Feds Drop Tons Of Antifa Cases In The City Of Portland As Terror Rampage Rages On, Threatening To Consume The City

(Liberty Bell) – The federal government is tossing out dozens and dozens of Antifa related cases in the city of Portland, Oregon, despite the fact that the terrorist group has been waging all-out war on the city for months on end now.

According to a new report from the good folks over at Big League Politics, federal court records indicate that 31 of 90 cases have been dismissed by the Department of Justice. Four of the individuals who had their charges dropped had been charged with assaulting a federal officer. These same miscreants are now wandering free back out on the streets where they can continue their “revolution” against civil society.

Local news network KGW8 has revealed that half of the charges dropped have been “dismissed with prejudice,” which means that none of these cases can ever be brought back to court. Former federal prosecutors spoke with the media stating these kinds of dismissals are usually very, very rare. The fact that so many of these have happened now means feds are giving Antifa members special treatment.

The federal government has also gone back on its word to the people who live in the city of Portland, saying they would hold terrorists accountable for the violence and terror they have put the city through over the last several months.

“Make no mistake: those who commit violence in the name of protest, will be investigated, arrested, prosecuted, and face prison time,” former U.S. Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams said in a press release put out toward the end of September of last year.

Williams is now defending his bald-faced lie to the people of the city by saying, “Each case was analyzed for the evidence that we had at the time. Careful decisions were made on whether or not someone should be charged based on the evidence.”

“Everything is case-specific when you go about these cases being processed through the system,” he continued. “I’ve never made a decision in my career based upon political pressure or institutional pressure.”

Now, if these folks had been Trump supporters, they would have been convicted in record time and given the maximum sentence possible. There’s an obvious double-standard at play here, and anyone with half a brain can clearly see it.

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  1. If these characters , or their supporters, ever show up in our community, they will get a ‘reception’ from hell! Promise.

  2. This is rank and despicable. So many innocents are denying the vicious work of Antifa. The media is not revealing The truth. The criminals need to be arrested and removed from the streets.

  3. The left deliberately avoids condemning communist domestic terrorists. The same thing has been happening with the communist BLM terrorists.

  4. And we are concerned about Jan 6th, because? Taxpayers Liberation Army because no governances have any power except for the monies that citizens taxpayers give them or they steal!
    If this is not a slap in your over taxed face, what is?


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