report to come out concerning the Arizona forensic audit on the results of the 2020 presidential election, but it appears we’re finally going to get some answers later this month.

According to WND, the report with the final results from Maricopa County will be released on September 24.

Democrats in the state of Arizona have been panicking about this report coming out ever since the forensic audit was launched by the state Senate during the spring of this year. In fact, they have made many attempts and legal appeals to try and get the whole thing stopped, all to no avail.

The reason for this audit is not just because there was evidence found that potentially points to voter fraud, but because the state of Arizona is also a major swing state that during the 2020 election, helped Joe Biden take the White House.

“While legal challenges to the results failed when most judges dismissed arguments on technicalities without hearing evidence, several states have since taken steps to make their future ballot counts more secure,” WND’s report says.

Other states have also started conducting their own audits, inspired by the work being done in Maricopa County.

“What is known about the election is that various state officials simply ignored, or overturned, state laws in order to accommodate mail-in ballots during 2020, even though the Constitution only allows state lawmakers to do that,” the report continues.

There was also some outside influence involved in the state’s election count thanks to radical leftist and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg who handed out $350 million to mostly liberal officials to help them run their election counts.

The results from the Maricopa County audit will be announced at 1 p.m. in the Senate chambers, featuring a gallery that will be open to the public. A local news outlet stated there will be three volumes of the audit findings released.

President Trump allegedly lost the state of Arizona by a total of 10,000 votes, which is a ridiculously slim amount. This also raised suspicions because it’s the first time a Democrat has won in the state for decades.

“Earlier reports suggested there were 270,000 “lost” and “ghost” votes found in the audit,” the report says, adding, “Right Side Broadcasting reported.”

So where did those votes go? That’s the question that needs to be answered here.

“There have been a number of allegations out of Arizona, including ballots arriving literally stuffed in boxes, thousands reviewed without any including a presidential choice, and a 74,000-vote discrepancy in official counts,” the report continues.

The hearing where these results will be reported is set to be live-streamed.

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    • I do not believe that the seventeen nurses that have filed suit for a religious exemption on the grounds of opposing abortions will win since there are no major religions opposing the covid lethal GMO bioweapons shots, and are in fact encouraging their parishners to get the shots, with the exception of Christian Scientists that oppose all medical intervention.

      But, who knows?

      Andrea Iravani


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