Extension For Arizona Ballot Recount For 2020 Election Has Been Granted

(Liberty Bell) – An audit for the 2020 presidential election results in Maricopa County, Arizona, which is one of several states where Joe Biden won by an extremely narrow margin, which has caused tons of objections from lawmakers due to evidence that fraud was involved in the victory, has been granted an extension.

According to a new report from WND, the audit, which is being organized by the GOP in the Arizona Senate, was supposed to conclude on May 14, as the the whole thing is being carried out at Veterans Memorial Coliseum and that facility is due to be used for multiple graduation ceremonies that were booked on that start date and for a few days afterwards.

However, it has been revealed that the process could likely continue long after those events are over. Former Arizona secretary of state Ken Bennett, who serves as a liaison for the ballot audit, stated in a report published by the Arizona Republic that the facility is now being given permission to continue after those events and for “as long as we need it.”

“Democrats, who have sued to suppress the results, also say they may sue if the auditors go ahead with planned interviews with a selected number of voters, to complete the audit and gain evidence that voters are who they said they are,” WND reports.

“The Washington Examiner reported that the process, which is to hand recount and verify all 2.1 million ballots, had reached the one-week mark but Bennett did not estimate the number of ballots already reviewed – or whether fraud has been discovered already,” the report says.

Originally, Bennett had estimated that the whole audit process would be finished with results ready for release within 60 days of the start of the project. The Senate, which has a Republican majority, hired an organization called Cyber Ninjas to head up the project.

Along with being granted an extension to carry out this critically important work, the number of counters being used for the audit is also increasing. This week there will be 46 counting tables, which is a pretty significant increase from the previous 20, with a total of 138 counters per shift.

“Also, the county election department said it was picking up some of the election machines that had been delivered to the audit under subpoena from the state Senate, as Bennett explained an IT company had finished capturing forensic information for those units,” the report adds.

“All of the forensic data has been captured off of those machines, and now they’ll move into phase two, which is analyzing that data,” Bennett said.

The Democratic Party in Maricopa County has been taking every possible course of action they can come up with to try and suppress the results of the election and to shut down the audit before the results can be released.

They are terrified that the results of this audit will lead to other key battleground states conducting audits of their own and the whole nation will be made aware of the massive voter fraud tactics used to cheat Trump out of a second term and allow Joe Biden to become president.

If that happens, then many states will take action to ensure voter fraud is eliminated and faith in our election system restored so people will feel like their voice matters again.

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